Rae's a Birthday Toast

ink & watercolour illustration, 7" x 8" [18 x 20cm]

One of our lovely regulars here is having a birthday.  With the tact and discretion you've come to expect, I'll allow her to put up her hand if she wishes.  I thought we could all meet at Rae's for a swish and hip birthday dinner.  It's a shame this restaurant no longer exists outside my imagination, but it will provide us with the perfect place, as we'll have it entirely to ourselves.  After this stint in the Brisbane CBD quite some years ago, the owner {who I think could possibly be named "Rae"} had a sea change south to the beautiful coastal town of Byron Bay on the eastern-most tip of mainland Australia, and created this luxurious spot.  Come to think of it, we can easily move the party there ... just wait one moment while I hire a vintage convertible Mercedes and Vespas with side-cars.

Happy Birthday, birthday girl!


  1. WEll ShSh, I'm glad there's tact to be found here cause it's in short supply at my blog! :) Joyeux Anniversaire to the Birthday Girl, whoever she might be. This illo (don't you love how I"m speaking Aussie now?) is a delight. Too bad Rae's has closed, I'm sure she would have loved it.

  2. That's just elegant -- create your own restaurant. Now if we could just learn the secret of getting inside.

    Happy birthday Shell's friend.

  3. I don't have a hand to put up.

    A French toast to the sexy gir!

  4. Happy birthday, mystery birthday girl. I hope they have good cocktails in your imaginary Raes.

  5. Nice interior and colors.

    Happy Birthday, friend of Shell. :D

  6. What a delightful-looking place to celebrate a birthday! It's not my birthday unfortunately, but I'll happily (and virtually) join the gang here for a toast to the mystery birthday person. Cheers!

  7. Virginia ~ hee hee!! It is a shame Rae's has closed, though I'm lucky there are plenty of fine restaurants in Brissie to make up for it.

    Hiker ~ we need a secret handshake.

    Cafe ~ let's paws to celebrate.

    Margaret ~ they are sensational. You're welcome to invite Colin to join you there for a Fluffy Duck. Just close up behind you when you leave.

    Cali ~ it was a very warm and inviting place ~ lots of timber joinery and nicely sophisticated.

    Katie ~ and the food was excellent! Bottoms up. :)

  8. I like this illo, too. A bit out of the ordinary for you, which makes it extra special. Your friend--our friend, because any friend of Shell's is a friend of ours, right?--is honored, I'm sure. Happy birthday, friend!

  9. Imagination destinations are always the best kind. No reservations required and you can have whatever the heck you want. I'd pull up a chair to this place anytime.

    Happy Birthday mystery girl!

  10. Best wishes to Birthday Girl!

    In 3 weeks, I'll be able to raise my hand! I may be mistaken but don't a bunch of people here have bdays coming up? Petrea? Mr. Shell?

  11. Petrea ~ absolutely, a shared friend!

    Amy ~ we might even have some re-upholstery done.

    PCN ~ you have an Aries memory. I wonder why. :)

  12. Hmmm, I think to myself, almost worth pretending it's MY birthday for the sake of that rendezvous. Puts up hand, remembers manners and justice for real birthday girl, lowers hand sadly.

  13. PCN you are amazing. You must writing things down like I do. Is that an Aries trait? I'm an Aries, yes indeedy, but I haven't paid much attention to Zodiac stuff.

    Mise, you go ahead and have a birthday, we'll come.

  14. Mise ~ as Petrea says, we'll be there ~ though I shall take the liberty of replacing their banquette cushions with ones made from the most sophisticated tea towels I can find, in your honour.

    Petrea ~ maybe it's a fluke, but many of the Aries I know have excellent memories!

  15. Not me. I have to write everything down or it's lost forever. But I DO write everything down.

  16. Well, after all that, how can I not confess that the birthday girl is (or was, at this point) moi? Shell, you are the best! What would we do without you?? If Rae's hadn't existed, I'm sure you would have invented it just to please your friends. BTW, I was going to say I'll arrive via Mercedes ragtop, but sidecar would be a first, so . . .
    Petrea, I believe you're next!

  17. Hope your birthday was fabulous, Alexa! Jeez, I should have made the connection, seeing as I saw your bday on Facebook. Duh!

    My birthday's no secret. It's March 23rd and you are all welcome to shower me with gifts, tributes and accolades. Or not.

  18. Ah, there she is! Happy Birthday, Alexa {for the other day!!} The sidecar's a fine choice. I shall be your driver. ;)

    Petrea ~ gifts, tributes and accolades will be abundantly showered upon you, I'm sure. :)

  19. Lovely little restaurant with comfy looking bar stools.

    Happy Birthday Rae, Petrea, Mr Shell and anyone else, including my mother who is an Aries too!

    I think I could handle a trip to Byron Bay in the Mercedes, Shell. LOL.

  20. Petrea, I don't write anything down because I'm disorganized and would lose the note so I just rely on the old noodle.

    It's so crazy with all the Aries here! My husband, mother, father-in-law, goddaughter, niece and best friend are all Aries. This time of year, I just back up the truck to the Hallmark store and tell them to fill her up.

  21. MmeB ~ and happy birthday to your mum! Bring a wrap, as it could be a teensy bit chilly on the coastal road.

    LOL, PCN! That adds to a lot of determined people at your family gatherings. ;)


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