Venerdi in Venice: All Weather Campo

ink & watercolour weensy meep miniature, 3.5 x 2.5" [9 x 6.5cm ] ACQUIRE A MEEP
I know several people ~ unrelated to each other ~ who coincidentally planned on going camping this weekend.  {Until the heavens opened yet again, causing a quandary of risk assessment increasing in direct proportion to the quagmiry likelihood.} 

My idea of camping is setting up house in a campo in Venice.  How about this one?  {Thanks to Danielle of VenetiaMicio for the beautiful inspiration!}  Several levels of luxury, black kitty cat included at no extra charge.  If we encounter any flooding and need to evacuate, we can easily shimmy down from the windows on 600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, directly into our on-call gondola, and have Hugh whisk us away to safety.  Perhaps I'm being fussy, but that's my idea of roughing it.  {1000 thread count would be so much softer.} And on that note...

Happy Venerdi in Venice to you!


  1. I'd like to see animated versions of your meeps, Hugh and all, on YouTube to further humour those of us who take refuge in your parallel life. I'm just off to recount the threads of my sheets but I suspect they are only 353; I guess that ends all possibility that you'll ever visit. Darn.

  2. And if you turn about 90 degrees to your left, you'll have this view. I do so love the way you think, Shell—and I'll go "camping" with you any time. Meep!

  3. Animated meeps! What a concept. It's always fun to play where's kitty. Or is it hello kitty?

    Paris, Venice, Hugh. We are a spoiled bunch. But we're worth it.

  4. I think you're very special to do this for us every week.

  5. I agree with AH. Thanks. And, just so you know, I kind of like camping. My only problem is when you have to pee in the middle of the night. It takes away all the romance.

  6. Ah! yes that's my style of camping ~ and well!! shimmying down the drain-pipe on 1000 count sheets sound just perfect ( isn't that what they use in the White House)
    I'm sure kitty would love shimmying.
    Beautiful painting Shell.


  7. My idea of camping is a cabin with a fireplace, not too far from somewhere where someone is cooking breakfast for me.

    You remind me of a woman I used to know who (at the time) lived with a rock star. She once said, "My idea of roughing it is a four star hotel."

  8. Mise ~ I should be ever so honoured if you were to invite me to visit. 353 thread count sheets stylishly rumpled on the floor in front of your ivory stove would be a treat.

    Alexa ~ hee hee! I had no clue this was near the Ponte Giustinian ~ what a happy coincidence.

    Cali ~ you're all worth every moment!

    Thanks, Hiker ~ it really is my pleasure.

    Margaret ~ just one of the many reasons I abstain...

    All Things French ~ if kitty is not fond of shimmying, I'm sure we'll be left in no doubt of the matter.

    Petrea ~ four star? Yikes. Actually, a tent in a luxury eco-resort might be a vague possibility...

  9. Pure delight as always! Such a great way to start my weekend. And I love Mise's idea of turning these into animated meeps. I'll just have to imagine your lovely illustration coming to life (and all of us in a gondola with Hugh). Although I own a tent (my grandmother gave it to me years ago so I won't part with it), the idea of going camping doesn't appeal to me anymore.

  10. Petrea -- I've been quoted (by my ex, who loves to camp and thinks he was Daniel Boone in a former lifretime) as saying that my idea of a vacation is "room service, preferably in a foreign language." I'm thinking that your friend and I are kindred spirits. You too?

  11. Alexa, I aspire to four star hotels.

    Actually, I aspire to 5S, but I'm willing to take baby steps.

  12. But yes. Room service, preferably in a foreign language, is exactly my preference.

  13. Katie ~ Mise's animation is a fine idea. In the meantime, your imagination is welcome to go into overdrive...

  14. Je suis très heureuse de retrouver ce lieu sous ton pinceau, j'aime ton clin d'oeil avec le petit Micio à sa fenêtre et les fleurs, tout est toujours si charmant avec toi !
    Tu peux retrouver une nouvelle vue sur les maisons de cette petite place, mais entrevue du Grand Canal et du vaporetto, dans mes parutions de novembre.
    bisous à toi

  15. Shell -- I will join you, Alexa, Petrea and any others in the perfect camp in Venice or other 4+star with foreign-speaking room service!!

    Love this with little black kitty, gondola below, fine linens, etc...


  16. I usually go for the tent and sleeping bag and Pop Tarts variety of camping, but with digs like this? I could be persuaded to try something different. :)

  17. I like your idea of roughing it :) Let's have room service bring up some delectable treats for us -- and kitty :)

  18. VenetiaMicio ~ aah, merci! J'en ai trouvée. Cette vue est très jolie aussi! Bisous...

    Genie ~ yes, in light of Alexa and Petrea's thoughts on the matter, I've made some calls and ensured the foreign-speaking room service will be laid on tap. And sparkling, at that.

    Amy ~ you're allowed to bring your sleeping bag with you if it helps with such a major adjustment.

    Ms M ~ Discreet tap at door. I believe our foreign-speaking room service has just arrived with brunch and this morning's catch.

  19. Oh girl, you and I are on the same page re camping. Meeps likes to snuggle on pretty sheets too you know! :)

    PS Right now she's amusing herself with a wine cork and then takes a break to go bat the toilet paper when the air vent makes it flutter! HA

  20. I had no camping plans but did have daughter's birthday party in park. Ended up with a house full of screaming 9 year old girls.
    Hmmmm - no guesses on where I'd rather be.............

  21. Virginia ~ Meeps reminds me of my kitty. Simple sweet little things amuse her endlessly, even a crumpled ball of paper. Who needs TV...

    Debs ~ hee hee! That's a safe one.

  22. I like your version of 'roughing it' much better. Can I have a charcoal kitty instead? Mine's charcoal grey :)

  23. You're going to have a lot of happy campers, I reckon!

    (126 days.. sigh.)

  24. Indie.Tea ~ but of course, a charcoal grey kitty will be beautiful!

    Yvonne ~ so it seems. We'll need every one of those storeys. {Only 126 days? ;) }

  25. Eek! I left the ;-) off my comment. It reads sort of ungrateful without it!

    I have heard stories regarding room service. I will say no more! :-)

  26. Cali ~ not to worry your sweet head, I didn't think it sounded ungrateful at all. Just a statement of fact. ;)


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