Venerdi in Venice: A Ponte of Pigeons and a Giveaway!

I've raided Alexa's Venice holiday snaps again.  {Grazie mille, dear Alexa!!}  Without even asking her, I know she was wandering next to the Ponte Giustinian when she paused to take the beautiful photo I used as inspiration for this illustration.  But I suspect she didn't feed the pigeons.

And guess what?  If you're taken with this illo, you can order a gorgeous archival-quality print here.  Yay!  {If you'd like a print of something you've seen here on the blog and it's not yet available, just email me at shellsherree[!at] and I'll put it up for you.}

Yes, now you can order prints of your favourite Shell Sherrees in my Etsy store, and to celebrate, what better than a giveaway? {You don't need to answer that.}  I'm a little bit in love with my new pro printer, Charismatic Canon, aka Simon Print-Baker.  We're very nicely acquainted after testing and trialling.  I have three prints that were my next-to-final prints in the testing phase ~ virtually the same as the ones I'm selling ~ and the Scottish blood in me would rather send them to appreciative homes than throw them away.  You might remember these:

          Katie's Fleurs       Paris Pink Vespa Girl      Virginia's Macarons

Each one is printed with pigment inks on certified archival 308 gsm Matt FineArt Hahnemühle Photo Rag 100% cotton paper, so when treated with care, will last longer than any of us, damn it.  There's a small selection available already, and I'll continue to add new ones regularly.  Cards are coming, but due to supplier hiccups, so is Christmas.  Oh.  Anyway ...  I'll tell you when they are in!

To enter the giveaway, just leave a scintillating comment full of praise and flattery {here's your chance, Mise} before 9am next Friday 18th December Brisbane time {you can convert to your zone here}, and into the random draw you'll go.  I'll announce the winners in next Friday's post, and we can arrange via email who receives which print ~ first choice goes to the first drawn and so on.   Update 18th December: Congrats to the winners: click here to find out if you won!

And finally ~
Happy Venerdi in Venice to you!


  1. My early morning English being a little "rotten" this morning, I am not sure I fully understood your post.
    Some mornings....
    Anyway, when I saw your stunning view of Venice, my first though was that the city should make you a "citoyen d'honneur de Venise" !! And offer you a permanent stay in a palazzio.
    You're the best ambassador of Venice I've ever known.
    I am ready to take a ticket to go back there any time !!!!!

  2. Oh, Shell, if I win the "Fleurs" print, it'd be the next best thing to waking up to the fresh flowers my mother planted when I was a kid.

    As a temporarily landlocked traveler due to economic situations, I'm still able to experience nice things and visit dream locales when I look at your drawings. Your gift to me is priceless.

    Thanks for all the beautiful work. Happy weekend!

  3. Marylène ~ thanks so very much! {Your English at its most "rotten" trumps my French a hundred times over!} I'll gladly accept a permanent stay in a palazzo. :) I'll just tell them you sent me.

    PCN ~ if your name is drawn, I hope Katie's Fleurs becomes yours ~ I know she means a lot to you! I'm happy Alexa and I can help you travel in spirit if not in body ~ thank you!

  4. Scottish blood? And well done on getting into prints. I like art prints a lot as they enable me to divide my money out over more wall area, and of course I tell people that they are the originals.

    Now, down to business. What lovely sparkling eyes you have, your saucepan cupboard is admirably tidy, your spelling is like that of a duchess and your blitheness is contagious. Am I doing ok or should I come back and leave more flattery?

  5. Aaaahhh! You did well, Mise, you did well!

  6. Ok, I've visited Shell's place so I'm ready to start my Friday.

    Still saving my francs for the picture I love. Two more house repairs and we'll be on our way.

  7. On a gloomy day like today this illo is a ray of sunshine. The bridge railing is exquisite.

    The prints look marvelous and depict a perfect day in Paris (to my mind): macarons and a quick trip on the scooter to pick up fleurs. And possibly a new pair of boots.

  8. I'm always blown away when I see what you can do with my pix!
    Can't find the link, but I'm pretty sure the pink building is a rental property, so let's take Marylene's excellent suggestion and have the city of Venice install you there! The Accademia Bridge is just to the left, btw, and across the Campo San Vidal from this building is the Palazzo Franchetti and its beautiful garden (hello, Google Earth!).
    Your giveaway is such a generous gesture. I'm fortunate to have my very own Shell original, and I wish buona fortuna to all your fans—can't wait to find out who lucked out!

  9. I really like the details of the wrought iron fence and the colors!

    I am so excited that you have prints available now. YAY! I will definitely be looking through and letting you know if I want one. And I'm also looking forward to the cards. :D

  10. Hiker ~ it's safely here with your name on it. :)

    Cali ~ it was just a happy coincidence, but when you put it that way, it makes a lovely little story!!

    Alexa ~ you gave me a gorgeous photo to work with ~ it almost illustrated itself. ;) I knew you'd provide some background info when you commented ~ thank you. Lovely to know a bit more about it.

    Thanks, Amy! The wrought iron railing is mostly the reason why I posted so much later than usual yesterday ~ but I'm glad ~ it was worth it.

  11. Ah Venice. This drawing is just magnificent -- the colors are so soft and warm, and it makes me want to leave the cold California rain behind and jet off to Italy! Alexa has a good eye for architectural beauty, and you have a beautiful way of turning photos into magical drawings. And woo hoo, you now have Simon Print-Baker to help spread the love. Etsy, here I come!

  12. Thanks, Katie ~ and speaking of having an eye for architectural beauty... yours is mighty fine, too!

  13. This is Sooo exciting! & such a generous giveaway Miss Shell!
    They are all so beautiful it would be really hard to pick one.
    I'm so glad I didn't miss a chance at one of these, thank you Shell.
    You are supremely talented!

  14. Every time I visit your blogsite, at least every day, I can't help but wunder how you're able to make anything feel fresh, or french, and wunderfu!!!

    After visiting you ShSh, I just leave with scintillating comments full of praise and flattery. Can't help myself. (btw, how many dogs have won?)

  15. Lily ~ thank you ~ enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening. :)

    Thank you, Cafe ~ I'm touched! ~ No puppies have won to date, so the odds could be stacked in a k9's flavour.

  16. I must say you are very talented !! All your post has some specific meaning !!Unseen Rajasthan

  17. Pardon! Pardon! Pardon mon cher amie! I've not been by in a bit and look what I missed!!! I am so pleased you can crank out prints now. Of course I must must have some macarons to go with my violette parfum, oui? I'm hoping for bon chance!!!

  18. Virginia ~ your macarons have come up beautifully as prints ~ thank you again! I hope you saw the violet-scented dusting powder in the previous post, too ~ it sounds like your cup of tea, n'est-ce pas? ;)

  19. Delicious prints! Thank you for this lovely giveaway! Best wishes, C :)

  20. Hi, C@FVF ~ thanks so much for popping in ~ nice to meet you!


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