Black Forest Without the Calories

ink & watercolour weensy meep miniature, 3.5 x 2.5" [9 x 6.5cm ] ACQUIRE A MEEP
Ok, the weekend in Venice grew a little out of control.  Last time I checked the apartment, Hiker and Margaret were having a Campari-fuelled debate over which Goddess would have best suited S. Fott Kitzgerald.  Meanwhile, Hugh capsized our gondola several times due to his seeming inability to control his dancing feet once Mise lured him into trying some prosecco by telling him it was sparkling iced tea.  Not to mention what happened when he caught a fish for Micio and Meepsie to share. On top of all that, we ate our body weight in risotto and chocolate-fountain-dipped Campari macarons that Katie magically managed to procure for us.  And I wouldn't trade a moment! 

Nonetheless, I felt it would be beneficial for us to take some exercise while skipping the calories today.  Here's a charming little chalet that we found while powerwalking in and around the Black Forest and firmly averting our collective gaze any time we passed a Black Forest Cake Shop.  {I have no idea where exactly, but thanks so much to Papirazzi for the inspiration!}  By Friday, we should be in shape again for whatever treats the coming weekend holds...

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  1. Bright colors and sun (I don't see it but feel it), lots of flowers ! All we need here as Fall has really settled in !!

  2. Yes, it was quite an adventure in Venice over the weekend... The lovely chalet looks like an excellent place to regroup. Of course, who knows what could be lurking in the Black Forest (besides cake)...

  3. An utterly charming spot Shell! As is the spot in the previous illo! :)

  4. My, my, and that's the one day post I've missed in how long? Well, I'd better go read the comments and see what this is all about.

    In the meantime, I'm happy to take a healthy walk in the forest, cake or no cake.

  5. Marylène ~ I'm glad this jolly scene is bringing your autumn day some cheer!

    Ms M ~ maybe we should pick up a cake strictly for decoy purposes.

    Thanks, Favourite Vintage Finds! I imagine they have a nice tea service inside.

    Petrea ~ we missed you! Hugh looked a little crestfallen over your absence. Then his toes started tapping and he was off again.

  6. Can we stay at the chalet for a night? But I'm not bunking with Margaret.

    (I guess the kitten is inside eating, right?)

  7. That's our Hugh. Fun for the short term but not exactly the type to stick around.

    I'll bunk with Margaret if she'll behave.

  8. If I'm going to be forced to power walk, it may as well be in the Black Forest.

    I want to move into this little chalet!!

  9. I'm only too willing to "pay the piper" for a weekend of Venetian excess if the price is jogging around the Black Forest and sniffing the flowers to find this charming little getaway. (But I'm taking Hugh with me— he could come in handy if I get lost in the forest!)

  10. This looks like a really lovely home. It's got a wonderful garden. Have a beautiful day! Kellie xx

  11. Le jardin is just lovely, overgrown with flowers of many colors and varieties. What a beautiful view from the little chalet. Your detail is parfaît with the windows, the structure and the row of stones at the roofline. meep!

  12. Your picture is an absolute charmer, Shell, but it's time to take a firm stance. Myself and my pal F. Shott Fizzyherald say a vehement NO to averting our gaze from those gateau emporia. Calories be damned, we're going to distract the rest of you by pointing out a cute squirrel and sneak right in.

  13. Alexa, I don't think Hugh will help you find your way, but I still think he'll be useful.

  14. Calories be damned! What's a little black forest without the cake? Or words to that effect.

    The garden looks inviting as does the cozy chalet. Is there room for us all and Hugh too? Oh dear! Where will the poor boy sleep? ;-)

    Guess what I am holding in my grubby little hands? A copy of Departures The Venice Issue!

    wv: nonnic, as in non, Nic!

  15. Hiker ~ the kitten is still sleeping it off.

    Petrea ~ she's deceptively demure, isn't she. Always the quiet types...

    Amy ~ actually, I'm over the power walking already! We can slow to a leisurely meander if everyone's agreeable.

    Alexa, Petrea ~ I believe he carries his Wolverine claws in his tux pocket in case of emergency...

    Thanks, Kellie ~ plenty of lovely flowers there to clip and arrange inside!

    Genie ~ it makes me want to sprinkle some packets of flower seeds randomly around the yard!

    Mise ~ hm, it will take more than a cute squirrel to... {oooh, look, a cute squirrel!!!}

    Cali ~ does Hugh sleep? Next, you'll be telling me there is no Easter bunny. ;) {The Venice issue? Methinks you're succumbing to her charms.}

  16. This is a fabulous drawing! I especially love the big flowers in the foreground. Well, as big as meep flowers can be. I'm bummed that this is a calorie-free post though, so I'm concocting a recipe for Black Forest macarons just in case. (Can you tell I'm in pâtisserie withdrawal?)

  17. Katie ~ Black Forest macarons? That sounds like a scrummy combination!

  18. I'd find them much harder to resist than the cake version...

  19. How utterly sweet ~une petite chaumiere~ with soft matisse blue shutters and daisies in the garden.
    lots of hiding places for little 4 paws.

  20. Dianne ~ kitties would be very content in that garden!

  21. Hugh capsized the gondola? And his shirt and pants got wet? So...what's the problem?

    There's no way I'm averting my eyes in the Black Forest if we pass a cake shop. I'm going in and buying a few. After all, you may need me to capsize the gondola again so we can keep Hugh wet.

  22. You always find the upside, PCN. I love that!


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