Friday Fleurish: A Fancy of Feline

ink & watercolour illustration, 7" x 8.75" [18 x 22.5cm] Order print here
Blue skies smack me over the head with happy vibes and are always welcome at my place.  But at least the grey cloud cover that doggedly pursued November into December is keeping summer's heat and humidity at bay, thus saving a girl from many bad fur days.  Whether it's a weekend of raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens {such as these luscious ones on Virginia's grandkitty}, here's wishing you more than a few of your favourite things.  And on that note...

Happy Friday Fleurish to you! 


  1. Kitty has a top spot there, very pretty indeed!

    Here's to favourite things and lots of them!

    Happy weekend Shell! :)

  2. Kittykins is looking like the princess that she is. This lovely illo will be under the tree for Miss Eva. She will be delighted!!!

    BTW, Meeps was hanging around the side of the tub last night, so I just put her in with me and she had a bath with my favorite violette soap! :) now's she's all fluffy and smells so sweet.. :)

  3. Just admiring the details in this illo: the hint of a chandelier, the pattern and trim on the rideau. And the way you blend colors! I want my walls painted that exact wall color. Only how to describe it? The sky before the marine layer burns off? Or before the sun sets on the coast? At any rate, it looks heavenly.

  4. This is by far my favorite among them all. So adorable! Enjoy the gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

  5. Lucky kitty! This is SO adorable!

  6. I haven't used "charming" in three weeks, because I put myself on a strict charm diet. But now it's time to splurge. Charming!

  7. There's something so calming about a contented kitty! And she has a beautiful window to preen in (I'm also loving the detail of the chandelier just visible). Love that shutter color—I have it on my bedroom ceiling. :~}

  8. This is JUST what I needed to calm me down after a simply insane week at work. Peaceful purrfection! I will do my best to adopt this kitty's contented pose all weekend long (although I might not have my windows open like this as it's a bit brisk here in Northern CA). Have a simply wonderful weekend!

  9. I love this piece! I can almost hear Kitty purring....

  10. Beautiful Shell; this is what Snuffly would look like if he closed his eyes but he is far too skittish to do that!

    I love Cali's description of the detail. You've given us a lovely start to the weekend ...

  11. I fully agree with Alexa and Kathie ! They expressed much better than I could do the nice and comforting feeling offered by your work !
    Thank you for the gift, much welcomed after a hectic, freezing, snowy week !!
    Have a nice weekend, my friends !!!

  12. Favourite Vintage Finds ~ I saw some brown paper packages tied up with string this morning! Happy weekend to you, C.

    Virginia ~ I hope little Eva loves this illo of Kittikins. As for your little fluffball of violette: aww, Meep!

    Cali ~ ooooh, you've made the colour sound very mysterious...

    Thanks, Kellie! And I hope your little one has recovered from her caramel adventures.

    Indie.Tea ~ I'm a tad envious of Kittikins's chandelier. She is lucky.

    Hiker ~ your charms are always welcome.

    Alexa ~ on your ceiling? What a lovely calm colour to see when you wake each day.

    Katie ~ in theory, I should be flinging my windows open like this, but it's uncannily cool. Stay cosy over there.

    Ms M ~ so that's what the rumbling noise is!

    MmeB ~ oh yes! I can see the Snuffly resemblance. Happy weekend to you and your kitties.

    Thanks, Vicki! I suspect she's very well fed.

    Marylène ~ it's lovely to be able to take the edge off the chill for you. Bon weekend!

  13. Miss Kitty is looking ever so pampered and regal - just like she's stepped out from her morning bath ( in the violet variety of course!!). Queen for a day.

  14. All Things French ~ a bit of pampering is a wondrous thing.

  15. This kitty reminds me of one of Hiker's "Pets of the Week." Very sweet!

    Virginia, I can't believe Meeps actually wanted to get in the water. What an unusual kitty!

  16. That Fancy of Feline
    was Practically a Poem
    and such a Lovely Shade of Blue.

    (Anon, December 2010)

  17. Xcelelnt art as usual. However, if I don't come around here regularly a cat will make themselves at home here!!

  18. Petrea ~ I've never known a cat to enjoy a bath. Perhaps the violette soap makes all the difference...

    Mise ~ please send Anon a hand-written Thank You note for me on your finest.

    Heh heh, Cafe! Always happy to see a puppy dog.

  19. We had grey rainy skies here so this was the perfect thing to look at as I sit back and relax with my tea. Thanks, Shell.

    Hope your weekend was wonderful.

  20. This is just enchanting. A little happy kitty makes it seems like all is right with the world. :)

  21. My pleasure, PCN. And I had lots of quality kitty time this weekend so yes, thank you, it was wonderful.

    Amy ~ doesn't it! I hope your little ones are feeling chirpy.


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