Francophile Friday : Arc de Trio de Triomphe

Pretty Paris illustration Arc de Trio de Triomph © Shell-Sherree
{ Pretty Paris illustration Arc de Trio de Triomphe © Shell-Sherree }

Hello, is that Saturday on the horizon?  Let's pull up an elegant upholstered chaise in the middle of one of the busiest avenues in Paris.  We can inspect our gloves while waiting for the weekend to arrive.

As this is the magical world of illustration where red tape is invisible and no traffic-stopping permits are required for us to cool our heels, our nonchalant diversion is pas de problème and the cobblestones under our high heels cause pas de faux pas.  I've never had to draw a turned ankle or blister in my life.  Imagination truly is a wonderful thing. And on that note ...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!


  1. It would be a delight to relax on the avenue and gaze at the lovely Arc de Triomphe, unbothered by traffic and noise. Ah, non, we shall have to find that particular perfection as you say, in our imaginations.

    1. Lucky for us, Petrea, we can take our time. A gendarme was approaching but I drew us a smokescreen that should take hours to dissipate!


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