Waiter, There's Something in My Cake

ink & watercolour illustration, 7.25" x 8.25" [18.5 x 21cm]
If you visited last Tuesday and followed the comments, today's celebration won't be a surprise to you.  As this seems a popular time for birthdays, we're having the equivalent of the office group hug birthday party, where we'll all stand around with our coffee mugs, blowing paper whistles and either mumbling or singing loudly with misplaced confidence to everyone having a birthday in the next few weeks. 

But I'm shining the limelight on two in particular, both well known in these parts ~ PopCultureNerd and Petrea of Pasadena Daily Photo {aka Petit PDP}.  Since they are both actors, writers and bloggers and live in the same approximate part of the globe, I decided to put them in charge of entertainment.  Maybe sometime soon they'll bust out of that cake and start dancing for us, if it's not too much trouble {tap, tap, tap...}   Or they might just start eating their way out.  It's double chocolate with caramel flowers, in case you're wondering.  Here's an antique silver fork and spoon ~ I polished them especially.   And on that note...

Happy Birthday dear Petrea and PCN, and to all those who fit the paper birthday cap!


  1. Coffee mugs, you say? They sound like two Very Important Birthdays and worthy of more than coffee. I'm off to the kitchen to pour a round of vodkas for everyone. For God's sake get them to stay in the cake till I get back. I usually miss all the fun, me and my humanitarian vodka-pouring.

  2. Oh Shell, what a capture! Petrea will be over the moon with this.

  3. Another BDay for PDP? Wow, she must bee at least, ahem, I lost count...

    Great work per the norm, ShSh!

  4. Oh happy day. I've brought champagne for the mugs and I've already had some so I've got a lampshade on my head I'm sitting on the water cooler singing at the top of my lungs. Joyeux Anniversaire you two! Hand me up some cake ShSH! :)

  5. Oh I see now that Mise is in charge of vodka. Well they say, "Never mix, never worry' but I've never listened to that nonsense! Fill er up Mise!

  6. Oh Shell! Over the moon is right! You've captured me (and Boz!) so perfectly, down to the Mac. I love this!! PCN will love it, too. I must talk her in to getting together with me for cake and vodka one of these days.

    Thank you!

  7. Happy birthday to all! Love the virtual party. Petrea: don't you dare drink that vodka without me.

  8. I like this tradition: the birthday girls entertain us!

    You have captured all three of them, Shell. And thanks for satisfying my curiousity about what the inside of a cake looks like. Sort of like Jeannie's bottle. :D

    Happy Birthday, Ladies!

  9. Fabulous Birthday tribute Shell! Count me in on the group hug and vodka and chocolate cake with caramel flowers. Happy Birthday Petrea and PCN!!

  10. Mise ~ but of course we shall wait for you, Good Humanitarian. It appears that another round will be in order quite promptly.

    Thanks, Hiker ~ I think she is!

    Cafe ~ and very diplomatic not to count aloud on your paws.

    Virginia ~ somehow I just knew you'd be the one with the lampshade...

    Petrea ~ you're most welcome, and I'm glad you and Boz love it! And you and PCN would have a lot of fun together!

    Margaret ~ she'll save some cake as well.

    Cali ~ darn, I forgot the silk and satin!

    Thanks, Katie ~ you are counted in, and I'll relieve Mise in the kitchen!

  11. PCN might have a lampshade or two on her head today. I look forward to her reaction.

  12. Double chocolate with caramel flowers?! Well I think we'll just have to break into that cake and help them find a way out.

    Happy birthday to them both! I couldn't think of a more lovely way to wish it than with illustrated cake.

  13. This is abfab, Shell—and none of us will ever again want to have a birthday without you (certainly not moi)! Best best best wishes to Petrea and PCN. And when is YOUR b-day, pray tell?

  14. Oh dear, I'm late to the party as usual (and I don't mean in a fashionable way, either). I was reading just one more chapter!

    Honestly, Shell, this made my day, and it was one that needed to be made. How did you know that's EXACTLY what I tell Hubby every night? He's always asking me to please turn off the light so he can get some sleep and my response is always verbatim what you wrote. Too funny.

    Petrea, you are a psychic because I do adore it. Happy birthday to you (it's still Tuesday in our time zone) and we SHOULD get together for coffee! I was just in Pasadena on Friday at the Laemmle Playhouse 7.

    Thank you again, Shell, for the most wonderful gift and to everyone else for the birthday wishes. (mise, I didn't know you did humanitarian vodka-pouring work. Shall nominate you for the Nobel Peace Prize next year.)

  15. A note has been sent to PCN. Attempting contact.

    Now, to bed.

  16. Amy ~ I confess, I just started snacking on a corner for afternoon tea...

    Thanks, dear Alexa, and it was inspired by our recent conversation. :) As for my birthday, I'm one of those wacky Sagittarians so we have a long wait until then!

    PCN ~ how funny!! And I was just saying to Petrea that I suspected you were reading a book right now! I'm so happy you like it, and I hope you, Petrea and Boz do meet up.

    Petrea ~ sweet dreams!!

  17. Just had to come back for another peek because it's to darned perfect.

  18. ShellShShShell!

    Thank you!


    I will send an email.


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