Francophile Friday: SubLime

ink & watercolour weensy meep miniature, 2.5 x 3.5" [6.5 x 9cm ] ACQUIRE A MEEP
 This summery façade in Paris was captured on camera by our Katie a few months ago.  {Thank you for the inspiration, Katie!}  It caught my eye again this afternoon.  We've finally had a couple of fine, steamy days here and this scene looks very much at home.  It turned my thoughts to a refreshing Pine-Lime Splice.  Lamentably, I have none in the freezer, but  fret not.  In the absence of this iconic Australian ice-block, I found that Chambord liqueur on the rocks is not only complementary to lime on the colour wheel, but an appropriate accompaniment to writing a Francophile Friday post.  And apparently it's all-natural, ergo good for us {while providing the invaluable opportunity to say ergo}.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!


  1. You're so darned funny! I burst out laughing with your comment about the opportunity to use 'ergo'.

    I guess there are quite a few words we haven't been able to work into our conversations. Epithet is one that springs to mind. Maybe I have to look for a different class of folks with whom to communicate?

    Who else has words they've been longing to use?

  2. Lol .. I think ergo but I don't say it. How about Nudenda (non-agenda)? I like that. I like the ice cream you're talking about, haven't seen them around for ages here at least.
    Love the illustration, as always

  3. Oh, I love that façade of chartreuse with le petit chat peering out of the window! While shopping in the Monoprix this week, I was offered a small paper cup sample of Chartreuse, which is very green.

    She told me that it was a bit strong. I threw it back (like I was at a bar)... tasty, and burned like fire-water!

    Bon weekend, ma chère amie!

  4. I love it! I'd like to use the word "Ergo," ergo I shall. "Shall" is another word I like. Then there's "Shan't." But does it have an apostrophe? I think so, but I'm not sure so I shan't use it.

  5. I need three Saba Coladas before attempting "ergo."

    Lovely lime; going to see if I can find the inspiration at Katie's. Here in the states we have the 50/50 bar.

    (And that kitty is being pretty cagey.)

  6. Pine Lime Spice sounds wunderful!


  7. What a lovely, meepish mini! It's very cold here in NYC at the moment, and this little illo is warming me right up (as would a bit of Chambord—hmmm . . .).
    I am inordinately fond of the word "inordinately." And also the French word "poubelle"—if only it meant something more romantic. ("I've left my heart in the poubelle of love and only you can fish it out for me, darling.")

  8. Ta petite terrasse donne envie, mais ici il fait un Mistral (vent) d'enfer, impossible de rester dehors, c'est glacial, donc pas besoin de "Pine line Spice"...

  9. Your lime is simply divine ~ oh! and Miss Kitty ever so pretty on the inside looking out~ so cute!

  10. Your SubLime colors are so refreshing! (It's been cloudy and gray here lately). I've never had Pine-Lime Splice, but I can see how Chambord on the rocks would fit the bill.
    Kitty is so cute; of course she wandered in through the open door and now is looking out the window like a queen. :)

  11. Ooh Shell, I'm chuffed to see your delightful take on my photo! It was so fun to happen upon this brightly-colored building when I was in Paris; what's not to love about a green storefront with bright pink chairs outside? Kitty knows what's important being inside this shop, as it sold fancy chocolates. Speaking of sweets, I'll have Chambord Splice please!

  12. I love "ergo" and use it all the time! (My friends give me weird looks every time I say it, as in, "What century do you live in?")

    Your illo is so mouth-watering, I'm suddenly craving lime gelato. But since it's 12:40 a.m., I might have to wait 'til morning to satisfy this craving.

    Happy weekend!

  13. Yvonne ~ heh! Cuss is another one I like.

    The GyPsY ~ Nudenda is a new one for me. Good to know. :)

    Genie ~ I have a vision of you standing there "knocking one back" then delicately placing the cup down in a most ladylike fashion!

    Thanks, Petrea ~ and I shan't stop you if you want to say "ergo".

    Hiker ~ I just had a quick look and I don't think Katie's photo is up at her place, sorry! It looks somewhat like this, but the kitty is poetic license. {You guessed that, didn't you...}

    Cafe ~ a puppy might find a Pine Lime Splice especially nice when it's starting to melt.

    Alexa ~ hee!! I'm glad this Meep has warmed you up, and neat Chambord will turn up the heat another notch. For medicinal purposes, of course.

    VenetiaMicio ~ brrrrr!! Un peu de Chambord {sans glace!} pour toi aussi, peut-être. Bisous.

    Thanks, All Things French. Kitty's so tiny, even my finest-tip pen had to stay on tip-toes to draw her.

    Ms M ~ she does look pleased with herself.

    Katie ~ chocolates? It gets better and better. And Chambord Splice? I think you're onto something.

    PCN ~ heh, I'm enjoying imagining the smile on the face of Robert Crais if you said, "Ergo..." to him. Happy weekend to you, too!

  14. These colors are most unusual for Paris so it is no surprise it caught Katie's eye.
    Nudenda is way too close to pudenda and made me laugh when I first saw it. And on that note:
    Happy Holidays tout le monde! ;-)

  15. I love the lime facade. Clearly Chambord on the rocks works for you. A votre sante!

  16. Cali ~ now, there's a word I don't use everyday, LOL!

    Thanks, Susan! A girlfriend introduced me to it a couple of years ago and I find it handy for so many occasions. :)

  17. It's a lovely spot! Sure is a nice place to lounge and have chit chats! Enjoy the week, Kellie xx

  18. 'Ergo' and Alcohol and a Lovely Peaceful Image including Pink: this post lacks only a Delicate sliver of Chocolate for Completeness, but I shan't hold that against you.

  19. Well, I guess all the ergo jokes are taken. Durn. You made me thirsty!

  20. Lovely and summery Shell! I haven't had a Splice for ages, it's on my shopping list as is Chambord (never tried it...sounds delish)!

    Wishing you a gorgeous week! :)

  21. Thanks, Kellie ~ here's to a lounging chit-chat.

    Mise ~ I'm relieved. I'll eat a Delicate sliver of chocolate forthwith to compensate.

    Margaret ~ bottoms up!

    Favourite Vintage Finds ~ enjoy the Splice, and the Chambord bottle is lovely ~ a bonus!

  22. Happy belated Friday!

    The Pine-Splice sounds almost as lovely as your illustration looks. :)

  23. ooooh so pretty!

  24. Hi, Lianne ~ thank you! And I appreciate you stopping by.

  25. Aha! Two of my favourite things, Chambord and Pine-Lime splice - which I haven't had for ages. I have a bottle of Chambord in the cupboard but it does pack a powerful punch for me and I have to be careful not to get a headache. As for the icecream; I keep forgetting to look at that section of the store so I haven't had the pleasure for years.
    Sub Lime is just too clever for words little Shelley; for the painting and the subject of your text. Hee hee.

  26. I too love our Katie's fabulous Paris offerings. THis one suites me just ......lime! :)

  27. Indie.Tea ~ it's so bright, it's not quietly lovely. :)

    Thanks, MmeB! And I'll be sure to tread lightly with the Chambord. ;)

    Virginia ~ Katie has a great eye, not to mention her uncanny ability to sniff out a pastry at 200 paces.


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