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Francophile Friday : Paris, Baguettes et Bicyclettes

Paris Patisserie, Pink Bicyclette and Baguettes illustration © Shell-Sherree
{Paris Patisserie, Pink Bicyclette and Baguettes illustration © Shell-Sherree}

With the timing of today's illustration, I could be accused of fiddling in Nero-esque denial with my brushes while Paris is awash with the Seine, not watercolours.

But Chez Shell, we are dedicated to providing a happy respite from the worries of the world.   So it's a typical pastel day here, with no need to strap Floaties® onto our rose-coloured bicyclettes and crusty baguettes.  And after all, tomorrow is another day.

So come, let us stop to smell the narcissus, graze ourselves up a belt notch and wonder which Pantone shade would be perfect for our Malvern Stars. And on that note ...

Happy Francophile Friday to you !

PS:  Don't risk doing a 'Boo and Pistol' by smuggling your furry loved ones onto a plane.  Let me send them safely to Paris or any other dream destination with a priceless memento that will last forever and requires no vaccinations ! Please cliquer ici to request more info.


  1. Bonjour (or bonsoir) Shell and Ella.
    Love the new format for the blog. And that lovely photo of you and (I assume) Ella.
    Yes, the waters in Paris will recede, and the Louvre will not let any paintings drown. The Mona Lisa is safe on her upper floor.
    And if you really want to take your furry companion travelling invest in a "pet passport"...yes, there really is such a thing, at least for Europe. As for Australia, please do it legally. There is too much at stake when you don't. (Mr. and the soon to be ex-Mrs. Depp will never hear the end of their fiasco).

    1. Ciao, cara Michelle e Diavolo! I'm glad you love the new format, thank you!! I've been keen on giving it a facelift and freshening things up ~ the hardest thing was narrowing it down !! Yes, that's Ella and me ~ the photo is a few years old but one of only two I have of us together.

      Thank you for the info on the 'pet passport' and moral support for our policies here. While Mr and soon-ex-Mrs Depp made much fun of the situation, it was a selfish choice that could have been disastrous in outcome. I'm not saying 'our Barnaby' handled it as diplomatically as he could, but bless him, I was proud that he stood up for our vital protection laws!! Baci ed abbracci, bella.

  2. Protection laws protect everyone, including the animals. At least, I think that's the intent, is it not? So, no smuggling. Pets deserve better.

    Dear Shell, has the scrolling changed on your page? Everything whizzes by so quickly I'm having a hard time controlling where I land.

    1. That is the intent, dear Petrea... really very sensible, isn't it!

      Hmm, scrolling hasn't changed for me so I don't know what's going on. Silly blog! I'm so sorry! Can you give me a little more info ~ which part is whizzing? When you first land on the home page or within a post? Is it when you scroll using the wheel on your mouse? Also which browser are you using? And has it been that way since the facelift or just a more recent thing? {I always wanted to be a detective...} Let me know when you can and I'll see if there's a solution ~ thank you! :)

    2. Those are all good questions! The whole thing whizzes, home page and posts. I use track pads, both on laptop and desktop, so maybe that's the problem. I'm using the Chrome browser. And yes, I confess it's been this way since the facelift. If you haven't changed your blogging software, it's probably something at my end. If you have, then perhaps it's incompatibility. That won't stop me from visiting.

    3. It's a bummer, Petrea - looks like it's some odd little incompatibility. {And yet we're so compatible! :) } I downloaded Chrome to test it out {I usually use Firefox} and it's tickedy-boo on my laptop. The blog is still on the Blogger platform just a different lovely template from one of their off-the-rack ones. I'd switch back but I'm rather fond of the new one so if you can hang in there ... thank you so very much and you're a trooper!! {If you're not yet subscribed via my fancy schmancy new Mail Chimp emails, that might help - then you can read the posts in the comfort of your Inbox and only get dizzy when you come to leave a comment. ;) }

  3. I subscribe to your blog via a reader, but I can try the other method. Good idea!

    1. Give it a whirl and I won't be hurt if you unsubscribe!! :) x0


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