Francophile Friday: Seeing Red in Paris

ink & watercolour weensy meep miniature, 2.5 x 3.5" [6.5 x 9cm ] ACQUIRE A MEEP
While red is not generally a colour to which I'm drawn, that doesn't mean I'm not drawn to drawing it when the whim takes me.  And today, the whim took me.  I had to look twice when I realised Virginia's gorgeous photo that inspired this was posted over a year ago.  Sacrebleu!  A gentle reminder of the value of seizing the day and loving each moment.  {Thank you, chère Virginia, comme toujours.}  Let's sally forth into the weekend energised by the passion and intensity of such joyful extroversion.   Come, let us seek macarons in all shades of red.  And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!


  1. Amazing detail after over a year and an enticing scene Shell! Happy Friday and Happy Weekend! :)

  2. Gasp, when this delightful illo popped up I recognised it instantly !!! Oh Shell it took me way back to last July, 2009 when I was wandering the Palais Royal gardens and spotted this voiture rouge,through the arch.

    Wonderful times, wonderful memories, and yet another wonderful Shell original to make me smile, and touch my heart. Every time you transform one of my photographs into one of your delightful works of art, I"m touched beyond words.


  3. Lovely piece! And the pinky-red colors do remind me of macarons. Mmmmmmmm....
    Maybe we should get a treat for Kitty, too. (tuna macarons?? Probably not!)

  4. I know exactly how Virginia feels—and agree wholeheartedly that your take is always touching! (And when I'm feeling down, I almost always cheer up if I wear something red.) Bon weekend, tout le monde! How I wish we could all meet up in some photogenic place we all love.

  5. That is magnificent! Your unconscious mind must have been speaking to you. Enjoy the weekend ahead, Kellie xx

  6. Shell, this is too, too sweet. I love it, and Virginia, I love your photo as well.

    Alexa, how is it you always manage to express my sentiments? It would be so much fun for us all to have a Francophile Friday together, or a Venderdi in Venice! I can hear the laughter and taste the wine.

  7. Thanks, Favourite Vintage Finds ~ right back at you!

    Virginia ~ you make it so easy for me, my petal! Hugs to you and little Meepsie.

    Ms M ~ if tuna macarons surface somewhere {argh!}, we can wonder if it started here. ;)

    Thanks, Alexa ~ and just as Petrea said... it would be such fun!

    Kellie ~ maybe I needed to counteract this week of drizzle and deluge we've been having...

    Petrea ~ we'll keep the dream of it floating out there and who knows what might happen!

  8. Oh, Shell! You have such an art, such an exquisite eye and talent. This is just a lovely illo! meep!

    I agree with Alexa (and Petrea)... How fun would it be to all be together for a day.

    Bon weekend,

  9. I remember this photo well. Your rendition is très charmant! A little red on Friday is always a good thing. Merci!

  10. I'm with you regarding the color red. But this shade is an exception! How sweet kitty looks in the back. Since red macarons aren't available where I live I will just have to go out and buy a red velvet cupcake!

  11. A great Friday, thanks to you, and Virginia !
    Have a nice weekend too.

  12. Genie ~ I'm pretty sure that car goes Meep! Thank you ~ bon weekend!

    Hi, Harriet ~ I'm glad I didn't let you down with this illustration of V's memorable photo ~ merci!

    cali ~ I planned it especially so you'd have an excuse for the red velvet. ;)

    Marylène ~ you're welcome ~ bon weekend!

  13. Bonjour Shell~ I love this little vignette with le rouge voiture oh~! and is that a touch of blush to kitty's cheeks I can see? how elegantly he sits in the back seat with such a smug look on his little cutsie face ~ me thinks he's on his way to some-where special. (maybe Angelina's for tea & rasberry macarons)

  14. Merci, All things French ~ that's a sweet idea. I'm sure the kitty likes it!

  15. Sweet meep of a Virginia classic! I really like this Parisian view and the kitty seem to be enjoying herself as well. Count me in on the macaron hunt; heck I'll lead the way as I'm now an official Parisan macaron glutton. I mean gourmet.

  16. I'm a big fan of red. My dining room is red.

  17. Margaret ~ you're much bolder than me, then! Nice dramatic colour for evening...

  18. This is a lovely pinkish shade of red and ever such a charming little car, nearly as alluring as my now beautifully framed little white one. And I didn't spot this post at all till your new one went up - new spectacles required, I think.

  19. You know I've been ridiculously busy if I actually missed a Shell post.

  20. Mise ~ I thought of you when I was drawing this one!

    Hiker ~ I suspect I know why you've been ridiculously busy and I'm very glad.


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