Venerdi in Venice: Meep, Meep, We're Here

ink & watercolour weensy meep miniature, 3.5" x 2.5" [9 x 6.5cm] ACQUIRE A MEEP
Buon giorno!  Here we are in Venice.  It seems we've been invited to stay in this teensy home, with its even teensier garden overlooking the Grand Canal.  {Grazie mille to Pierre of Venice Daily Photo for his magnificent photo inspiration!}  Did you remember to bring a hostess gift?  Not to worry, I brought enough toy koalas and souvenir spoons to cover all of us. Mind your step ~ the gaps on the private footbridge are merciless on stilettos.  Here, let me give you a hand with that Vuitton steamer trunk.  Don't worry, we'll revive ourselves momentarily with something refreshing in the shade of those trees.  And on that note...

Happy Venerdi in Venice to you!


  1. Shell, that is a beautiful expression of Pierre's photo. The colors of Venice and the surrounding islands are amazing. The hodgepodge of shades always work together.

    Have a happy weekend! meep

  2. I don't mind at all that the house is teensy and the gaps in the footbridge I'll step carefully in my stilettos and the teeny- weeny garden that's really not a problem - because that gorgeous view down the Grand Canal is worth it all!! Grazie Mille for the beautiful treasure of a water-colour that we can all enjoy

  3. I'll have whatever you're having, but don't make it a whisky. I feel THIS CLOSE to a coma.

    One of these days I'm going to step inside one of your pictures and good luck getting me to come out again.

    I'll feed the kitty.

  4. As I told Pierre, I've been coveting this little piece of Venice real estate for years (your mini just makes me want it more). But finally, I'll get inside—and with you!
    No problems with the footbridge; I'm probably wearing ugly Crocs. :~} Can't wait to sit in that little garden with a spritz or a glass of prosecco. Thanks, Shell, for carrying me away!

  5. I love little houses. Mine is quite small. I saw more square feet just means more space to clean. And you know my feelings about that.

  6. Thanks, Genie ~ Venice has some of the most lovely hodgepodges I've ever seen.

    puddinglane ~ my pleasure. I'm just about to make a latte to enjoy in the dappled sunlight there...

    Hiker ~ the kitty will be pleased.

    Oh, Alexa, isn't that a lovely coincidence! And those crocs will be very practical in Venice when the water is high.

    Margaret ~ I hear you.

  7. If there's room I'd love to squeeze in for the garden party at this gorgeous Venice home. I promise not to wear stilettos, and I'll bring souvenir spoons from San Francisco!

  8. If you ever consider making a guest house of this gorgeous place, count me on your list !!!!!

  9. Ciao, Yvonne ~ I wonder if George could be tempted to join us.

    Katie ~ you don't even need to ask! And I knew I could count on you for some spoons.

    Marylène ~ bien sûr ~ you're already on the list!

  10. Bonjour, je suis tombée sous le charme en regardant vos illustrations, j'aime beaucoup vos dessins. Venise ou Paris j'adore.
    Faites-vous des livres pour les enfants ?
    à bientôt

  11. Bonjour, VenetiaMicio ~ it's lovely to meet you! Je suis enchantée de faire votre connaissance. Les livres pour les enfants? Oui, c'est une de mes rêveries douces, Danielle. ;)

  12. Do you have to give all those gifts to the hostess, Shell? I'm thinking about stuffing a couple spoons and koalas down my pants to keep for myself. (Well, after they've been in my pants, who else would want them?)

    I can't afford airfare but have already started swimming and should be there in 6 months. See you all then!

  13. That is also a dream of ours, Shell! I would buy any book illustrated and written by you.

    I suppose I could find the time to join you all in Venice in Alexa's future home. ;-) What marvelous company for my very first visit!

  14. I'll be there if PCN will tow me. If not I'll have to swim on my own. My only concern is that my Crocs are uglier than Alexa's.

  15. PCN ~ ok, I laughed aloud. I'm still laughing.

    Thanks, dear Cali! And Alexa's housewarming party would be a beautiful way for you to meet Venice.

    Petrea ~ I'm putting some water wings in the mail.

  16. Another beautiful Venetian meep! Mind your back on my truck, Shell; I tucked in a few (heavy) vintage distressed world religions for you under the obligatory koala bears. And bring on the revival under the trees; I sure could do with some rosé (if that's not too uncool, she said worriedly).

  17. So inviting! It feels like I can just walk right up to the gate, run my hand over the lovely ironwork, and then let myself in to explore....

  18. Mise ~ as soon as you mentioned rosé, its 'cool' status rose immeasurably...

    Thank you, Ms M ~ wander at your leisure.

  19. Ciao! Enjoy enjoy enjoy - and eat lots of ice cream.

  20. And again, I'm thankful that I don't wear stilettos.

    Gorgeous illustration.

  21. GyPsY ~ that's a good plan!

    Thanks, Amy ~ hm, I thought you'd be a stiletto girl. Don't tell me I was wr-wr-wro...


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