Fluffy Friday : Merengue the Meringue

Fashion and Fluffballs illustration: Fluffy Confection in Pink with Kitty  © Shell-Sherree
{ Fashion and Fluffballs illustration: Fluffy Confection in Pink with Kitty  © Shell-Sherree}

You dance the merengue, I'll draw the meringue.  Maybe someday we can marry the two!

When I was little ~ littler ~ I gave my dear Nanna extra brownie points for her magic stash of mini meringues.  And when my magnificent mum was created {with an extra sprinkling of 24 carat gold dust}, the Mixmaster beaters didn't fall far from the tree!  Lucky me. 

Munching crisp, sweet morsels of love made visible and seeking illustration inspiration, I happened upon a fluffy confection one might call a meringue in the fashion sense.  Height to dress ratio aside, wearing this could well coax me into dancing the merengue.  If Hugh was asking?  The chances magnify exponentially.

So come, let us nibble on the sugary juxtaposition of delicate crunch with fluffy pockets of air and exhale crumbs of small talk.  They might tell us nothing and take us nowhere, but I'll bet they are a whole mess of fun.  And on that note ...

Happy Fluffy Friday to you!

illustration Fluffy Confection in Pink with Kitty  © Shell-Sherree
{ Fluffy Confection in Pink with Kitty, ink & watercolour illustration  © Shell-Sherree }


  1. I thought I already commented! I must have formulated a comment in my sleep. I wanted to mention the new "Most Interesting Man in the World." He's not as gorgeous as Hugh, but he's Hugh-ish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KqjvM7r2xY

    1. I think I read your vanished comment in my sleep, Petrea! Thank you for introducing me to the Most Interesting Man in the World ... there is something Hugh-ish about him! He might give Hugh a run for his money in the 'chopping open a coconut with your bare hands' stakes. ;)

  2. An airy meringue goes well with your fluffy drawing. When I look at the skirt though, I also think about cotton candy, which in French is called “barbe à papa” (daddy’s beard) for some weird reason.

    1. Heh, there's definitely plenty of barbe à papa in that skirt, Vagabonde. :)


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