Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Raise the Blue Bar

ink & watercolour weensy meep miniature, 3.5 x 2.5" [9 x 6.5cm ] ACQUIRE A MEEP
Towards the end of last week, I saw two cats, a puppy dog and a scrub turkey deeply engrossed in our timber fence.  After a week of deluge, I suspect they were sizing up the palings with regards to their Ark potential.  They could well be mistaking their carpentering aspirations with their abilities {the bar has been set rather high, after all}, so I was relieved to awaken last Saturday to skies the colour of this French sign.  They might hold out for a few more days until the rain starts again {touch wood}.  After that, if any of my meagre home handywoman supplies go missing, I know where I'm looking first.


  1. I certainly hope the critters in your neighborhood will be safe from drowning. Perhaps we should invite them inside for a drink, to drown their sorrows.

  2. Hehe about the critters. My cat - when he was a feral kitten - used to try to chase down the big wild turkey in the neighborhood. It was pretty funny, since he was about half the size of the turkey...

  3. Oh those little marauders!:)

    Pretty Bar sign Shell in a lovely shade of blue! I reckon there would be French Daiquiris on offer in that bar for sure!

    Hooray for blue skies! :)

  4. The most beautiful sign, bar none. An establishment of this delicacy would surely have to bar the riff-raff (not you, Shell).

  5. Your tool kit just might look like mine. It also doesn't help that I tend to leave things out in the rain.

  6. This might be one of my favorites of your watercolors. That blue is spectacular. Enjoy the blue skies while you may.

  7. Petrea ~ I'm relieved we've had some respite from it. The pressure is off for the time being, but they might enjoy that drink regardless.

    Indie.Tea ~ what a brave kitty! They don't always stop to size things up, do they. :)

    Favourite Vintage Finds ~ it's a nice relief, isn't it, though it's clouding over today, pooh! That French Daiquiri sounds very pleasant...

    Mise ~ I believe they have a hand-tufted Welcome mat ready to roll out for you.

    Hiker ~ mine is spartan, but it's quite surprising what you can achieve with a staple gun and superglue.

    Thanks, Margaret! They were glorious.

  8. Since our skies are gray and heavy with rain right now, looking at that brilliant blue certainly cheered me up.

    If those critters do end up building their own Ark, I'd love to see an illo of that!

  9. If the colors you blend are any indication, you must make a hell of a mixed drink. Do we comment too much about booze on this blog? Hope so!

    PCN is right: SoCal is raining cats and dogs! Hold the critters. Just send the ark. ;-)

  10. Delightful signage drawing. Hope your skies stay this blue for a while. I'd definitely head to this bar during a deluge. Hey, arc is almost, but not quite, an anagram of bar!

  11. Shell, what a lovely sign and I can verify PCN and cali regarding RAIN in So California. I have been in San Diego since Friday and have only seen a little sliver of sun. At the moment it is "raining cats and dogs" plus a few gerbils!

    I hope for sunny skies for you "down under."

  12. This looks like a good place to come on a Friday after work with friends :) Hope you see more blue skies soon.

  13. That is a lovely sign! Enjoy your day, Kellie xx

  14. PCN ~ if they build it, I shall draw it.

    Cali ~ hee, when I posted this sign, I wondered that very same thing!

    Katie ~ I'll bet their umbrella stands are fashionable, too.

    Thanks, dear Genie ~ keep an eye on your fences.

    Ms M ~ oh, that would have been a nice fit with a Francophile Friday. I guess we shall consider it a Tuesday Tipple instead.

    You too, Kellie ~ many thanks!

  15. A Tuesday Tipple is a good idea, too. ;)

  16. So sorry to miss the Tuesday Tipple (great idea, Ms M)—can't believe it took me so long to get here. The work thing is getting in the way of more important stuff, like visiting you, Shell! As always, I'm smiling at your talent and wit. Such meepliness!

  17. Ms M ~ it has good potential! ;)

    Alexa ~ oh, that pesky work!! :) Thanks, dear Alexa ~ I'm always glad to add some meepliness to your day.

  18. WE're dry as a bone down here in Bama Shell. Could use some Aussie sprinkles.

    LOVE this blue bar. Let's go together.

  19. Virginia ~ after our drought, it's so wonderful to have more than enough rain to go around. I hope some lands your way soon.


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