Venerdi in Venice: Red and Pink Reconciliation

ink & watercolour illustration, 7" x 8.75" [18 x 22.5cm] ACQUIRE PRINTS

Today, let us reconcile the colour ledger with a marriage of pink and red.  Where better than in Venice, a city whose profound watery depths are reflected upon by a profusion of all colours of the gelati rainbow.   Where singing and dancing men can switch the ice tea running through their veins for the romance of prosecco.  And night falls bewitching as we tie on our masks ~ no carnevale required.  And on that note...

Happy Venerdi in Venice to you!
Source of beautiful inspiration for today's illustration: Danielle of VenetiaMicio ~ merci, grazie mille, thank you.


  1. A very happy marriage of colours Shell! And ofcourse the illo is gorgeous! Have a lovely weekend! xo

  2. It has your customary beautiful delicacy - it's hard to make red and pink look well together but your dignified aged red is perfect. When you branch into fashion design I shall wear only your garments.

  3. yet another feast for the eyes - just lovely

  4. I could go for a little Venice right now. I think I'll step in the picture and stay for a while. It's been one of those weeks...months...

  5. Margaret, Venice is only an hour west of you.
    ShSh, I was passing thru Aussieland & landed in Venice!

  6. You just mentioned two things I love... gelato and prosecco! Well, I always love your art.

    Danielle's VenetiaMicio is truly a source of inspiration and her website is rich in images.

    Enjoy your weekend, mon amie!


  7. All colors in the ledger should be allowed to marry. And mix. And match. And generally behave as though they haven't a care in the world. This illo is proof of that.

  8. I'm way beyond willing to buy into any fantasy that includes Venice, a certain dancing man, prosecco—and your gorgeous color palette! The icing on this torta: I love this quiet and essentially untouristed part of Venice, so thanks for the return visit, cara.

  9. On, what timing. This week I stumbled across a journal I kept on my first trip to Venice. Was going to quote a passage here, one which struck me as sweet, funny, and racy, then thought perhaps not.

    But thank you for the lovely illo.

  10. Thank you, Favourite Vintage Finds ~ wishing you a lovely weekend filled with Brrrts.

    Mise ~ I promise to send you a prototype fashioned from paper tissue, doilies and vintage wallpaper for your most valued opinion.

    Thanks, dkshopgirl. Looks like we've had our last cold snap ~ spring has sprung.

    Sorry to hear that, Margaret. But you can shelter here as long as you desire...

    Cafe ~ teleportation is still high on my wish list. Happy snacks.

    Genie ~ Danielle's site is exquisite, n'est-ce pas. As is yours... Bon weekend. x

    Cali ~ I feel like the UN today. ;) What a wonderful philosophy.

    You're more than welcome, dear Alexa. Between you and Danielle, we have two of the best Venice guides imaginable.

    Hiker ~ way to pique my curiosity! With your gift of expression, I'm sure it's all of those things and more.

  11. Lovely illo! And it sounds like an enchanting weekend with singing and dancing men, romance, nightfall, and a masked ball. We could dance across the bridge....

  12. Your palette makes the world a sweeter place, Shell. And our furry feline friend floating by doesn't hurt. Charming as always.

  13. Pour me a glass of Prosecco and let me float in this beautiful scene the whole weekend! Your vision of gelati is pure delight - and calorie free!

  14. Yay! Back in the most magic of cities again. Grazie mille, Bella, and a spritz is waiting for you.. :-)

  15. Ms M ~ we could ~ we shall. After you, my sweet...

    Thanks, Susan! I had a feeling you'd spot the kitty.

    Katie ~ *splish splash* *clink* A little R&R before your trip. And yes, no calories. Handy when much pastry consumption is just around the corner.

    You're always welcome, Yvonne. I hope you're having a lovely weekend, bella.

  16. Yesterday I went to a dedication of a watercolor illustrator, and I thought a lot about you, because it's very pretty.
    I have for many years one of his sketchbooks, a trip to Venice. She has traveled extensively and has more than 70 books.
    The watercolor is called illustrator Lizzie Napoli, I thought she was young because his drawings seem to be designed by someone young. But I met a lady of 87 years ...
    Bravo pour ta nouvelle aquarelle, toute mignonne et jolie de ce coin de Venise que j'adore, sans oublier the lovely kitty ! Ella or Micio ?
    bisous ma Belle

  17. Danielle ~ I'm extremely honoured that you thought of me when seeing Lizzie's work. It's very beautiful! She must be young of heart, I feel. Je suis très heureuse que tu aime bien cette aquarelle. C'est ton Micio, avec un peu de blanc dans sa fourrure. Bisous, ma chère.

  18. Lovely! How romantic! Enjoy the fabulous week ahead, Kellie xx

  19. Between the HIker's latest and this beautiful rendering, I think I need to go to Venice!

  20. Oh and I do believe that is my Meeps zipping along the canal . I'm in the back of the gondola sipping prosecco of course! :)

  21. Laurie ~ it's magical...

    Virginia ~ Meeps is racking up the frequent flyer points!

  22. This is so beautiful. I think it's time for you to make up a set of Venetian notecards! I'm really enjoying my Parisian ones.

  23. I'm glad you love them, Pop Culture Nerd! Request on the Venice cards is duly noted. :)


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