Feline Friday: Is Louis Gilty?

ink & watercolour illustration, 7" x 8.75" [18 x 22.5cm] ACQUIRE PRINTS

Here's another of those 'in my dreams' illustrations.  Someday, perhaps when my Ella has tired of climbing up inside {yes, inside} my ageing sofa to snooze on its hammock-like underside, I'll trade my low-maintenance pieces for something of the more delicate Louis family.  And perhaps then, my precious black velvet feline will be happy to sleep on it, rather than within it.  I think I'll opt for a gilt frame on the chaise.  A whitewash finish could be too matchy-matchy with the oversized mirror.  Upholstered in a luscious Designers Guild pattern?  Or perhaps in a simple white duck, with tie-on loose covers to be changed on a whim {or when they have been winsomely shredded by sweet kitty claws past the point of no return}.  Please, relax while I wheel in the strategic drinks cart to facilitate our discussions.  And on that note...

Happy Feline Friday to you! 


  1. Yes, yes, a strategic drink. It has been a long week.

    I spoke to a friend today who had to block her fireplace because the cat found a place to nap inside the chimney. Heaven forbid she'd build a fire. I didn't ask her what kind of shape her furniture was in. I'll send her your way.

    Have a lovely weekend, Shell!

  2. Lovely! The couch is looking gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend ahead, Kellie xx

  3. Well, let's have something from the cart, and I will ask sweet Ella to curl up on my lap while we discuss. Love this scene, mon amie, and the chandelier on that high ceiling has my name written all over it!

    What a stylish scene from your brush to start our weekend.


  4. I'm more than willing to have my discussion facilitated by that charming drinks trolley while I admire the beautiful sofa. Surely Ella could have her own little matching footstool?

  5. Your dream is my dream. I always wondered how to describe the configuration of my current seating appliance, and "hammock-like underside" does the trick.

  6. Oh how well I know the perpetual dilemma of the cat person: friendly feline companionship (complete with claws and cat litter) vs. a home filled with beautiful, unshredded and un-covered-up things. I do love this elegant room, Shell—and thanks for providing my fave Aperol on the all-important drinks cart. I'll bring the prosecco & seltzer and we can all have a nice spritz, okay?

  7. How wonderful that you are able to illustrate your dreams. I can't even draw a stick person! ;-)

    Such lovely dreams you have, Shell. So kind of you to share them with us.

  8. That couch looks mighty inviting, but I'd also like to swing from that lovely chandelier!

  9. That's a lovely cat bed --er, sofa! Yes, let's bring in the charming drink cart and have a good chat.
    Happy weekend to you, Shell!

  10. Petrea ~ egads, I'd rather the sofa conundrum than a fireplace one! I hope next week's not so long for you. Happy weekend!

    Thanks, Kellie ~ I thought it would be your cup of tea.

    Genie ~ everything looks better with a chandelier, n'est-ce pas? I can hear Ella purring in advance.

    Mise ~ Ella would like to join the discussion, as it sounds suspiciously like her real estate is being reduced...

    Hiker ~ your seating has a hammock-like underside, too? I knew we had a lot in common.

    I knew you'd appreciate the situation, Alexa! And your additions to the cart will be most welcome.

    Cali ~ I figure it doesn't hurt to dream {as long as I translate it into illustrations rather than a self-combusting credit card!}

    Why am I not surprised, Pop Culture Nerd! I had some extra structural supports installed for that very purpose...

    Dear Ms M ~ it is a lovely cat bed - err, sofa. ;) Happy weekend to you, too.

  11. Pardon my crassness, but please pass the booze. (It really has been a long week.) I am stretched out on my formerly white couch, now styled in Tommy's paw prints, while I gaze at my red leather arm chair the cats love to shred. I'll close my eyes and imagine I hear Ella purring next to me on that pristine Louis couch.

  12. My sweet Meeps found an under the bed storage bin with clean, fresh linens for her new sleep spot of choice! Black kitty fur abounds! :) I think your sweet one deserves white duck slipcovers to shed on! :)

  13. Susan ~ consider the booze passed! As for your red chair, it's amazing how cat claws can cut through leather like it's butter. So kind of you ~ such a lovely sensation for them! And Tommy... well, a dog needs his favourite spots, doesn't he.

    V ~ they really seem to appreciate the freshly laundered items, don't they! I just bought some white bedspreads to throw over the sofas as a temporary panacea, and the black of Ella's shedding makes quite a nice abstract graphic.

  14. It could be worse Shell - I used to have a cat that climbed the curtains - gee, they looked nice after a few years too ... not! LOL

  15. Julie ~ hahaha! I wonder if we could set a style trend. Shredded curtains would filter the light nicely...

  16. Sounds like Ella has the purrfect hidey-hole for snoozing Shell! Brrrt! Gorgeous illo! xo

  17. Thanks, Favourite Vintage Finds ~ they love unusual spots, don't they!

  18. Oh, kitty.

    I have three of them. They rule the house. They determine what stays and goes as far as decor (i.e., they're destructo-kitties). They think the Christmas tree is a glorified litter box.

    Yes, I'd love some Louis, too! But for now, I have these furry heirlooms.

  19. Amy ~ I spied some kitties in your photographs! Oopsie about the Christmas tree. I guess I'm lucky I don't put up a real one!


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