Francophile Friday: Scootering Da Rocco

ink & watercolour illustration, 8.75" x 7" [22.5 x 18cm] ACQUIRE PRINTS 

When I sit down to illustrate without a specific project, I often have no idea as to what I'm going to draw.  At times like that, I'll resist the urge to spin the bottle and instead, will open my tear-sheet ring binders or the inspiration folders on my laptop, skim through my Pinterest boards, and gaze at the overflowing mood board next to my desk {and invariably think to myself that I need a much larger one, then daydream about gilt frames and somehow ending up wondering what Hugh's wearing today ... and not regaining consciousness until the best drawing light is dwindling fast.  Damn it.}

Today, my eyes alighted on a photo sent to me some months ago by Pop Culture Nerd and taken when one of her loved ones was in Paris ~ she thought of me when she saw it.  Thank you, my sweet!  I loved it and filed it away to wait for little lights to flash over it when the time was right ~ which turned out to be today.   And for those of you who are smitten with both Paris and Italy, Da Rocco Trattoria in the 7th arrondissement is made for you... a taste of both worlds.  {And the reviews look excellent!}  The sidecars are waiting and the red wine is breathing discreetly.  We can relax elegantly in trousers so it doesn't matter from which angle the paparazzi catch us.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!


  1. Never been to Da Rocco, but one of my favorite places is in the 7th. Nice reminder thanks to you talent and this most charming of illos. I don't scooter so will find some other mode of transport and meet you there!

  2. Love the colors in this one, Shell! Like Cali, I don't scooter—but maybe you can find a spot for me in your magic sidecar. Trousers it is, and I'll even toss on a jaunty chapeau for the ride. Our hunky Hugh will be joining us for pasta and a bottle of red, n'est-ce pas?
    (Hey, my WV is "prettier"—how apropos!)

  3. Thank you for making my Friday. (But you are being very free with my scooter. It is mine, and I've got a Shell original to prove it.)

  4. I love how you transformed it, Shell! I'm honored to have played any part at all in your inspiration.

    Hope your weekend is as delightful as your art.

  5. Thanks, Cali ~ please enter the sidecar ~ mind your step, watch your kitten heels...

    Alexa ~ absolument! The magical sidecar will expand according to our needs, and that definitely includes Hugh. {I'm still smiling about your wv!}

    Hiker ~ I promise we'll top up the tank and wash it before returning it.

    Thanks again, Pop Culture Nerd! I'm glad you like my take on it. And the food sounds great!

  6. Sounds like a delightful evening! I'll be sure and wear my fashionable shades for the paparazzi :-)

  7. Such fun to see not only this delightful Da Rocco, but to get a peek at your mood board! So many fabulous images to inspire you. Since this scooter is obviously spoken for (hi AltadenaH!) I'll find another one and join up with the group for an evening of lounging in comfy trousers, good Italian food and bottles of red wine (after I give Hugh a quick tour of Paris that is). Cheers and happy weekend!

  8. Ms M ~ always so courteous! I hope the paparazzi appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    Katie ~ there are spare scooters, too, just in case. Yours is warmed up and ready to go. I'm wondering if I need to set a curfew for you and Hugh...

  9. Oaah.. such marvelous talent you have Shell.. you're an inspiration - you use your talent .. u don't sit on it! x thanks heaps.. x j Hope you're having a great relaxing inspiration filled weekend.. x j

  10. I just love this illo, Shell, with its casual, chic fashion. And I could spend hours marveling over your pinboard. You have exceptional taste in everything, including men! Robert Downey Jr. in pink socks in a box. Ooh la la. Quick, I need a ride on that scooter to cool down.

  11. What a beautiful new header! But I'm smitten by worry about our hair even as I relax elegantly in trousers - shall we have to wear helmets as we scoot?

  12. First: I agree with Susan, I would give a very pretty penny to gaze upon your pinboard.

    Second: Envy me, the rest of you, I have met Pop Culture Nerd in person. Yea, verily, I have shared conversation with her over cups of nectar at a cute place at the Lake that is called Toluca, and we have discussed the fair Shell Sherree and pop culture and had our picture taken together for all posterity to see. And I have seen the truth in these words: PCN is a goddess of Pop and Culture, though lo, I would not call her a Nerd.

    Third: I tried to get a Pinterest account and apparently I'm on some sort of waiting list. They say they will send an email when they're ready to let me sign up. (?)

  13. The Cape Club ~ thank you, J! I did have some inspiring and relaxing time on the weekend. I hope you did, too.

    Thanks, Susan! I must remember your tip about taking a scooter ride if I've overloaded on the RDJ eye candy.

    Mise ~ there will be no helmet hair in our world, fear not.

    Petrea ~ I still think wistfully of being absent from that occasion, and verily I do envy thee. I look forward to the day I can join you both at Toluca. {I just sent you a Pinterest invitation in case it waves some kind of magic wand.}

  14. Oh, sweet Shell, do save me a little spot in that sidecar... How wonderful is that pink zoom-zoom and I have lots of scarves that would match!

    I'll bring the bubbles and a red!


  15. I think I Need a little scooter I just that shade of pink.

  16. Genie ~ you'd look adorable in the sidecar with one of your many scarves waving jauntily in the breeze!

    Margaret ~ I hear you have a certain rapport with Santa Claus nowadays ~ sounds like something for this year's list.

  17. Beware of scarves waving jauntily in the breeze! Those were the last words of Isadora Duncan, I believe. Or I just made up!

    wv: tylingo. Tylingo round the old oak tree...

  18. Crumbs, Cali ~ we can't have that, can we! :) Let's tone down the jaunty and securely tuck our short scarves instead.


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