Fashion and Fluffballs : Yoga Distraction No.39

Kitty cat and fashion illustration Yoga for Tutu © Shell-Sherree
{ Kitty cat and fashion illustration Yoga for Tutu © Shell-Sherree }

When you've been doing yoga for a decade times two, you can increase the degree of difficulty by piling on the distractions.  Today's fashion and fluffballs illustration demonstrates one such method.

Why don yoga wear when you can up the ante with a fluffy tutu and a fetching feline within patting reach ~ provided one has abs of steel and is prepared for paw to hand combat, that is.

So come, let us retrieve our tutus from crannies inconvenient and hope that while those claws may be sharp, our reflexes be sharper.  Then again, a little acupuncture never hurt anybody.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashion and Fluffballs Friday to you !


  1. I think yoga in tutus is a much prettier option than all the active wear I see about the place. Add a soft downy yoga mat and I think you're on to something ;)

  2. Like cats, dogs believe that anything you put on the floor is for them. So when I unroll my yoga mat, two of us are doing our downward facing dog. Sadly, we are bereft of tutus. But we have good imaginations.


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