Friday, October 7, 2011

Francophile Friday: Macarons Stripe You Lucky

ink & watercolour illustration, 7" x 8.75" [18 x 22.5cm] ACQUIRE PRINTS
Firstly, I must apologise.  My hand-engraved invitation to Hugh to announce the winners of my giveaway went astray.  Never hire a chicken to do a carrier pigeon's job.  As a result, there's no opening number ~ no singing and dancing or sailing in on a highwire {the latter is probably for the better, given he's a bit accident-prone when airborne}.  But perhaps I can distract you from your disappointment with some macarons and tea.  And this picture of Ella wearing the hat we used to draw the names.

Without further ado, here are the winners of my Paris postcard sets, in reverse alphabetical order to keep us on our ballet pointes:  Susan Campisi, Pop Culture Nerd, Petrea Burchard, Ms M, mise, the GyPsY, Favourite Vintage Finds, Cafe Pasadena, altadenahiker.

Felicitations and congratulations to those who bribed Ella best had their luckiest vibes on!  Please contact me via shellsherree[!at] to advise/confirm your address, and I'll have your postcards on their way ~ enjoy!

Thank you so much for your lovely comments and friendship.  As the sun sets on my 3rd blogoversary celebrations, I shall be taking a little break to recharge my blogging batteries.  But first, please stay a while.  We shall graze on this bottomless plate of macarons and drink from these bottomless striped teacups, or those bottomless rose-coloured glasses, filled with your beverage of choice.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you. À bientôt! 

PS: As a valued reader of my blog, you have until 15th October to receive 20% off all items in my store. Simply enter the discount coupon code 3RDBLOG during the checkout process. 


  1. Oh so lovely...

    So very French ♥

    Enjoy your blogcation :)

  2. Thrilled to be a winner Shell and Ella! :)

    Big hugs to you both from me and you-know-who! XX

    Enjoy your break Shell! Look forward to your return!

  3. Well, ma chère Shell, I do not know which delights me more... those elegant cups repeating the stripes of the tufted chairs or that precious hat which adorns the head of sweet Ella! Oh, and do not think that I missed that plate of assorted macarons. Not to be greedy, je voudrais le pistache, svp.

    Have a delightful weekend and (petite) vacation from your blog. I know that you will delight us with your inspirations when you return.


  4. Me, me, I'm in the list! Hurrah! And doubly overjoyed to be sharing a post with the beautiful striped tea-cups. Pish! to Hugh! Double pish! Our cup runneth over without him.

  5. Sniff, sniff, Meeps and I are trying to deal with our disappointment but maybe we could have just a sip of tea and a nibble or two of one or three of those nice macarons. We'll be good as new by the time you return to us dear one.
    V and Meeps

  6. Hope you indulge in mass quantities of macarons and champagne during your blog break. Spring is in the air there and summer just around the corner so get out and enjoy!

  7. Ella and I have a special understanding. Tea looks lovely and as does Ella, so I'll join you. Two lumps, please.

  8. Macarons (make mine pistache) and striped tea-cups in soft pink - I shall be tres contente!
    Enjoy your break Shell.

  9. I'm thrilled to be one of the winners! Thank you, Shell and Ella!

    Macarons and tea in lovely cups are perfect for a weekend get-together (we'll bring out the wine later;))

    (Did you know Ella is partial to salmon treats?)

  10. Yipeeeee!! Thanks Shell and Ella, so happy to be one of the winners. Love your art, Shell.

  11. Ann ~ thank you, I will!

    Favourite Vintage Finds ~ you're most welcome ~ happy weekend to you and you-know-who!

    Genie ~ pistachio, it is! I'm glad you like Ella's hat. She rather fancies herself in it. I think it's the feather.

    mise ~ I feel I need to locate a striped seal and liner for the envelopes...

    I'm so sorry, V and Meeps! Please, have more macarons. x0

    Thanks, dear Cali! The winter weather has set back in again. Never mind. Here's to the imminent re-arrival of Spring and champagne.

    Hiker ~ Ella's excited.

    Dianne ~ I've ordered a separate bottomless plate of pistachio especially for you and Genie.

