Friday, December 16, 2011

Francophile Friday: Paris by Carrousel

ink & watercolour illustration, 8.75" x 7" [22.5 x 18cm] ACQUIRE PRINTS 

When life throws you curve balls, escape to the nearest carousel, I say.  What this one lacks in proximity, it more than compensates for in magic.  Please slip over to Genie's Paris and Beyond to view the original breathtaking sight in le Jardin des Tuileries, captured by her beautiful eye in the late afternoon winter light, bulbs twinkling and perfectly described by Genie as a 'blue and white wedding cake of a merry-go-round'.  Thank you for the very pretty inspiration, dear Genie ~ bisous!  I'm not sure how they hold up to snow, but I've arranged for a fairy floss vendor [aka cotton candy] to provide our refreshments in every pastel colour.  And not a plastic bag in sight ~ these ones are spun onto renewable-bamboo sticks or paper cones fashioned from vintage Paris maps edged in silk passementerie, depending on your fancy.  {There are also fairy floss martinis, but caution: when combined with enough carousel rides, the result can cause hallucinations.}  Let's take her for a spin.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you! 


  1. I love the Santa hats! And delightful though Genie's carousel image is, I have a slight preference for your divine depiction, as it's clear to me that one would never be cold in your world, and the stomach would remain quite settled even after a good whizz and a double portion of fairy floss.

  2. I don't remember seeing this one! I'll have to look for it next week as I'll be in Paris for the Holidays. Beautiful drawing Shell Sherree!
    Have a nice day!

  3. Oh, wow. This is beauty. It might be my favorite.

  4. You read my mind because I was hoping to spend Friday in Paris. And this is the very best kind of carousel because we don't have to fight over who rides the horse.

  5. Hiker always gets the horse!!! Genie and I think alike. This is my fav carrousel in Paris as well. I think in the dead of winter when the trees are bare, it sparkles even more brightly.

  6. This is a seriously beautiful illo. It must have taken ages to draw. The details are so...detailed! Truly amazing.

  7. Well, that makes at least three of us, I believe. This is also my fave Paris carousel. There's just something so elegant about it. I was thinking about heading over to the Ritz (just a 5-minute walk from here) for afternoon tea—but on second thought, just give me some fairy floss and another go-round, s'il te plait, ma chère Shell!

  8. wonderful idea! i would love to escape to a carousel like that! gorgeous... x

  9. I love carousels! And both your and Genie's portrayals are magical. Perfect for fairy floss and riding into the imagination on a weekend...
    (yes, I'll have a fairy floss martini, please)

  10. It was just this time last year in a rare December Paris snow, that I took the photo. Although the day was a bit gray the carrousel appeared like a vision in the park. I am glad you like it as much as I do.

    Now, I would love a taste of barbe à papa and a little sip of fairy floss martini. Merci, ma chère Shell! You have created a beautiful interpretation with your art!


  11. Mise ~ how astute ~ it would sufficiently cold to wear fashionable winter coats and boots, but never so cold as to induce the chills.

    AnnaLivia ~ oh, Paris for Christmas ~ how beautiful. Bisous...

    Thank you, Margaret. I'm touched.

    Hiker ~ my pleasure to whisk you away.

    V ~ just bat your eyelids and you'll procure a horse if you want one.

    Thanks, dear Cali. It did take some time. And some eye drops. I'm glad you love it.

    Alexa ~ so we don't have far to walk to find a luxurious restroom. Even better!

    dkshopgirl ~ we can dream.

    Ms M ~ that's very adventurous of you! Hang onto your hat.

    Genie ~ thanks yet again for your beautiful inspiration. And I love the French name for fairy floss. So whimsical.

  12. Ah, I can see why you were inspired, Shell. Genie's photo truly is magical, as is your interpretation. I don't usually like cotton candy but fairy floss on bamboo sticks? Downright irresistible! I hope you'll be wearing your green dress and santa hat on the carousel. You and Ella look so darn cute!

  13. I just noticed the hats on you and Ella and the snowflakes in the background. Very cute!

  14. Susan ~ I'll have to arrange the skirt carefully, but yes ~ let's do it!

    Thanks, Cali! Just a little something to amuse. :)

  15. I don't think I'd be insane enough to drink a martini while riding a carousel, but it is Paris.

  16. Magical illo Shell! And a magical photo by Genie! Fairy floss in paper cones fashioned from vintage Paris maps edged in silk passementerie definately takes my fancy! :) xo

  17. I'll happily take on more of life's curve balls just to escape to this beautiful carousel! Both Genie's photo and your illustration are fantastic. Maybe we can persuade the carousel operator to slow it waaay down so we can all enjoy our fairy floss martinis without spilling on our vintage gowns.

  18. Petrea ~ I'm sure your equilibrium is up to it.

    Thanks, Favourite Vintage Finds. And I had a feeling you'd like the cones.

    Katie ~ I'm sure he'll come to the party if you sweet talk him for us.

  19. Your art is wonderful ... love what you have done, yet again, with one of Genie's photos! You are not only extremely talented but must be amazingly patient! Count me in for the fairy floss and make mine pink!

  20. Thank you, M. I'm selectively patient. ;) Your pink fairy floss awaits...


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