Francophile Friday: Rainy Day Reflections

ink & watercolour illustration, 7" x 8.75" [18 x 22.5cm]
It’s good weather for ducks here today.  I’m not sure if that applies to Paris as well, but a weekend of quiet reflection sounds nice, especially near the Galeries Lafayette Maison {and perhaps the rear entrance of this fine establishment?}  Thanks to dear Eric of Paris Daily Photo for the inspiration for today’s illustration.   But before we all don some fashionable gumboots or galoshes or wellingtons and go splashing around in puddles, perhaps you’d like to know which lucky duckies won prizes in my second blogoversary giveaway?  I know, the suspense has been crazy, and you’ve done well to contain yourselves for this long.

The first name randomly drawn, and winner of this weensy Meep Miniature, is VenetiaMicio!  Second and third names drawn out were Yvonne and PopCultureNerd, who will both receive the Shell Sherree illustration of their choice as a notecard mini-print.  {I’ll email you all shortly to make the arrangements.}  Congratulations to the winners, and thanks so very much to all of you once again for your kind and generous well wishes.   And on that note...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!   Quack, quack.


  1. I am licking my wounds, but soothed by today's fabulous and timely illo.

    It's good to spread the Shell wealth.

  2. Love the lavender umbrella. Does Doggy have a little rain coat? I like the washy wetness of the rainy day in this piece. You can almost smell the wet. (But hopefully there's a bakery aroma nearby, too...):)

  3. Oh. My. GOSH!!! I'm one of the winners??!! Sorry for the excessive exclamation points but I'm so excited! Am dancing in my underwear around the living room. Had a tough week so this is welcome, sweet news. Only problem now is I don't know how I'll be able to pick just one illo as a favorite! You're not helping by adding another lovely choice today.

    Thanks so much for this, dear Shell. Happy blogoversary again and have a gorgeous weekend!

  4. Quack quack! It would be wonderful to stroll around Paris like this in the rain with this dear little fellow! And congrats to the lucky winners, I'm sure they will be delighted! :)

  5. PCN, what a picture you paint!!!We'll have to get our Shell to do a mini-print of that! (Dancing in your undies, I mean.)

    Also, unless there's another Yvonne in the fan base .... I'm a winner????!!!!

    Woohoo. Thanks so very much. You've made my day/week/month. :0

  6. Congratulations to the winners! PCN made me laugh with her comment about dancing in her underwear. (Draw that, Shell!)

    Well, this is a sweet illo. I love how you made the sidewalk shiny and wet. Makes me want to stroll in Paris in the rain.

  7. Oh my Shell! I'm in love with that violette parapluie and it's even big enough to protect little Doggles from the rain but unfortunately not from the puddles!

  8. Hiker ~ I'm sure Albert & Phoebe will be happy to help, too.

    Ms M ~ I was mightily tempted to dress this little doggy in a raincoat and bonnet, then decided she'd have enough cover under that substantial brolly. I believe they are heading for pastry snacky-wackies as we speak.

    PCN ~ hahaha!! Your neighbours can thank me later. And there's no such thing as excessive exclamation marks here ~ exclaim away.

    Thanks, Favourite Vintage Finds ~ here's to a happy weekend {if not a dry one. :) }

    Yvonne ~ it's you, it's you! Dancing in your undies to celebrate is entirely optional...

    Petrea ~ makes me want to do the same. The strolling in Paris in the rain, that is, not drawing PCN in her underwear. I'll leave that to everyone's imagination. :)

    All things French ~ hmm, I forgot about the puddles. Her mum will have to carry her over them!

  9. A chic outfit like that might make me wish for wet weather. And where oh where can I get a layered lavender umbrella with a baldachino handle??
    Congrats to the lucky winners!
    My WV is dewedri :~}

  10. Merci Shelley je suis si contente d'avoir gagné pour ton second anniversaire !!! J'aime beaucoup ton illustration d'aujourd'hui, quel plaisir de les découvrir chaque jour ou presque.
    bisous et à bientôt

  11. If only I could find such fashionable rain boots! Really like the whole outfit. So stylish. I hope we see more around the world adventures with this lass and her pup.

    Congrats to the winners!

  12. J'adore that parapluie violet, but I did not know what type of handle that was. Merci, Alexa! Shell, this is just precious and I would gladly enjoy the rain in that style.

    Congrats to the winners from us whiners. (Hope that Ms. Nerd has the curtains closed on that underwear dance - hehe)

    Bon weekend

  13. "Ms. Nerd!" Genie, that's hilarious.

  14. Congratulations to the lucky winners.

  15. I can certainly provide pictures of my underwear dancing for Shell to illustrate but I don't know if she'd want to. It might ruin her reputation.

    Genie, I had the curtains wide open. The neighbors don't get cable so I have to provide the entertainment.

  16. Alexa ~ thank you ~ the parapluie kind of demanded I draw that handle, but like Genie, I had no idea it had such a fetching name. I like it even more now!

    Félicitations, Danielle ~ j'espère que tu aimeras ce petit Meep dont tu as gagnée. I hope you love it!

    Thanks, Cali ~ I think that outfit would suit you very nicely. :)

    Genie ~ they'd look sensational strolling past Bois Violette, wouldn't they.

    Margaret ~ always gracious...

    PCN ~ I'm not sure ~ it could drastically increase the number of hits. ;)

  17. Gorgeous! I like walks in the rain. Enjoy the weekend, Kellie xx

  18. You'd have ample opportunity for those walks up here at the moment. :)

  19. Congratulations to the lucky winners. A house is not a home without one or MORE of Shsh's delightful works of art.

    Meeps sends best wishes for a bon weekend!

  20. Even though I don't live in a place that gets much rain, the amount of people who own stylish wellies surprises me. When it starts barely sprinkling, large umbrellas and polka dot rain boots are everywhere.

    The little pooch needs boots too. :D

  21. I just love this drawing! I tend to not like walking in the rain, but now I know I just need a fabulous outfit like this and a cool umbrella. And if I imagine I'm strolling around in a Shell drawing, I'll be smiling as well! Yay for the winners of your anniversary contest; lucky ladies all of them.

  22. Thanks, dear V! Bon weekend to you and sweet Meeps.

    Cafe ~ I'm glad. :)

    Amy ~ imagine the size those little boots would need to be ~ talk about Meep!

    Katie ~ it's still raining here and I can't tell you how much I wish I had that pair of gumboots myself!

  23. Well done to all three, and that's a particularly chic chick of yours; I covet her coat and boots.

  24. I love that illustration Shell....fabulous for a francophile Friday....xv

  25. Mise ~ I'm sure she'd covet your boots...

    Thanks, Vicki ~ I'm glad you love it!

  26. i forgot to add that don't we all love Paris when it drizzles???
    V & Meeps

  27. V & Meeps ~ I'd happily take Paris drizzle in my stride!


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