    Our pleasure, Ms M! I'm glad she doesn't have to catch her own salmon. It's insanely difficult to find waders that fit.

    the GyPsY ~ you're welcome ~ enjoy!

  12. Macarons and stripes will do for me anytime Shell.....xv

  13. Like Virginia, I'll have to console myself with macarons (I'm so late—hope there are some left.) And I'll be needing more macarons—and perhaps something a bit stronger than tea (oh, where is our Hugh with that bottle of Prosecco when you need him?)—to sustain me until you return, ma chère!

  14. I won, I won! (I really shouldn't have won) but I won! (I don't mean to be ungracious but) I won!

    May I please have brandy in my teacup?

    Thank you, Shell.

  15. I'm glad you like them, Vicki. Bon weekend to you and your beautiful Apache...

    Alexa ~ there will always be macarons for you at this table, no matter when! And Hugh may not be here, but it turns out chickens can make arrangements for Prosecco to arrive far more easily.

    My pleasure, Petrea! And I think I'll join you with that brandy today.

  16. Are you saying I actually won something?? It's probably a mistake, ShSh. But if not, then I gladly accept your Paris trip. Or whatever it is exactly about Paris I won.

  17. That Susan Campisi wins everything! I think it is because she is so good to dogs.

  18. Excuse me—chickens? Chickens? As in poulets? You know I'll take my Prosecco any way I can get it, but I have to think that Hugh trumps chickens. :~} (I'm just trying to keep you here, Shell—am I succeeding?)

  19. Oh Shell! I'm so sorry it's taken me days to learn the happy news. I'm tickled pink to have won - Ella knows I'm a cat person after all - and delighted that we both had macarons on the brain last week. (I'm so dense; I didn't grasp the meaning of your comment on my blog until now. I think I need to recharge my batteries too.) Enjoy your break, mon ami. Thank you for your generosity.

    And Margaret, ha! You are a funny one.

  20. Cafe ~ yes, you've won an illustrated trip to Paris... just send me your address via eBark, puppy dog. Congrats!

    Margaret ~ I think you're right.

    Heh, Alexa ~ yes, you're succeeding. ;) Yes, in a bizarre twist, it seems the chicken I foolishly engaged in lieu of a carrier pigeon can arrange for Prosecco but had problems delivering a simple envelope to our Hugh. {Possibly because he was in Australia at the time. Oh, the irony.}

    Susan ~ that's what I get for being cryptic. :) And I agree with Margaret. And it's my pleasure!

  21. congratulations to the winners! how clueless am I to miss one of your giveaways??? aaarrgh....

  22. I think Petrea is right in her observations.

  23. Cafe ~ so you'd like some brandy in your water bowl? Perhaps a dash of milk as well...

  24. Meepsie said, "Go check on our Shell" so I am! Hugs and bises ma chère Shell. I'll be in LA this week to hug and love on our So. California blog amies. WE will miss you and talk about how much we wish you were with us.

  25. Aww! Thank you for checking in, dear V and Meepsie. All's fine. Have a wonderful time in LA and big hugs all around, please. I wish I was there, too. x

  26. I've been having a blog holiday myself while I concentrate on painting the house - well - some walls anyway, seems to take a lot to time - anyway I digress....... so I missed your giveaway. Bugger (I mutter), but I'm hoping you'll be back from your break fully recharged. Are we talking trip to Paris here? Meanwhile I'm compiling my Christmas lists and am thinking of some lovely note paper to give to my sisters...... ;)

  27. Debs ~ no, if I was talking trip to Paris, I'd be jumping up and down spilling the beans about it. I'll still enjoy the R&R, though. All the best with your painting!

  28. Oooh! Love the colors and the macarons! Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

  29. Oh, I forgot. You're sur la vacance. Oh, well give me a chance to say how much I love my lovely cards.

  30. Hiker ~ I seem to be finding it hard to take a vacance from visiting my blogpals. :) Thank you ~ I love that you love the cards. My pleasure...

  31. Your illustrations are absolutely delightful

  32. Hi, henzy ~ thank you so much! I'm glad to hear that. Lovely to meet you.

  33. Gorgeous! Have a wonderful Monday ahead, Kellie xx


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