Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Doo-the-Macaron-ron-ron...

ink & watercolour illustration, 7" x 8.75" [18 x 22.5cm]

This is me in my kitchen.  My real kitchen doesn't have those curtains, or a mixmaster, or a mouse.  Or me looking as tall as that, but it's my drawing and I can stretch myself if I want to.  I don't have pierced ears, but I do have an oven, a tea towel, freckles and a fringe, and I did bake my very first batch of macarons on the weekend.  Hoorah!  They are pale pink with dark chocolate ganache filling, and while far from perfect, have a delicate crisp shell and lightly chewy texture ~ and aren't too shabby at all.  No, they don't come out of the oven ready-assembled, but ~ well, I don't really need to explain it again, do I. 

The kettle's boiling {"One lump or two with your déjà vu?"} so here's your white damask napkin and I'll assemble the mismatched Limoges...


  1. Hi Shell, 1 lump of sugar will do me just fine - and oh! I must say those macarons are just divine and the Eiffel- Tower earrings how classy! but would you believe I had to enlarge the pic to find the mouse (maybe I'm getting old or that mouse is trop petit)

  2. Dianne ~ hee hee, a small mouse is a good mouse. The same can probably be said for earrings, but what the heck. :)

  3. Wow - I'm impressed as always by your awesome drawing (the little details are great, especially the Paris pinnie) but I'm even more amazed you made your own macarons! I've seen recipes and they don't look easy to me. Who cares if they aren't perfect, I be right over to help taste-test them. As long as the little mouse doesn't beat me to it!

  4. Shell, welcome to the world of les macarons pâtissiers! I am obsessed with their creation and all the variations on flavors and fillings. Well done, mon amie!

  5. Congrats on a successful first batch! I WAS heading to Venice but now taking a detour to your house, Shell. Hope those macarons will still be delicious when I get there.

    I love the Shaun Cassidy version of "Da Doo Ron Ron" (well, I loved him when I was 13) so if you could please play that on the stereo while I eat these, I will greatly appreciate it.

    Oh, my WV is "tates," an anagram for "taste." Coincidence?

  6. Good for you! I hope you are still enjoying them. They look hard to make. I'm a little afraid.

  7. Katie ~ luckily for us, this little mouse doesn't eat much. A few crumbs are keeping him happy.

    Thanks, Genie! I thought of you when I was baking them {with great admiration!!}

    PCN ~ per the instructions from my local French macaron bakers, I'm storing them in the fridge and taking them out ahead of time to come back to room temperature. Swim fast and they should be ok when you get here! But not too fast, as it could take me a while to track down a Shaun Cassidy CD.

    Margaret ~ with your baking expertise, have no fear.

  8. By the way, there's a fun and informative post on Ladurée vs Pierre Hermé macarons here.

  9. Love your happy baking scene :)

    Of course, we'll be right over to sample your macarons (-: (I'll have my tea straight, no sugar...)

  10. Oh la la, ma chere Shell—I am so impressed! There should be a big prize for attempting macarons (other than the sheer pleasure of consuming them, of course). In your case, I say an extra inch or deux
    —and fabulous ET earrings—are a fitting reward. I'll take 2 lumps, please. And pass those pale pink beauties!

  11. I love your earrings! And I appreciate that you look quite stylish while baking. I usually have dough stuck to my shirt (cause I put on the apron too late) and schmutz in my hair. :)

    I applaud your macaron baking. I hope it leads to more delightful drawings and maybe worldwide macaron shipping!

  12. Ms M ~ knock knock You weren't kidding ~ that was quick!

    Alexa ~ I'm considering upcycling one of my old music trophies and awarding it to myself. :)

    Amy ~ your kitties might enjoy cleaning up that schmutz for you ~ maybe I'll try that next time!

  13. Oh that's definitely Genie whipping up those macarons with her ET earrings and all! :) Hers are absolutely as good as Ladurée's!!

  14. What a gorgeous picture to have for the kitchen. I'll put it on my wish list.

  15. Like Amy I too end up with schmutz in my hair and also in my eyebrows (from wiping the sweat of concentration off my brow after the cooking is done).
    Am I too late for the tea party?

  16. Virginia ~ it must be difficile to refrain from knocking on Genie's door every day for a macaron fix!

    Hiker ~ this one could be rather serendipitous amongst tomato installations...

    Time moves at its own pace here, Debs ~ the kettle is still warm and the macarons are still fresh. Come on in!

  17. Shell, your artistic and culinary brilliance are lighting the skies up here in the Atherton Tablelands. how did you get the corner on all of this?

    Oh, and I'll have my tea black, grazie. Or, could I trouble you for un macchiato?

  18. Aww, thanks, Yvonne!! And I'm firing up the espresso machine now, prego..

  19. Sometimes, my English isn't good enough !! Nothing clever of funny to add except I never dared to cook macarons but I am always ready to try some !

  20. I am impressed! By this illo and the macaron making. I have yet to attempt this and not sure if I dare.

    You really should crop this and use it as your avatar.

    Now if you'll excuse me I think I will help myself to some macarons even if I have to climb into the mouse hole and steal some crumbs!

  21. Wow Shell, baking your very own macarons and pink no less. Remind me to give you lots of notice when I visit you one day and you might make some more!
    I'm a little sad that you don't have a mouse in your kitchen though; the kitties love to chase them :)

  22. Marylène ~ if I spoke French as well as you speak English, I'd think I was a bit of all right!

    Cali ~ great suggestion and I've taken it {as you can see}, merci! As for the macarons, I have some with your name on them. Enjoy!

    MmeB ~ Ella would LOVE it if a m-o-u-s-e found its way inside. And next time you're going to be up here, it's a deal.

  23. Look, some favorite things: raspberries, white chocolate AND macarons:


    Perfect for the post election elation or sorrow!! You make 'em, we'll eat 'em!!

  24. Yvonne ~ oh, yum, thank you! That looks like a great recipe {says she as if she would know, LOL!} I'm using that one next time, it's official. Given we may not know the election results for a while, I should have my second wind by then!

  25. I love this beautiful scene.
    & I can almost taste the macarons too!
    : )


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