Francophile Friday: Paris Purple & Pasadena Pepe

ink & watercolour illustration 22.5 x 18cm  Inspiration: Virginia Jones {bisous & thanks}
When I was strolling through my inspiration folders earlier this week, Virginia's photo of this charming abode in a Paris lane said, "Pick me! Pick me!"  {And you think you're crazy.} Through a stroke of serendipity, the gorgeous purple gives me an alliterative excuse to feature a dear little puppy dog who's well overdue for a purple patch.  Pepe in Pasadena needs a home.  {I'd already drawn kitty before hearing about Pepe, otherwise he'd be enjoying a fairytale walk with us today.}  He's in the care of kind souls at the Pasadena Humane Society but it's high time he had digs of his own to, err, dig around in.

Altadena Hiker is well known to {and loved by} regulars here, and being a wordsmith beyond measure, has given Pepe a write-up that must surely find him an adoring family, even if his magnificent smile somehow isn't enough to woo them.  Please, if you can give Pepe a moment of your time and leave a comment on Karin's post, it will help keep Pepe visible and increase his chances of adoption.  And if you can give Pepe a caring home ~ he'll love you forever.  {So will I.}  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!


  1. Bonjour Shell ~ I love this pretty as a picture vignette with the soft purple & pink, but oh dear!! has Kitty been locked out? this is not good!! maybe she's leaving home going over to Pepe in Pasadena.
    I always thought she had a soft heart. ( shows in her cutsie face)

  2. I love very much this new water-color because it's the Paris of my heart !
    I Hope that Pepe is going to have the best family for him...
    If you go on my blog, I choice you to play a game (relais de l'amitié)

  3. Kitty looks like she is basking in the glow of this one Shell. I think that divine shade of purple must be resonating with her.

    Dear Pepe is just adorable! With his sweet face and wonderful temperament, surely it won't be much longer before he finds his forever home!

  4. You leave me speechless. Not only is this the most wonderful, generous gesture, you also use my absolute favorite shades of purple.

    Best Friday to you, sweet friend.

  5. Perfect, pass me Pepe in Pasadena and I'll proffer some parenting promptly. Well, perhaps I'm too far away but my compliments to the purple.

  6. Thanks for the reminder. I did it yesterday, but I guess it would be a good idea to do it again.

  7. All Things French ~ Pepe looks so dear and friendly, he'd gladly be her new playmate.

    VenetiaMicio ~ I hope so too! And thank you ~ I'll pop over and see what little game you have in store.

    Favourite Vintage Finds ~ it amazes me he hasn't been snapped up yet.

    Hiker ~ and an especially lovely Saturday to you. ;) It's the least I can do for you and Pepe.

    Mise ~ I can't match that!

    Margaret ~ you're a sweetheart.

  8. Not only is this beautiful on its own, you add such a lovely touch by including Pepe.

    I can't take dogs where I live but hope he finds the perfect home.

    Happy weekend, dear Shell.

  9. Paris looks fabulous with a touch of purple! (If this was one of your teeny drawings we'd have to call it a peep.) I hope Pepe found a good home; I'm betting Karin's kind words will open the right person's heart.

  10. Have to agree with Katie. I'm an editor and I know good writing and Altadena Hiker's compelling description of Pepe definitely qualifies. I hope he finds a forever home—and soon. Can't imagine how I missed this post from Virginia, but I did—so merci bien for bringing it back and giving it the extra-special Shell treatment!

  11. Great view, great colors and great idea !! As Alexa says, you're extra-special, Shell !
    Hello, Katie ! Glad to read you.

  12. What a lovely illustration, as usual...I love how your work evokes glamor and calmness at the same time.
    I shall go check out the post on Pepe. Thank you for telling your readers about his plight.

  13. Just wanted to stop by and let you and your readers know -- Pepe's piece was the second most viewed of all last week. So that has kept his column up, and it normally would be down by Saturday.

    Pepe thanks his lovely peeps.

  14. PCN ~ and I know you'll keep your ear to the ground in case anyone you know is a possibility. Thank you!

    Katie ~ a Peep for Pepe? How charming. I wish I'd done that! It seems Pepe is still available. Hopefully any moment now...

    You're welcome, dear Alexa, and thank you! As for Hiker's writing, she can have me laughing and crying within one sentence. She has a gift.

    Marylène ~ merci! I just wish I could do more, but we do what we can, n'est-ce pas?

    Indie.Tea ~ how lovely ~ thanks so very much. {I hope your cold has vamoosed!}

    Hiker ~ that's tremendous news. I'll do a major happy dance when you drop by to tell us Pepe has a new home.

  15. I join the others in how much I love this piece. Kitty looks quite pleased with himself, like he's just had some tuna haute cuisine ;)
    And I so hope Pepe is adopted very soon!

  16. We always have that chance to make a statement on main doors. This door definitely made that statement. Have a lovely day! Kellie xx

  17. This is delightful! Shell, how amazing that all the way in Australia you send your love to little Pepe. Isn't he darling? It's a shame I can't adopt every dog the Hiker finds. I'm in love with this one.

  18. Ms M ~ sustainable pole-caught tuna, yes. :)

    Statement Doors ~ yes! Have a beautiful week, Kellie.

    Like you, Petrea, I wish I could adopt them all. Pepe is an especially endearing little fellow.

  19. J'adore the house but look who is waiting on the step pour Meeps! As I'm reading this she is curled in a ball in my lap. She loves computer time!
    Another wonderful Shell rendering . I"m so pleased.

    I'm also thrilled to hear that Pepe is getting lots of face time in the Denas. Bonne chance chèr chien!

  20. I hope Pepe finds a home! You are so thoughtful to think of him Shell.
    Love this illustration too. I've enjoyed perusing your site & seeing all your latest work - beautiful.

  21. The soft violets are so pretty in this illo. I especially like the planters. The shape and color reminds me of the Noritake Colorwave line.

  22. Shell, this is a precious watercolor on a beautiful Virginia-photo! I am hoping that Pepe is successful in finding his own "digs" as every dog deserves. Love the kitty who guards la maison!


  23. Virginia ~ thanks again for giving me such beautiful inspiration. And I love that Meeps is a lap cat. So cuddly!

    Thanks, dear Lily! And yes, we'll keep hoping for Pepe...

    Cali ~ they are beautiful, aren't they. That's a lovely association to make.

    Genie ~ I'm sure the guard kitty would love Pepe's company. Here's hoping the little pooch has a real kitty to play with any day now.


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