Fashion and Fluffballs : Peace, Love and a Frenchie Flower Child

Fashion and fluffballs illustration : Fluffy Skirts and Frenchie Petal Pup © Shell-Sherree
{Fashion and fluffballs illustration : Fluffy Skirts and Frenchie Petal Pup © Shell-Sherree}

Stairs are a beautiful place to paws.

We can fluff out our skirts, kick off our shoes, and enjoy vantage points within easy reach for pats and rubby-dubs. 

So come, be a flower child and pull up a stair. We will talk of peace, and all that is beautiful and kind and loving in the world.  Elderflower champagne cocktails are on tap, along with a chocolate fountain.  Joss sticks are optional.  And on that note ...

Peace and love to you.


  1. Wonderful sentiments to go with your wonderful picture, Shell. If everyone in the world had elderflower champagne cocktails and a chocolate fountain, we'd have peace.

    1. It seemed a nice time to sit quietly and reflect on the beauty in life, dear Petrea. Hugs to you, J and sweet Wilma.

  2. I believe you've found the antidote, ma belle Shell! Bisous to you and Ella too.

    1. There's nothing like snuggling gorgeous animals to make things better, dear Alexa! Have a beautiful weekend, ma chere. x0x


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