Venerdi in Venice: Ponte di Pepe Peep

ink & watercolour weensy meep miniature, 3.5 x 2.5" [9 x 6.5cm ] ACQUIRE A MEEP
[Update 24th November:  Hooray ~ Pepe has been adopted!!!  Our beautiful Altadena Hiker has just sent through the wonderful news.   Thank you for sending happy thoughts to Pepe, and for the many comments, clicks, links, and posts by the warm hearted bloggers involved.  Here's to your new loving home, little Pepe.] 

Pepe's still cooling his paws at the Pasadena Humane Society {I know, it's unthinkable} and there are concerns he's depressed, so we're busting him out for the weekend.  He's going for a W-A-L-K-I-E-S in Venice with his publicist, Altadena Hiker {rumour has it her heart weighs more than Phar Lap's}.  As for us, we're meeting up with them after we secure Pepe some juicy morsels from the butcher.   {And some liquid refreshments to revive our own crestfallen spirits.}  Thanks to Katie's excellent suggestion in the comments last week and in honour of Pepe, we shall hereby name this weensy illustration a Peep.

If you can spare a moment to click and view Karin's latest {and possibly last} appeal for Pepe, or even better, leave a comment, that will help keep him in the news for a wee bit longer. Please, let's continue to spread the word and send our warm fuzzy vibes, and surely Pepe will captivate the soul of someone who can give him a loving home.  Soon.  And on that note...

Happy Venerdi in Venice to you, and big hugs to Pepe! 

Grazie mille to dear Pierre at Venice Daily Photo for the magnificent photo inspiration.


  1. I wish to Pepe the best with a marvellous family...and also for the lovely cat I saw on the picture.
    Bravo pour cette belle aquarelle de ce Friday ! It's a beautiful place, Campo Castelfore, some times ago I did a post...
    Have a good day

  2. Oh my! First "meep" and now "peep"... love it, my creative amie! Beautiful colors with even a reflection under the bridge. If not for Danielle, I might have missed Kitty.

    Bon weekend, Shell!

  3. Shell, talk about a big heart! I love this peep for Pepe. With people around the world hoping for his rescue, it has to work! Alas, I'd have to give up Boz to take him, otherwise I would. He is adorable.

  4. I'm over the moon! As soon as I get my mangy curs out for a walk, I'm rushing back to link this up. (Talk about a publicist -- you're just too marvelous, too marvelous for words.)

  5. Big hugs to Pepe indeed, but where is Hugh? He's escaped from the post and a grey pall has fallen over the land, valiantly yet incompletely counteracted by this fine peep.

  6. Ooh, with that great reputation of Pepe, I'm pretty sure a family's going to adopt him soon. All the best! Kellie xx

  7. That's a beautiful picture of Karin and Pepe! Maybe we could auction it and use to money to pay for Pepe's B&B at the shelter?

    Following the success of "Marley and Me", the story of Pepe and how the blogging world saves him could become the next big movie. With Jennifer Aniston playing Karin?

  8. Wow! If Pepe only knew that he was inspiring artists round the world. I love this!

  9. The first thing I'm going to do when Pepe gets adopted is buy this picture and add it to my Shell collection.

  10. Beautiful peep about Pepe ~ I do hope he finds a family to love & care for him. oh! nearly missed Kitty she's being discreet! not wanting to hog the lime-light ~
    what a sensetive soul is she!!
    xx Dianne

  11. I'm wishing with all my might for Pepe to find a nice new home. It's really great what you and Karin are doing, Shell.

    Fingers crossed...

  12. I love this peep in honor of Pepe and Altadenahiker. Excellent PR, both of you! We're all wishing the best for Pepe. He looks like he's enjoying the view here. And Kitty is very cute the way she's peering over the edge.

  13. Just as this adorable Peep depicts, I hope that dear Pepe will be in the loving arms of his new owner/s and happy really soon.

    Peep-A-Boo Kitty!

    Sending big hugs to Pepe!

    Happy weekend to you wonderful Shell!


  14. A Peep! Perfect!

    I'm sad to hear Pepe doesn't have a home yet; I sure hope he gets to go on a walk like the one you show in this image.

  15. VenetiaMicio ~ merci, and thank you for letting us know where this lovely spot is located! Bon weekend et bisous...

    Genie ~ kitty only just made it into the peep. Lucky the boat was there. ;)

    Petrea ~ I know you'd take Pepe if you could. Surely his story will have as lovely an outcome as yours and Boz's.

