Fashionable Friday: Mise/Pretty Far West Illustrated Gift Guide

ink & watercolour illustration by Shell-Sherree - curation by Mise/Pretty Far West
~ see below for links to individual items ~

Fortified by a magnum of champagne and fruit mince pies, we arrive at the second in our little teensy mini-series of illustrated gift guides, curated by a few of my favourite style bloggers and illustrated by little teensy me.  Last Friday, we were in Provence with Vicki Archer of French Essence.  Today, we travel par avion Pretty Far West to Ireland, where our guest curator Mise can be found plucking dewy blooms from the garden and nonchalantly arranging them in an endless array of Bonne Maman jars, before working some W.B. Yeats into her needlepoint project, perched on her pink and white toile de jouy Louis chair, warmed by her ivory stove as her sourdough rises in the kitchen.  All this before breakfast.  If ever there was a reason to visit Ireland {and there are many, to be sure}, visiting their Queen of Fudge, Wit and Domesticity is an excellent one.  Many of you will know Mise from our frivolous and fanciful deep and meaningful discussions in the comments, so you'll be keenly aware of her inimitable humour and charm, and her choices for our gift guide reflect that in spades.  {Hers is pink, I'm rather sure.}

I asked Mise if she could choose anyone to dress up as Santa and climb down her chimney, who would it be and why.  To which she replied, "I'd choose your dear self, as we'd surely have the best of chats by the fire, sipping champagne and munching florentines as we spoke of the nature of whimsy and whether pale blue can overcome all strife. I might not insist on the Santa suit, though, if you would prefer to wear a divine frock."  Thank you ~ I would be profoundly honoured, dear Mise!  I'll get back to you regarding attire, though I'm leaning towards this Tom Ford number, as I know your chimney would be impeccably clean. And on that note...

Happy Fashionable Friday to you!

Mise/Pretty Far West gift guide sources [left to right, top to bottom]: (1) Brian de Staic Fuchsia Earrings; (2) Vogue Pattern Sixties Dress; (3) Joules Bobble Hat; (4) Labour & Wait Milk Pan; (5) Hotel Chocolat Cabinet; (6) Barbican Pendant Lights; (7) Aspinal Vanity Case; (8) Berry Red Boudoir Chair; (9) Runaway Coast Striped Cushions


  1. Well I think you're done it again dear Shell. Thank you for introducing us to Mise and all of her lovely finds.
    Bon weekend!

  2. Oh! Such pretty things. Mise has exquisite taste!

  3. Probably childhood memories, but I think a pink vanity case is all things elegant.

    WV: Effar. I admire the case from effar.

  4. Hello Shell:
    We have only just been introduced via the delightful Mise but we are enchanted Followers already.

    Your drawings are so beautifully done and the whole post delivered with such wit. The stripy cushions are our favourites, but please, if you have any influence over Santa, can they be in black and white ticking?

    How will you navigate the chimney in the emerald mermaid dress? Best in our view to stand by looking glamorous and let small children do the work!!!!

  5. Thanks, V! Mise is a treat and it has been a delight to draw on her for inspiration. Well, not ON her. Wait ~ could there be a market for temporary Shell Sherree tattoos? Hmm...

    Cali ~ I can imagine you with those boudoir chairs on the balcony {powdercoated in your favourite colour, of course.}

    Hiker ~ there's something nostalgic about that vanity case ~ as is a music box with the little ballet dancer inside.

    Hi, Jane and Lance ~ it's lovely to meet you formally {though I feel I know you from our visits with Mise}. Your request for black and white ticking has been passed on {and a fine choice, too!} As for the chimney, I have a sweep in the family and I am presently in consultations as to the logistics, but I shall reserve the small children in case ~ an excellent tip, thank you!

  6. I love these gift guides! Your drawings are exquisite and it's so fun to learn about these creative folks!
    I think I'll choose the chair, or maybe the earrings, then again you can't go wrong with chocolate :-)

  7. Ms M ~ Mise and Vicki have beautiful taste {as does our third and final guest who shall remain a surprise for now}. That chocolate cabinet would lead me into all kinds of strife.

