Friday, January 13, 2012

Factual Friday: Treasury of Brisbane

ink & watercolour illustration, 8" x 7.75" [21 x 19.5cm] BROWSE PRINTS

I was ever-so-gently reminded recently that it might be quite nice to don my ambassadorial hat again and show you a little of my local slice of heaven.  As my week turned out to be shorter than the length of my To Do list, I donned my white cotton gloves {oh, the humidity} and rustled discreetly through my archives {always better to rustle discreetly through such things} and came up with this: a piece of heritage architecture whose facade connects us to a genteel place and time.  The subject for today is Brisbane's Treasury Building, now home to the Treasury Casino and Hotel{I shall not weep for its lost virtue.  The council thankfully made it rewardingly irksome to insert said casino into said lodgings and required all manner of retention of heritage colour schemes and trims, skirting and architraves, yin and yang, Sonny and Cher... what was I saying?}  If you look at the Casino's website, you'll see that a sizeable bauble of street sculpture has been added since I drew my illustration once upon a time. 

Anyhoo, here we are.  Gambling for the weekend in glamorous surrounds.  Or we could engage ourselves more productively with some fine dining and live music.  Better dust off the cleavage and choose from this, this or this {my personal favourite}.   Kir Royale, anyone?  And on that note...

Happy Factual Friday to you!


  1. What a beautiful, beautiful building. I imagine the cucumber in their crustless sandwiches to be the merest slivers. I feel sure I would be lucky there, but am off to read their responsible gambling guidelines just in case, ensuring a competitive advantage for myself while the rest of you are exclaiming over your frocks.

  2. Better still, get someone else to dust off your cleavage.

    Oh, this illo is magical. gush, gush, gush. I'm just going to sit here and stare for awhile.

  3. Auztralia's treasury is in the casino's!

  4. Treasury, casino. There's a difference? ;-) At least the building wasn't demolished, thanks to the council and Ricky and Lucy, Bogie and Bacall. Whaaaaaat? Wish I could book a trip to Brisbane this year. Am so curious to see this marvelous city of yours!

  5. I love this. And, of course it is summer there now so it seems especially beautful. Can you gamble anywhere in Australia?

  6. Mise ~ I'm sure you'll be lucky, with or without a four leaf clover. We'd better not dilly dally over the frocks in that case.

    Hiker ~ heh! Always the practical one. {I'm glad you love it.}

    Cafe ~ it doesn't seem very prudent at all, does it.

    Cali ~ what can I say ~ I was well advanced in a Kir Royale at the time of writing. As for the trip ~ I'd be very excited if you came to visit! I long for the day we can all meet ~ most likely in Paris...

    Margaret ~ I venture to say that spring and autumn are most beautiful, but summer has its glorious moments, too. As for the gambling, it's pretty much available throughout Australia, tsk tsk.

  7. So glad you decided to feature the local classy architecture—this building is beautiful. (BTW, I'm bringing my girls with me—Lila would rock the 1st dress and Katie would fill out the 2nd). As for the 3rd dress, we'll just have to be twins. Even if we're dressed alike, you should still stick with me—I have excellent gambling karma and would love to flex those karmic muscles right here!

  8. Alexa ~ I'd be honoured to be your twin. And I can well imagine Lila and Katie would be sensational ~ they can help distract the croupiers!

  9. How lovely to see one of my old haunts.I remember that place making the best coffee on the planet and a lovely place to rest my aching feet after a night of dancing. Those were the days..........
    My pick would be the 1st dress but with the figure of the 2nd. I know she's from Mad Men but can't remember her name.

  10. I do love it when you draw your home town. My old home town. All about recognition I guess. Loike it alot.

  11. I love being whisked off to a far away land that I don't know at all, but looks vaguely familiar. Fabulous! I hope you add illustrations of Brisbane into your rotation. I'm not much of a gambler, but I'll happily dress up and join you at the Treasury for Kir Royales. I'll take that first dress, but only if it gets extended to ankle length!

  12. Debs ~ I'll have to frequent the place again and give you a coffee update ~ it's been years! I believe Christina Hendricks is the name you're seeking...

    Queen of the Tea Cosies ~ just as you tempt me with Wes, I had a feeling you'd like this.

    Katie ~ it does look like I'll be adding Brisbane to the rotation! Now, as for your dress... is this more like it?

  13. It's settled, then. The second dress is mine.

    I'm not a gambler but I'm for preservation of architectural treasures, and if gambling saved this one, so be it.

    Speaking of which, the Treasure of Brisbane, Shell, that's you.

    I very much like your new banner and set-up, by the way.

  14. Thanks Shell -- that dress is perfect! (And my word verification is flinge -- a fling with fringe!)

  15. The building (and your ileo) -- beautiful, classic! Glad they saved it. I agree with Petrea -- you ARE the treasure of Brisbane :-)

    I'll take dress #3, but in a deep red color, please.

  16. It's a gorgeous building, Shell. I prefer the palms in your beautiful illo over the bauble in the photo but I guess we can't have everything.

    I will join the gaggle of gals in dress #3 but please can I look just like Marion Cotillard in it? Love her haircut and those shoes!

    One last request: can we meet at your place first so I can stretch out on the divan with Ella? It's a long flight and I'll want to freshen up before we hit the town.

  17. Oh, Petrea, you've made me blush! Thank you. As for the appearance, I thought I'd give it a subtle lift. {I'm sure that's said a lot in Hollywood...}

    Katie ~ the dress is yours, and your flinge will work beautifully with it.

    Thank you, Ms M ~ and aren't you the bold one choosing red! It suits you...

    Susan ~ I thought that was a photo of you! And most definitely, you can rest and recover here first. Ella likes the sound of that.

  18. Lovely building! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  19. I want to see an illo of that Wiccan side of you.

  20. Hahaha!!! Waving the broom handle at crows is the closest I come to it. Hang on, I do have the black cat, don't I...


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