    Hiker ~ yes, your mangy curs who just happen to light up your life. :) I wish I could do more than this peep, but it's something. And when Pepe's adopted, I'll be sending you more than this Peep in celebration.

    Mise ~ Pepe's charm drove all thoughts of Hugh from my mind. Yes, that's how magnetic Pepe is. If only Hugh would champion his cause, he'd be adopted before we could say, "Iced tea." Then we can party with Hugh and live happily ever after.

    Thanks, dear Kellie! Fingers crossed.

    Hi, Bellis! Lovely to see you. What are the shelter's B&B rates? There must be something we can do. {Jennifer Aniston might almost do justice to KB.}

    Margaret ~ I hope Pepe senses how much love is going his way and it comforts him until he goes home.

    All Things French ~ yes, a very sensitive little kitty. She's even willing to share her snacks.

    PCN ~ and soon! It's becoming increasingly difficult to draw and type with my fingers crossed.

    Thanks, Ms M ~ our collective well wishes help. Of this I'm certain.

    Favourite Vintage Finds ~ "Peep-a-boo." Hee! Yes, here's to a happy weekend and good news any day.

    Thanks, Amy ~ I know you've done more than your share of rescuing lately. We'll keep the faith.

  16. What a fabulous illustration honoring the amazing work Karin has done to find Pepe a good home. (Can we call this work a Keep?) Pepe sure seems to like Venice, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that someone rescues Pepe soon. (Maybe someone from Venice, CA!)

  17. What a wonderful and whimsical illustration. It's so great to see how Pepe's story has spread across the globe. He could find a home in Australia or France or Venice (California or Italy)... or anywhere! Next time I need to find a home for a pooch, I'm hiring you and Karin as publicists.

  18. Katie ~ first a Peep, now a Keep: what a gal! We sure want someone to keep Pepe.

    Hi, Susan ~ thanking for dropping in! I have a bossy kitty cat who's disinclined to share me, otherwise I'd be looking into how to obtain a passport for Pepe. :)

  19. I think that you have a phar lap sized heart my darling Shell; I love the way that animals just melt our hearts. I had a wild pigeon come and sit on my foot while I was watering the garden the other day and I now have a tame kookaburra to add to the menagerie. MB says that we live in a zoo!
    I love your paintings as you know - you're a genius and we are so incredibly lucky to know you.

  20. Love this.. So glad Pepe got out for the weekend.

    Hope someone wonderful adopts him soon.

  21. Thanks, dear MmeB! Your home is a beautiful refuge to all kinds of little ones. They are blessed.

    Jean ~ his 'kerchief would have been right at home in a pizza restaurant. Let's hope he's out 'for real' for his next weekend.

  22. Aww, I hope that Pepe finds his forever-home soon! And that he enjoyed his time out.
    [Its really awful for little babies to be in the shelter. My small cat was rescued from a shelter by a rescue group, she remained alone after her siblings got adopted out, but even her foster home was terrible - she came to us all stuffed up and ill and with fleas and scared of other humans. ]

  23. OH our dear Peep Pepe needs someone to love him. I wishi I lived closer. I"d take him and Meeps would love to lick his nose.

    Thanks sweet Shell for this.

  24. Indie.Tea ~ I'm so glad you and your kitty found each other. I'm sure Pepe will have such a story to tell very soon.

    Oh, V ~ you and Meepsie would be such lovely companions for Peep Pepe. Bisous.

  25. Another adorable illo, Shell. And I love Katie's comment!

  26. Soooo good to hear of dear Pepe's Shell! Hooray!

    Congratulations to dear Pepe and his new owner! :)

  27. In my excitement, I left a word out of the above comment:

    Meant to say:

    Soooo good to hear of dear Pepe's adoption Shell! ...

  28. Thanks, Cali ~ whether in Venice or Venice Beach, I think Pepe would enjoy the gelati.

    Favourite Vintage Finds ~ in my excitement, I didn't even notice you'd left out a word. :) Hooray for Pepe! Hooray for Karin! Words can't describe the feel-good feeling.

  29. I wish we could save them all. They are all as deserving and sweet as Pepe and my heart goes out to every little beastie who needs a god or a goddess (or an artist!) to come along and take up his or her cause.

  30. That's for sure, Petrea. Finding safe and loving homes for all creatures great and small seems never ending. It's beautiful to be able to give thanks for the 'wins' when they come along.


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