Francophile Friday: Boulangoversary & Giveaway

ink & watercolour illustration, 8.75" x 7" [22.5 x 18cm] ACQUIRE PRINTS 

Please join me as we celebrate our 3rd Blogoversary together in this Boulangerie.  As both words have at least three letters in common, it seems fitting.  Besides, I fell in love with this delightful Paris shop front when I saw Genie's beautiful photo at Paris and Beyond a few days ago and couldn't wait to draw on it for inspiration.  Merci beaucoup, ma chère Genie.

Thank you all ~ for your friendship and support in so many ways.  It's been lovely growing to know you over the time and my life has been immensely enriched by our banter around the globe. 

With the warm benevolence that a Chambord champagne cocktail brings, I've decided to hold a Celebratory Giveaway.  Nine sets of my Paris postcards are keen to experience overseas travel - Par Avion, of course.  {Set contains one each of the three postcards shown below.} The winners will be randomly chosen.  We're not talking about an Hermès bag here, so there'll be nothing high tech about the process.  Drawing from a hat, crumpling names and seeing which ones Ella sniffs ~ if you've visited before, you know what to expect.  Bonus, whether you leave a comment or not: receive 20% off all items in my Etsy store {until 15th October} by entering the discount code 3RDBLOG during the checkout process. 

  • Every commenter on this post receives one chance in the draw {two for regulars}
  • 'Follow' my blog {click the Follow button up top next to the search box}, subscribe via email, Like my Facebook page, Follow my Tweets, and you will receive an extra chance for each of these.  You'll find the links over in the right sidebar.  Please tell me in your comment which of these extras apply to you
  • Winners will be drawn next Friday 7th October at 9:00 am {Brisbane, Australia time} and announced in next Friday's post
Meanwhile, your pastries of choice await. I've brought linen napkins, three candles and a calorie-negation device.  And on that note... 

Happy Francophile Friday to you! 

Au Levain du Marais 28, Boulevard  Beaumarchais, 75011, Paris


  1. I stayed up really, really late because I wanted to be the first to wish you HAPPY THIRD BLOGOVERSARY!!! Can you hear me whooping all the way from here? Now I'm dancing...oops, should probably close the blinds and turn out the lights first. And maybe put on pants. Heh heh.

    Shell, I am truly happy that you started blogging. Not only do I get the benefit of your beautiful creations, you've been such a dear friend. One of these days we shall eat macarons together in real life.

    I've been using up my Parisian cards so I'm shamelessly entering myself for more. I already liked your FB page & am an email subscriber now (I tried doing that before but for some reason couldn't find that option).

    Happy blogoversary and have a brilliant weekend!

  2. Pop Culture Nerd ~ I'm touched that you stayed up so late, and in your shorts and all! How I love that our blogoversaries coincide, and likewise to all of the above. {And the email subscription is only pretty new, so no surprise you couldn't find it!} Sweet dreams...

  3. Lovely!!! I'm in - I've always loved your work, and everyone I show your pieces to falls in love. Fingers crossed!

  4. Funnily enough, I was just looking at my wall of exquisite handpainted world postcards the other day, and identified three gaps under Paris, three gaps that quite ruin the sense of balance and finesse of the whole.

    I am, of course, a follower and an admirer of the intricate decoration of the boulangerie.

  5. I just learned something today! I never realised that the '4 sweet somethings' is the comments place.... now it seems silly not to have realised but then English is not my first language and sometimes you folk might take things for granted that are not for everybody.
    Anyway, I often meant to send you a line or two but only as of today I can do so.... Thanks a bunch for ASKING comments - and although I actually do live not too far away from Paris, it's still far enough for the postcards to fly overseas if you send them from the States...
    I LOVE your drawings and the frilly, silly, tiny details, so Shell....
    Happy Anniversary - and may you go on from strength to strength!
    Bonne anniversaire; buon compleanno; Herzliche Glückwünsche, etc....

  6. I have your beautiful painting on the screen and the photo of the boulangerie next to it... what a delight! Your attention to detail is amazing and I am honored that you selected this one.

    I will be raising a toast to you, ma chère, in tribute to your three years of blogging and bringing your art to your devoted followers. Perhaps there will be a little pastry to go with the Champagne.


  7. How long did it take you to create this masterpiece? The detail is incerdible as are the colors.

    Happy Blogoversary! Here's to many more.

  8. A big celebratory hug for you, chère amie—and three cheers for three years! I hope you know just how much I enjoy your art and artful musings. And I'm thrilled to have some Shell originals of my very own (but you know I love everything that comes out of your paint pot, so I hope you'll throw my name in that chapeau). :~}
    BTW, when I saw Genie's wonderful photo of this boulangerie, my first thought was "Gorgeous!" and my second thought was "Shell!"

  9. You are an amazing illustrator! I love them all. :)

  10. I'm visiting from Genie. You did an exceptional job with the boulangerie photo.

  11. theGyPsY ~ thank you, that's lovely to hear!

    Mise ~ I understand how upsetting that would be to your delicate design equilibrium. Perhaps Lady Luck can rectify that.

