Francophile Friday: Furry Friends in Paris

ink & watercolour illustration, 7" x 8.75" [18 x 22.5cm]
It's grand.  Mighty grand, to sashay into the weekend knowing our pooch pal Pepe in Pasadena has been adopted ~ with a huge pat on the back to his publicist and benefactor, Altadena Hiker.  And in time for Thanksgiving.  I hope his tummy is pleasantly plump with the finest of leftovers.  {In celebration of animal rescue in general, Altadena Hiker has gathered a bunch of animal-lovers to tell their heart-warming tales over here.} 

Here's to Pepe's happy new beginning, and to all creatures great and small in need of care ~ and the kind-hearted souls who do all they can to provide it.  You are magnificent.

We took Pepe to Venice last weekend, so we've taken a first class carriage to Paris for his send-off.  Thanks to dear Virginia for the photo inspiration.  I hope the gentleman who owns this apartment doesn't mind us moving in for a couple of days.  And re-colouring his white roses pink, to match our champagne.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!


  1. Great interpretation from Paris, as usual, but if you wanted to stick to reality, you could add huge snow flakes as the ones we just got this afternoon !!! Our furry friends would love it !

  2. What a wonderful illustration and tribute to Pepe. I'm glad he gets a send-off in Paris. He deserves the best, just like all our furry friends.

    And I loved your piece over on Patch. It's simply perfect that you found your little bundle of love in an antiques store.

  3. I hope Pepe's new family knows how popular he is.

  4. Boy would that gent be surprised to see he has been replaced by Pepe and kitty! I'm surprised P the pup was able to sneak off for a quick jaunt to Paris without his owners being knowing he was gone. That is one sneaky perro!

  5. Oops! That should read without his owners being aware he was gone.

  6. Oh I hope Pepe's new owner sees your tribute!!! WOnderful, wonderful.

  7. Lovely sweet painting Shell!! and what wonderful good news Pepe is now secure and loved in his new abode ~ that's something to celebrate!!

  8. Deep sigh. Let me just throw every superlative I know out your way.

  9. This is an adorable illustration, made all the sweeter knowing that Pepe now has a home (although he looks at home in Paris!). Shell you and Altadena Hiker are to be commended for all the work you did to promote Pepe. This wonderful image will keep me smiling all week!

  10. Jumping up and down and setting off fireworks to celebrate Pepe's most excellent news! (I'll be careful not to let my hair get too close to fireworks this time.)

    Kudos to you and Altadena Hiker for spearheading such a successful publicity campaign. With such devotion, I had a feeling the universe just couldn't resist providing Pepe with a new home. I guess I won't resent him too much for having gone to Venice and Paris in the past week.

    Happy weekend, everyone!

  11. Marylène ~ I have visions of them poking out their tongues to catch the snowflakes. That would be cute!

    Thanks, Susan. I'm filled with awe and respect for the amazing lengths you went to for your Tommy. Talk about a love story.

    Margaret ~ yes, I'm curious to know if they realise they've adopted a celebrity.

    Cali ~ hopefully, Pepe remembered to put a pillow under his blanket so he doesn't alarm his new family by his absence. ;)

    Thanks, Laurie ~ if so, I hope they show it to Pepe. I can imagine his winsome smile and waggy behind.

    All Things French ~ that's for sure!

    Hiker ~ hee! Please, allow me to throw first...

    Thanks, Jean. How fitting that Paris and Pepe both begin with a P.

    Katie ~ aww! And the collective hopes and well wishes of all of us combined went a long way to helping Pepe. Of this, I'm sure.

    PCN ~ I'm glad you've refined your pyrotechnic technique since the last time. Happy weekends all around!!

  12. Glad Pepe got to Paris. They love their amis, les chiens, in France. I saw dogs under all the tables in Parisian restaurants, and even in the Aquatic Park in Toulouse. I hope he's settled in well in his new home, and is living La Dolce Vita (oh, wait a minute, that was last week in Venice).

  13. I, too, wonder if Pepe's family knows. But it doesn't matter, as long as he's loved and cared for. He may be in Alhambra or Glendale or Burbank, but to him, let's hope, it's as sweet as an apartment in Paris.

  14. I just saw Count Basie's pic over on Patch and got all choked up. I hope he's feasting on salmon up in kitty heaven. R.I.P, Count Basie.

  15. Bellis ~ oui, here's to La Dolce Vita for Pepe, in every language. Especially puppy dog language.

    Beautifully said, Petrea.

    Susan ~ oh, I'm sorry to upset you. I still cry over Basie. Often. But regardless of the pain, I'd do it all over again. I wouldn't miss a heartbeat of it. {And I never told her she had a boy's name, lest I give her a complex. :) }

  16. PHS has "closed adoptions," so the only thing I know is that he went to a Pasadena couple who said they were ready to bring a new companion home.

  17. I'm so pleased for Pepe—whether in Pasadena or Paris—to be at home with a loving family! Hope they'll get to see all this. Went first to the pet stories link, Shell, and it took me a while to get back here! So touching.

  18. Hiker ~ thank you. I'm so happy for him and for them.

    Alexa ~ I'll bet you were glad to get home to your little ones!

    Susan ~ Mademoiselle Basie is very pretty ~ she'd like that. :)

  19. A wonderful send-off for Pepe! I'm sure the owners will not mind a small celebration. Let's leave a bottle of champagne for them :)

  20. Oh how gorgeous Shell! Pepe just suits that apartment perfectly (and Kitty too of course)! Love that Pepe wore his scarf to Paris! :)

    It's just so wonderful too that Pepe was adopted in time for Thanksgiving!

    And that's divine how you were found by Count Basie in the antiques shop!

  21. Ms M ~ you're very thoughtful. The perfect house guest, indeed!

    Favourite Vintage Finds ~ all kinds of wonderful! Have a beautiful week...

  22. Shell, they are just precious together as you have placed them. I am quite certain that monsieur would not mind the change in roses and the little houseguests... I remember V's posting of this window and I love your presentation! meep!


  23. I'm so glad to hear that Pepe has a home; that is definitely a reason to celebrate.

  24. what a beautiful story Miss Shell! & a beautiful way to end it with your lovely illustration.
    Hooray for Pepe!

  25. Thanks, Genie ~ monsieur had a kind look about him. I'm sure you're right. {How could he resist...}

    Amy ~ it is! Woot!

    Lily ~ hip hip hooray! He'll be well snuggled into his new home by now.

  26. Aww, that is great news! I hope he enjoys the holidays with his new family.

  27. Indie.Tea ~ yes, Pepe probably wakes up thinking every day is Christmas now that he has a home.

  28. Pepe will be so happy I am sure....Gorgeous illustration...Love it, xv.

  29. Il me semblait pourtant t'avoir laissé un petit mot...mais non !!!
    Aussi je tenais à dire que j'étais très heureuse pour Pepe. Je lève mon Prosseco ou mon spritz à sa santé et lui souhaite une bele vie de chien au sein de sa nouvelle famille.
    Ton illustration est superbe, une belle fenêtre appelée "chien-assis" de Paris.

  30. Thanks, Vicki!

    VenetiaMicio ~ quelle bonne idée. A ta sante, Pepe! Bisous...


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