It's a Draw! And It's a Draw!

ink & watercolour weensy meep miniature, 2.5 x 3.5" [6.5 x 9cm ] ACQUIRE A MEEP
It might surprise you that I follow the Australian Football League {AFL} ardently {and ardently follow none of the others ~ life’s about balance, after all}.  Whether my team makes it to the Grand Final or not {this year, it was Not}, I love the festivities and wouldn’t dream of missing the telecast.  Frankly, I felt last Saturday’s pre-match Grand Final celebrations were of the Less is More philosophy ~ prudent for a job interview, but I prefer some judicious excess with my Grand Final countdown.  Nonetheless, the match itself more than compensated by turning into a nail-biting thriller and ending in an exhausting draw.  And in honour of tradition, rather than having extra time or a Golden Point, everyone comes back this Saturday to do it all again.  For several days, I was cross about it, petulantly demanding rule changes of my TV while stomping my foot childishly.  Now, I’m starting to see some benefits.  Another Grand Final.  Double the fun {though half again of the pre-match entertainment}.  I just hope it’s another close match so that kitty and I can be on the edge of our seat.

But on to bigger celebrations: tomorrow is my 2nd blogoversary.  Hooray!  I still pinch myself over the friendships I’ve made with dear blogpals.  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your laughter, loyalty and kindness. 

{Update 7th October: Entries are now closed, thank you.}  Being a birthday of sorts, there are gifts and we'll have a draw of our very own.  But this one definitely will result in winners at the designated time. Every commenter on this post receives an entry in the draw, and entries close midday next Thursday 7th October {Brisbane time, convert here}.  Winners will be announced in the post on Friday 8th October.  The first randomly drawn entry wins the original ink & watercolour of today’s Meep Miniature, and two more names will be drawn to win a notecard mini-print of your favourite Shell Sherree illustration.  Bonne chance, merci, grazie!


  1. Oh dear Shell, what a wonderful two years it's been for all of us following your divine blog. My sweet Meepsie is asleep in my lap and sends her sleepy wishes to you as well.

  2. Congratulations, Shell! As Virginia said, you've a divine blog and you're a wonderful and talented blogger. All the best to you (and your AFL team). Thank you.

    p.s., FYI, many years ago for a short while (before cable and sports networks) a local network in L.A. showed Australian Rules Football (as they described it) games. They said it only had one rule: "You can't kill the other player." Loved it.

  3. I hesitate to comment because I've won before and I'm feeling lucky. It's just not fair to everyone else. But I must congratulate you on two years of international charm!

  4. Wow! Has it really been two years? That's a lot of writing and drawing. Congratulations! Although it sounds odd to congratulate someone for having talent. :-)

    Yes, the internet has changed many lives. My life has been enriched by getting to know bloggers such as YOU! Doubt I will ever be a blogger, but I am certainly a fan of blogs and certain bloggers in particular. Happy, happy, dearest Shell. Hope you have a VM or two on your special day.

  5. Happy 2nd Blogoversary dear Shell! Thank you for your delightfulness! And of course I love today's meep! Higs says Brrrrt!xo

  6. J'ai vu qu'aujourd'hui c'était ton 2e anniversaire, alors happy 2nd blogoversary.
    J'aime beaucoup le dessin d'aujourd'hui, est-ce toi ? la jolie fille aux longues jambes ?
    Bravo pour tes dessins magnifiques.
    J'ai suivi longtemps notre équipe de foot (celle qui a gagné la coupe du monde 1998) mais maintenant cela ne m'intéresse plus, j'ai d'autres passions...

  7. Congrats on your second anniversary, Shell! I'm releasing balloons, throwing confetti and eating cake in your honor. I'm forever grateful you started blogging and sharing your gifts with us on a regular basis.

    On another note, I like the one Australian football rule that le0pard13 mentioned. Very helpful, I say.

  8. How elegant you look sitting on the edge of that delightful ~chaise de Louis~ I could only surmise that you were secretly whispering "Go the Saints". I hate to confess but I wasn't as stylishly attired for the occasion!
    Definitely Laissez-Faire

  9. Wonderful water color artwork as always! And happy blogoversary! Kellie xx

  10. Virginia ~ aww!!! Sleepy Meepsie.

    le0pard13 ~ hahaha! "Australian/Aussie Rules" is still correct, FYI. AFL is a governing body of the game. {Not that we worry about technicalities here. :)}

    Petrea ~ if you win again, I'm going to do numerology on your name to come up with some lotto numbers.

    Cali ~ if you blogged, I'd be there. Had some rain today, but no violet macarons. Maybe tomorrow. ;)

    Thanks, Favourite Vintage Finds ~ brrrt!! to you and dear Higs.

    VenetiaMicio ~ merci! Cette fille n'est pas moi ~ elle a deux fois ma taille. ;) She's twice my height and has legs to match.

    PCN ~ likewise. And if there really was only one rule, that would be a good one to follow.

    All things French ~ oh no, this was purely fantasy! An illo of the real thing wouldn't have made as appealing a giveaway prize. ;) Mum & her hub are Magpie fans, so I'll keep fingers crossed for their sakes but will be happy for Saints if it goes that way. They've had the patience of ... saints.

    Thanks, Kellie ~ I'm glad you like it!

  11. Yes, that's exactly how I look when I'm feeling cross and petulant. I ususally wear something frilly, as well.

    The blogworld wouldn't be the same without you, dear Shell. You're absolutely unique.

    (See, Petrea trying to prove she's a better person than I am. She's not; I'm just a more avid Shell collector.

  12. Everything the Altadenahiker says is true. I agree with her wholeheartedly. Even the frilly stuff.

  13. Petrea thinks two comments buys her two entries. See, she's trying to cheat already.

  14. Congrats, ma chere Shell! I'm so thrilled to be part of your world, virtual or otherwise. Even if that is not you in your wonderful little illo, I still picture you dressed to kill and rooting your team on from this oh so elegant chaise. :~}

  15. Cheating is allowed? COOOOOOOOOOL!

    I wore a similar outfit while watching the World Cup. Only I was barefoot! ;-)

  16. Hiker ~ thank you. You made me blush, shortly before you made me laugh.

    Even the frilly stuff, Petrea? Yay, decorative superfluosity rules...

    Alexa ~ the Louis chair & fluffy dress are on my wishlist, but I've accepted that no amount of yoga will stretch my legs to those lengths. Regardless, I'm very happy to have the kitty cat and compensatory high heels.

    Cali ~ with matching toenail polish? :)

  17. Ah, what an elegant meep to celebrate your blog anniversary dear Shell. Those of us who blogged without even half of your dedication and creative talent know what an achievement this is.
    I do hope that we will be able to enjoy the artistic and literary joys that represent a visit here for many more years to come.
    As to the AFL; I shan't be watching but I'll no doubt tune in later in the evening to see if there if actually a result!!

  18. If you're going to watch football and be on the edge of your seat, might as well be sitting in style like this lovely lassie! Congratulations on 2 years of blogging! It's always such fun to see your fabulous drawings and read your witty text, and be part of such a wonderful community that gathers here. Looking forward to many more posts!

  19. Wishing you a very hearty congrats on your second blogoversary!! This is a really wonderful little jewel you've made, AND I wish I had legs like that!! :-) I put some shots of your framed prints on FaceBook. Been meaning to take some since forever. Thank you Shell!

  20. Wonderful depiction of the agony of a bad play -- suffered in such a genteel way.

    And happy blogoversary!! I love coming by to visit! Your blog adds color and delight to my day :)

  21. Well, auguri a tu, bella!! Due anni!

    I don't even follow any football code, but even I heard of the dramatic, historic result (or non-result). There was gnashing of teeth, rending of clothes at the Eddy Maguire headquarters, I understand.

    Whee! 167 sleeps until I follow my nose to Venice. Would you fit in my little suitcase?

  22. Thank you, MmeB ~ I thought some refinement in the illo to counterbalance the sports talk. :)

    Katie ~ yay, you're home! I've missed you and I know I'm just one of many.

    Kim ~ thank you! And it's lovely to see your collection framed ~ beautifully done.

    Ms M ~ I called it a nail-biting thriller, but she preferred to cover her eyes instead. {Easier on the manicure.}

    Yvonne ~ hee hee!! With an offer like that, I'm willing to try...

  23. I just thought I'd emerge from under the fine coating of pink builder's dust that's been keeping me away from the computer, and leave a comment here. No particular reason, just happening by. Humming a nonchalant little song. Happy blogoversary! You're one of my favourite stops on the blog circuit, Shell, always delicately witty and with such a deft turn of phrase. On with the next meepy year!

  24. Mise ~ if I ever have to deal with builder's dust, I'm putting in an order for the pink variety. Onwards and meepwards!

  25. Shell, I love the girlie, frilly illo. You have such a way!

    Congratulations on two years of blogging and to all who love your art, your conversation and your friendship! meep!

  26. I can't argue with the Hiker, she has the goods on me. However, you might notice how she sneaked in a second comment for herself and provoked me, against my will, to make a third.

  27. Shell—seriously, if yoga is the miracle I still believe it is, one of these days we'll both be downright statuesque (even in our bare feet)!

  28. Thanks, Genie ~ and your first blogoversary will be upon you before you can blink. Such lovely occasions!

    Petrea ~ if Albert and Phoebe start commenting, I might have to put my foot down.

    Alexa ~ I appreciate that. I'll keep the dream alive. ;)

  29. Phew! I thought I missed my chance!
    Congratulations Miss Shell Sherree!
    I absolutely LOVE this painting, it really is perfect. I am so glad to have come across your wonderful blog. You are not only talented, you are a breath of fresh air.
    Good luck everyone!

  30. Congrats Shell Sherree on your blog-iversary! Your artwork is gorgeous - it would look beautiful in my house! ;-)

  31. Yay, Lily! You made it with time to spare. :) Thank you ~ and likewise.

    Thanks, Barb. Lovely to meet you, and much appreciated!

  32. Ok, it's well after 12 noon {I allowed some wiggle room!} 7th October, so entries are officially closed. Bonne chance to all, and see you tomorrow to announce the winners!


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