    Hi, Kiki ~ thank you so much for the feedback. When renaming the Comments title, the language issue didn't occur to me - I'm so sorry! Hopefully I have rectified it to be clearer. I'll include an extra in the draw for you to make amends. It's lovely to meet you at last.

    Genie ~ all thanks to you, ma chère! I actually set out to not be so detailed but it seems I can't help myself. :)

    Thank you, dear Cali ~ Josh Groban serenaded me for quite some time as I worked on this one. I think he may have needed a Fishermen's Friend by the end of it.

    Alexa ~ hee, I knew the instant I saw Genie's thumbnail in my reader that I must draw this one! You know me so well. And bien sûr, you are in le chapeau! x

    Hi Sonja ~ thank you ~ I'm glad you love them!

    Hi Grammy Goodwill ~ what a wonderful name! Thank you.

  12. The lazy one is back. Not for the giveaway, I assure you! Just lately I've been lacking of time and energy to read, translate your post then to find a smart, funny and "en anglais" answer...
    Like Alexa, when I saw this boulangerie last Tuesday on Genie's blog, I wondered how you would "interpréter" the picture and I never expected to get the answer so rapidly.
    You're amazing! Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  13. Sheesh, you have so many lovely followers/admirers/but not stalkers. I laughed so much at Pop Culture Nerd. I used to tell my student nurses "You have to be a little bit crazy, to stay sane." The trick is finding that fine line!! :-)

    So Happy Blogaversary, talented, funny lady. :-)

    Yvonne (who likes Paris, but loves Venice.) xxx

  14. Marylène ~ your English is so much better than my French, I can't even begin to tell you. And I'm so delighted you weren't shy about commenting today!! Merci, ma chère!

    Yvonne ~ grazie, bella! And yes, Pop Culture Nerd knows how to dance that line very well {clothing optional}. It's good to laugh.

  15. I was very impressed, thank you for sharing

  16. Très bon blogoversaire Shell Sherree! J'adore what you have done with Genie's photos --- you are so talented!

  17. Oooo, that's some cut throat competition. But what the heck, you only live once. Ella, do the right thing and there's a bit of fish in your future.

  18. Happy Blogversary & Francophilly Fryday,ShSh!

  19. Happy 3rd, Shell! I so enjoy visiting your blog and taking in your exquisite art! We should break out the champagne and raise our glasses in a toast! :-)

  20. Oh gosh, three years? Congratulations, Shell! I remember those early posts about actors and such. PCN was first. Maybe I was second? I was early, way back when, I just know it.

    Don't put me in the drawing, Shell, I've won at least once, maybe twice! I've got two or three Shell Sherrees and although I deserve five or ten or twenty, well...never mind, just tell Ella I love cats but she's the best cat ever.

  21. Hi, Unik ~ thanks!

    M ~ lovely to see you again! Thank you, I'm glad you like it. Genie's lovely work makes me look good.

    Hiker ~ might have to opt for the dried variety or customs could have something to say...

    Cafe ~ thanks, dear puppy dog! I thought you'd be happy with today's subject.

    Ms M ~ always with the good ideas. I've polished the glasses...

    Petrea ~ I remember you were both thereabouts! Yes, it's changed vastly from the early days. I think I figured it would be quicker and easier to draw and write than just write. Waaaah-hahahahahaha! AS for absenting yourself from the draw, that's very noble of you but I'll have none of it. In you go & we'll leave it to luck to decide. {And Ella has gone all bashful.}

  22. Happy Blogoversary, Shell! I was late to the blogging scene. I discovered you about a year ago, and now it's hard to imagine life without your utterly charming self.

    wv "liker" - how apropos! I'm a big LIKER of all things Shell and Ella. (Hint, hint, Ella. Don't let the two pitties fool you. You know I'm a cat person, right?)

  23. Haha, what a great wv! And it's fine, Susan, Ella knows how you roll. :) I'm so glad you joined the party. Thank you!

  24. Oh Shell, how wonderful that you've been a faithful blogger and chère amie for that long. I've loved every minute. Now about that giveaway. Meepsie is sitting in her usual spot in my lap and she says she's feeling lucky! :) We have our paws crossed.

    Genie's photograph was parfait and so is your delightful illo!

  25. I tried to follow you, but for some reason unbeknownst to me, I can never follow using the follow button at the top of the page. If you know how I can do it, please let me know. (I'm glad you like my name. Grammy was supposed to be the name my granddaughter called me, but she shortened it to Mimi.)

  26. Happy 3rd Blogoversary dear Shell! Big hugs from me and you-know-who! :)

  27. Dear V ~ oh, where would I be without you! I've lost count of how many illos you've inspired & how many laughs you've given me. Thank you so much, ma chère. x0x

    Grammy ~ hmm, not sure ~ I'll email you!

    Thanks, Favourite Vintage Finds! And I can imagine how snuggly you-know-who's hugs would be.

  28. Happy Anniversary. Having done this a while myself, I know what a commitment it means. Well done!

  29. Thanks, Margaret! And I'm very grateful for your posts. They've tickled my funny bone when it really needed tickling.


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