  8. What a brilliant way to share the special Christmas wishes of some of our most favorite ladies, it's such a special peak at their wonderful whims & fancies...very pretty & clever!
    Mise's list is all sugarplums of pink sweet!!
    xo J~

  9. Hi Shell, found you via Mise and I just wanted to say that you have captured her perfectly with your gorgeous illustrations. And I love your introduction too. Mise to a T! Hope Santa brings her that pink milk pot. xx

  10. Oh la la, Shell—you've done it again! Mise is beautiful and this is such a treat! Just had dinner with friends who reminisced about their Venice-to-Paris trip on the Orient Express, as I turned greener and greener with envy. Maybe one day . . . and so I am asking Santa for that pink Aspinal vanity case. Speaking of green, I would love to see you coming down my chimney in that fabulous Tom Ford number (as long as you were bringing me the pink vanity case, of course)! :~}

  11. Hi, 24 Corners ~ thank you for visiting! And you're spot on ~ sugarplums were dancing in my head as I was illustrating Mise's pretty list.

    Hi, Amanda ~ it's lovely to meet you! And thank you, I'm very chuffed, indeed. As for the milk pot, it's both beautiful and functional ~ William Morris would nod his approval.

    Alexa ~ oh, wow. I've added the Venice-to-Paris Orient express trip to my own wishlist. You have me dreaming of this. The pink vanity case is very popular ~ Santa has increased production accordingly {he's including tailored dust jackets to protect both me and the gifts from errant soot on the way down}.

  12. Shell I adore Miss Mize and your illustration of her holiday choices!!

    Beautiful work!

    Be sure to enter My 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways!! You will be thrilled!!


    Art by Karena

  13. What a delightful gift guide! Mise's great choice of fabulous items and your amazing little drawings make me want everything. If I had to just pick one thing I'd go for the cute 60s dress, although going to a holiday party in the Tom Ford dress would definitely cause a stir.

  14. Shell, these gift guides are so much fun! I've admired Mise's wit in the comments, so somehow it's not surprising she has impeccable taste too. I would be in heaven indulging in chocolat while wearing that dress and hat, especially if doing it in Ireland.

  15. Thanks, Karena ~ and your giveaways are amazing!

    Katie ~ heh, I knew you'd like the 60s dress. But you can pick more than one thing ~ no need to choose.

    Susan ~ I have revisited the deluxe chocolate cabinet so many times, my browser has been invited to its next party!

  16. Thanks very much once more, Shell; it's been a delight to have my wishes so engagingly represented. My only worry now, given the popularity of the chocolate cabinet, is that I may have to share it.

  17. I'm so glad you chose Mise, she might just be my very favourite blog read at the moment, - so hard to beat that Irish gift of the gab!
    Love your illustrations, thank you.

  18. This is very cool, and you don't have to sell me. I'm dying to visit Ireland.

  19. Mise ~ I hope they are working on a special edition of the chocolate cabinet just for you. This has been such a treat and a pleasure ~ thank you!

    Hi, Sharon ~ it's lovely of you to drop in, thank you. Mise has such a way with words, I never attempt to drink hot tea while reading.

    Margaret ~ just look for the prettiest house and you'll find her.

  20. These are beautiful! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

  21. May I have the chair please, dear Santas? You may wear what you like when you come down the chimney, just let me know you're coming so I can have the tea on.

  22. Well another blog to add to my ever growing list of bloggers to stalk - erm - follow. Thank you for introducing me to Mise m'dear. I agree, the Tom Ford would look fabulous on you, and I think I'll add the little pink milk pot to my Christmas list. Now are there any fruit mince pies left...........

  23. Thanks, Kellie!

    Petrea ~ Santa is miraculous in the engineering department, isn't he. The things he manages to get down chimneys ~ well, the mind boggles.

    There are plenty of mince pies left for you, Debs. Some even have little hearts and stars on top.


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