Francophile Friday: Happy Birthday, Eric

ink & watercolour illustration, photo inspiration Eric Tenin {Paris Daily Photo}

As Francophile Friday nearly coincided with the 50th birthday yesterday of dearly loved and highly esteemed blogger, Eric Tenin of Paris Daily Photo {and founder of the City Daily Photo community}, I thought I'd honour Eric by illustrating one of his photos.  When I sat and thought about it, I was surprised to find that I've only done this once before, though my celebration of his 2009 PDP Picnic might have compensated in a fashion. 

You can see the original photo of Eric's here, where you can also read about what it means.  {In short, it's a bicycle hire and repair shop called} There are countless beauties I could have chosen, but I closed my eyes and picked the first thing my mouse landed on, so here we are.  As Eric takes us on a daily Tour de France Paris and attracts many secret and not-so-secret admirers, not mentioning any names, the bicycle with its hot pink love heart in a typical Paris street seemed a perfect fit.

Happy Birthday, Eric, and Happy Francophile Friday to you all!


  1. What a lucky man! I remember this photo. I like the subtle pink shading in this illo against the light aqua sky. Nice color combo.

    Eric has secret admirers? :D

  2. Nice art!

    And I'll wish him birthday greetings :)

    The Day

  3. I love it. And it's not raining.

  4. I love so much thr roofs of Paris that it could as well be my birthday too !!!!! Thank you.

  5. When I'm 50, Shell, I'll be in touch, and I'll commission a lovely picture exactly like that one but with me riding the bicycle up the walls.

  6. Bless you , bless you ,bless you mon cher amie for giving me my Paris fix today. You know I"m still a littlel weepy about leaving and this made me smile.

    BTW, I'm an Eric groupie!! What a nice man. For those of you that haven't had the pleasure of meeting him in person, he's just a friendly, interesting and genuinely nice guy. I am still amazed that he as taken the time to meet me twice on visits to Paris!!

    A delightful tribute to Le Roi de CDP!

  7. Wow, true, I am lucky! Thank you so much Shell Sherree, it's a very thoughtful tribute. I love your drawings, they really have their own personality.

    I had never seen the Meurice bicycle drawing, so I just did. I do remember very well when I took the photo and I'm honored that you used it for one of your drawings.

    Thank you.

  8. You've done it again, Shell—love your tribute to our fearless leader! Don't think you could have chosen a better image, even if it did make Virginia homesick for Paris already (and for Eric—I know just how she feels!).

  9. Oh, look—Eric and I were writing to you at the same time. I knew he'd love it too!

  10. Oh, I'm fanning myself. Eric visited me ~ I'm so excited!!! {Ok, calm down and be a cool cat...make like Miles Davis...}

    Cali ~ they are probably all un-secret admirers, but perhaps there are a few keeping their cards close to their chest. :)

    Bhavesh ~ thank you for dropping over to Eric's ~ it's my pleasure to introduce you to a wonderful man and his beautiful blog.

    Hiker ~ if it rains, you can borrow this.

    Marylène ~ Happy "Birthday" to you. ;)

    Mise ~ it will be my honour! I'll do one of myself driving my family up the walls.

    Virginia ~ my pleasure ~ I'm glad to ease your withdrawal symptoms. It turned out to be a perfect day for a Francophile Friday. I hope to be as lucky and meet dear Eric in person someday.

    And speaking of which ~ Hi, Eric! You've made my day ~ I'm so happy to see you here and delighted that you like my little illos of your beautiful photos ~ thank you!! May you be blessed with another 50+ happy and healthy years.

    Thanks, dear Alexa ~ and what wonderful timing you have!

  11. When I'm 50 I'll commission a picture too. No bicylce. Maybe something involving cocktails.

  12. Such gracious words from Eric. Like the rest of us he has good taste. Another reason he has not-so-secret admirers.

    P.S. I am also a not-so-secret admirer of you and your talent.

  13. Fantastic drawing to celebrate a very special birthday for PDP Eric. Wow I just love this one Shell!

  14. Margaret ~ cocktails, I can do. And I can draw them as well.

    Aww, thank you, Cali ~ right back at you!

    Katie ~ a special birthday for a special Eric ~ I'm glad you love it!

  15. