Fleurish Friday : Tiptoeing Around Tulips

Cocktails and Vintage Noir Fashion & Kitty Cat illustration © Shell-Sherree
{Cocktails and Vintage Noir Fashion & Kitty Cat illustration © Shell-Sherree}

Welcome to my tulip garden.  Not exactly earthy but highly appropriate for today's illustration.

Bulbs are supposed to be planted when the weather turns cold ~ traditionally known quaintly by historians as 'autumn' and 'winter'.  But Houston, we have a problem, as I sit here at my studio desk wearing a black cotton slip dress and no need of a cardi {albeit still daylight}. 

Aspiring tulip growers of Brisbane must have beads of discombobulation trickling down their furrowed brows.  Their bulbs are in grave jeopardy of ending up crushed and sautéed in a case of mistaken onion identity, loitering as they are in the dark recesses of fridge crisper drawers while the mercury decides whether to release its grip on the mid-20s of celsius.  And yet, for problems such as this, we should pray. I'm happy to dodge frozen extremities for a while longer.

So come, let us don our shortest sleeves and satin cocktail gloves, pull up a mocktail and speak of black tulips and unicorns.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Fleurish Friday to you ! 


  1. Mother Nature can't quite make up her mind up here either. I'm not holding my breath, but today it really does feel like spring—still, short sleeves and long gloves may cover all weather eventualities (if you throw in something shawl-ish too). As for the poor confused bulbs, I'll keep my fingers crossed for all of you Southern Hemisphere folks.

    1. Shawl-ish is a very handy inclusion, ma chere !! I hope you score a lovely burst of spring soon. My favourite season ... bon weekend, dear Alexa!

  2. In the mountains above Pasadena today I wore my winter coat and 3 layers under it! Discombobulation is the word.

    1. So that's where our cold weather is hiding !! I'm happy for you to hang onto it there, Petrea ... but I know plenty of 'cold weather-lovers' here who would disagree with me.


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