Fashionable Friday : Going Dotty Over Vintage Fashion

Fashion illustration : Going Dotty for Vintage Fashion in Black & White © Shell-Sherree
Fashion illustration : Going Dotty Over Vintage Fashion in Black & White © Shell-Sherree

Fear not, this fur is faux.   Thankfully when illustrating, the case is always so.

In a bid to disappear from the heat into a snowy wonderland, I was about to post one of my Paris carousel illustrations from several years ago and changed my mind.  Sorry if I've just disappointed you.  It's somewhat like saying, "I saw a majestic bunch of flowers at the markets that were so 'You'!  Here's a box of champagne truffles... I hope you like them."  My bad.

Nonetheless, here we are, with a something vastly different from the highly detailed and delicate work embodied in that gilt-edged and pastel-encrusted carousel, tiny enough to fit on a sheet of A4.   You could take this vintage ensemble for a spin on one of those winter-clad horsies and be snug as a bug in a rug.  Oh, all right then.  Go take a peek.  Don't say I never give you anything.  Hang on ... do say I always give you something?  Curse you, double negatives, and pass the hip flask of brandy. And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Friday to you !


  1. This one's somewhat different than your usual. I like the black & white!

    1. Thanks, Petrea !! I'm liking it, too. :) I've been playing around with a black brush marker and rather enjoying it ... Hugs to you and Wilma!


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