Fashionable Friday : Agent Violet and the Curlicued Staircase

Fashion and fluffballs illustration : Violet Ruffles at the Curlicued Staircase © Shell-Sherree
{Fashion and fluffballs illustration : Violet Ruffles at the Curlicued Staircase © Shell-Sherree}

Sir Percy's soirées were always scintillating, yet never without motive.  In this instance, the timing for Agent Violet was extremely fortuitous.

After a stimulating game of table tennis during which her feline took no prisoners, her energy was reinvigorated and she narrowed her trains of thought to just three.  As her assignation with The Groomer revealed no material contents within The Harlequin Hat Box and its lining, she weighed up the possibilities.

Could The Groomer have deftly sequestered a clue with his masterful slight of hand, acquired through a childhood apprenticeship with The Magician?  Her eyes were sharp, but trust may have dulled them.  More likely, however, The Harlequin Hat Box was carrying a cryptic clue rather than purveying a physical one.  Crosswords taxed her patience so part of her hoped this was not the case.  But the tedium of a puzzle would be preferable to the option tingling a chill up her spine in spite of her gossamer wrap. Could it be that the mere act of possessing it would attract contact in due course from One Who Knows More?  History told her such a situation never came without peril.   Sir Percy knew this full well and she sensed he was withholding something.

Is it possible for her canine to eat the canapés without revealing one of his secrets? Will Sir Percy divulge how The Harlequin Hat Box came into his possession? And will her plunging décolletage help or hinder in loosening his lips?  Let us mingle and exchange knowing-unknowing glances over our glasses of Dom Perignon and citrus-cured ocean trout tartlets.  And on that note ...

Happy Fashionable Friday to you !


  1. I think it's lovely that Dog, Cat, and dress ruffles are in such perfect sympathy.

    1. That's a beautiful observation, Hiker ... thank you !

    2. I sometimes look back at what I've done and wonder who did it. :) Now that you say it, Petrea, so they are!

  2. Replies
    1. Heh !! You clearly eat plenty of carrots, Hiker ... thank you. :) I couldn't resist.

  3. She may lead a complicated—and possibly quite dangerous—existence, but she sure does eat (and drink) well!

  4. And she definitely rocks those ruffles!


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