Venerdi in Venice: Florist by a Whisker

ink & watercolour illustration, 7" x 8.75" [18 x 22.5cm] BROWSE PRINTS

Happy New Year!  Special delivery for our weekend in Venice.  Our little kitty is just applying one last fluff of the flowers before he pulls on a plump red satin hand-plaited and tasselled rope to ring the doorbell.   No need to change out of your silk pyjamas.  A cat always appreciates the value of such fineries.  Thank you to dear Danielle of VenetiaMicio for the beautiful inspiration We visited nearby another day, but views like this are worth returning to, and it's been a while since Venice graced us with her beguiling beauty.  And it's not every day one's flowers are delivered via boat.  Or a kitty cat.  And on that note...

Happy Venerdi in Venice to you!


  1. Perhaps that's my Meeps who has flitted off to Venice while I'm in Paris? Love this Shell.

  2. Pretttttyyyy! How could this new year not be happy when it's being ushered in by this charming illo and kitty? You DO have my address for the flower delivery, right, Shell?

    May 2012 bring you so much joy, your heart will always feel full.

  3. Virginia ~ all it took was that split second when you had your back turned!

    But aren't you joining us in Venice, Pop Culture Nerd? If you can't make it, have no fear ~ your flowers will be redirected to you...

  4. How is it that no matter where I am, you (and Kitty) can transport me to some magical place (in this case, my beloved Venezia) in the click of a mouse? It's a gift—and thank you for sharing it. Buon capo di anno to you, chère amie!

  5. This is so very pretty and takes me back several years when I had a wonderful weekend in Venice!

  6. beautiful!!! florist delivery in Venezia... dreamy ...

  7. Ah, the freshness of flowers over water -- and good to see Kitty again. He must be very well trained ;)
    Just what I need on a cold winter's night.

    (BTW, my friend loved her gift! xxoo)

  8. I'll float on over and see you all in a jiffy. It will be a lovely weekend. I don't mind putting my feet up for a day or two...

  9. Thank you, dear Alexa. That means the world to me!

    Hi, miss b ~ I'm very glad to bring back some lovely memories for you. Thank you for dropping in.

    dkshopgirl ~ it is a dreamy notion, isn't it ~ I'd be very happy to experience it!

    Ms M ~ he seems to enjoy his work. And thank you, I'm glad your friend enjoyed your gift!

    That's great news, Petrea. There are plenty of ottomans and poufs available on which you can rest your tootsies.

  10. Love the kitty pj's. They're the "cat's pajamas" - oh ok that was naff - unlike your illo which is perfect as usual. :)
    Oh and Meep was right on time with my flowers delivered to my door on the canal.

  11. What a lovely and serene way to start the new year! I'll keep this beautiful imagine in mind when I need to de-stress. I'd happily float along all day helping kitty deliver flowers (unless, of course, Hugh opens one of these doors in which case I might skip the boat ride).

  12. I'll be with Petrea, but I'll bet it's cold in Venice right now. I bet it's nicer where you are. You have to give us some glimpses of your neck of the wood. It's been a while, yes?

  13. Love this, of course. But I second Margaret's request -- sometime in the future, perhaps a glimpse at Brisbane in summer? Just to warm us up?

  14. Brisbane in summer sounds fantastic. Venice and Paris, lovely any day. Wherever we go, I hope you don't mind if I show up in my silk PJs.

    Love how kitty fluffs the flowers!

  15. Debs ~ are the cat's pajamas anything like the bee's knees? ;)

    Thanks, Katie ~ and if Hugh opens one of those doors, you'll have a queue lining up behind you!

    Margaret ~ you're right, it's not cool here. The humidity and heat have kicked in, err, nicely.

    Hiker ~ yes, forgive me ~ I love it here, but my daydreams usually take me elsewhere. I'll see what I can rustle up sometime soon-ish.

    Susan ~ summer here has its fair share of sweltering days ~ natural fabrics are definitely the go!

  16. Quel beau souvenir de revoir le lieu avec la barque aux fleurs !
    La fleuriste se trouve sur le campo et c'était la première fois que je voyais la livraison des fleurs !
    Bravo pour cette magnifique aquarelle
    Je t'embrasse

  17. A boatful of flowers with enough to share. A special delivery, indeed!

    Happy New Year to you, Shell.

  18. Shell, this has to be the cutest way to have flowers delivered and start the new year! Love it! xo

  19. Merci beaucoup, ma chère Danielle! Je suis heureuse de te rappeler de ce spectacle magnifique. I'm glad you love it. Bisous...

    Thank you, dear Cali! All flower deliveries are special, but something like this would take the cake.

    Favourite Vintage Finds ~ could easily be you-know-who doing that delivery, don't you think? ;) We have quite a queue lining up for the job.

  20. Love your new header too by the way.
    Ps my word verification was blogress - quite fitting somehow.

  21. Thanks, Debs! I thought it would be a nice fresh way to start the year. Love that wv ~ sometimes it feels like reading tea leaves!

  22. Mamma Mia! That's how those flowers got to my little apartment in San Marco!?

    Buon anno, bella Shell. Baci e abbracci.


  23. How wonderful! The flowers are pretty too! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

  24. I'm glad you enjoyed them, Yvonne! Here we are daydreaming, but you really are there. Buon anno, bella! x

    Thanks, Kellie ~ you, too.


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