Fluffy Francophile Friday : Jack the PomPom in Paris

Custom pet illustration Audrey and Jack the Pomeranian in Paris © Shell-Sherree
Custom pet illustration Audrey and Jack the Pomeranian in Paris © Shell-Sherree

It's a curious and wonderful thing, having clients who become friends all over the world without ever meeting them!

Today our interview series with Instapawrents heads to Paris, home of @jackthepompom and his mum Audrey. Individually, they are rays of sunshine. Together? Hold onto your sunglasses!

@jackthepompom and mum Audrey

Jack is a very cute name and unexpected for a French puppy dog.  How did you choose his name?

Jack’s full name is in fact 'Jackpot' ! First I wanted to call him 'Jack-Pote' which sounds like 'Jackpot' but means 'Jack-buddy' in french. But I thought it was not visually beautiful as a name so I chose Jackpot. I have to say, I almost never use his full name, as 'Jack' is shorter, and also very cute!  And he had a dark pattern around his mouth when he was a puppy that reminded me of the Joker in Batman, and the real name of the Joker is 'Jack' and played by Jack Nicholson:  two more reasons to call him this daily.

Until recently, Jack had a beautiful little brother, Gizmo, who is surely having amazing adventures in guinea pig heaven just as you imagine.  I'm very sad for your loss.  It looks like they loved each other very much.

Jack and Gizmo were so cute together ! As a puppy, Jack was very impressed by Gizmo. Then, he began trying to play with him and lick his face all the time. So cute ! I think Gizmo was worried at first, but he loved having some Jack kisses, and he was sometimes hiding in Jack's fur when they were outside.  As Gizmo began to go blind, he certainly felt protected by Jack. We miss him a lot !

@jackthepompom and Gizmo

It's so tough when they are gone.  Onto happier things before we cry ... 

When we chatted about your illustration brief, you were keen on you and Jack cuddling on the sofa, or taking a stroll at your favourite lake in Paris.  You didn’t have to choose in the end ~ thanks to the magic of illustration, you did both! What are your favourite things to do at the lake?

We love to meet other dogs and dogs owners.  We also learn a ton of tricks and try them at the lake ! Jack loves running and being crazy during our walks ... it’s a real 'freedom time' for him !

There are plenty of ducks and swans there … has Jack ever gone for a swim to try and chase after them? 

Ah ! Yes he did ! Once, when he was a puppy. He tried to chase a duck which was on the lake, and he fell in ! I totally panicked and grabbed him by the harness and hauled him out of the lake.  He wasn't traumatized at all, but I was ! Now, he hates water I think...

Paris is known for being dog-friendly.  Amongst the places you go to regularly, which storekeepers are Jack’s favourites, and do any of them try to slip him treats? 

Mmh, I don’t thing Paris is dog-friendly to be honest, it’s more the contrary … everything is forbidden for dogs. But we have a lot of shops like Moustaches and My Cutie Dog, which just changed and doesn’t sell dogs' stuff now.  It's so sad because it was my favorite shop. We have a ton of tiny shops for dogs, but they are very expensive, so I prefer to order by internet. He doesn’t seem to be disappointed, as I love to take his stuff out of the box when we receive orders for him !

Jack’s coat is spectacular !  How long do you spend grooming him each day, and do you tend to buy clothes that match him so you don’t have to constantly de-fluff yourself?

I spend maybe one hour per week on his coat, which is not a lot of time. The Spitz coat is easy to brush so that’s really cool ! {Spitz is a group of northern dog breeds including Pomeranians, Chow Chows and Samoyeds.}  During the spring and autumn it takes a little more time, though, and they lose a ton of hair ! Really impressive !

I have to say, I stopped thinking about beautiful black wool coats and I try to buy ones that match his fluff colour. 

If I could send my magic carpet to whisk you and Jack anywhere in the world for a day, where would you go and why?

Mmmh ...  we would choose a peaceful place by the ocean or the sea, with no-one but dogs and dogs owners for company.  Do you know any place like this ?  

Hmm, being a cat mum, I'm not well versed in all the great puppy places !  But my magic carpet is pretty smart ~  or if one of our readers knows such a spot, they can let us know in the comments!  You love reading and watching films.  What’s Jack’s favourite bedtime story and cuddle toy?

He just likes hearing me talk about my day, and asking him about his as if he could answer me ! He has a ton of toys he likes to play with, like the amazing kid's toy hedgehog that you perfectly drew !

Thank you !  I love Jack's hedgehog.  I'm envious of his entire toy collection, including his gold star cushion !  If Jack was to star in a movie, which actor would you pick to do his voiceover work?

Good question … I’d like a funny voice like Eddie Murphy’s ! Would be so funny ! I think he has that voice in his head.

Can you describe Jack’s personality in three words?

Crazy,  gourmand, of course (which means he really loves food) ~ and maybe you can find an english word for me that means he loves to learn stuff all the time !

How about 'inquisitive'?  Or if we want to sound brainy, we could call him a philomath: one who enjoys learning new facts and acquiring new knowledge. Jack the Pom Pom Philomath.  Heh!

Thanks so very much for sharing your adventures with us, Audrey.  Merci beaucoup.  One day I hope to stroll around the lake with you and Jack.  That would be a highlight in Paris for me!

You can follow Jack and Audrey's heartwarming escapades at @jackthepompom.  And you can go behind the scenes with more interviews here.  And on that note ...

Happy Fluffy Francophile Friday to you!

Custom pet illustration Audrey and Jack the Pomeranian in Paris © Shell-Sherree
Custom pet illustration Audrey and Jack the Pomeranian in Paris © Shell-Sherree


  1. What a fun interview! Jack is quite handsome and may know it, maybe… Your illustration of him is very a propos and shows his inquisitive character de petit chien curieux. Un petit toutou très mignon!

    1. Merci, Vagabonde! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :) He is a very handsome little fellow ... I suspect he is most popular with the ladies. Bonne journee!


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