Fashion & Fluffballs Friday : Classic Audrey and Mr Famous

Audrey and Mr Famous Go To the Country, fashion & fluffballs illustration © Shell-Sherree
{Audrey and Mr Famous Go To the Country, fashion & fluffballs illustration © Shell-Sherree}

Even Paris daydreams need a holiday once in a while.  So let's go au casuale and head to the countryside.  I hear a cool change is finally blowing in.

Today's illustration is inspired by my evergreen girl crush, Audrey Hepburn, and her first beloved Yorkshire terrier Mr Famous, who shared screen time with his mum in Funny Face {possibly because they were all but inseparable!} Audrey is credited with introducing Yorkies to Hollywood ~ and such dear little characters they are, too! 

Audrey believed in pink.  And if she was alive today, I have a feeling she would appreciate the hashtag #KeepingItReal.  In that spirit, I figured if it's styling-appropriate to display a pink Mentos, it's only fair to include the wrapper.  So come, let us load up on pastel lollies and thermos flasks, pull back the roof of the convertible and see how far the blood sugar rush takes us. And on that note ...

Happy Fashion & Fluffballs Friday to you!


  1. Pink is good! Also green, also purple (or lavender, lilac...). And if you ask me, any situation is made better by the presence of a pooper.

    1. True !! Also true, true and true!! Hope you and your favourite pooper are having a happy Friday, dear Petrea. :) x0


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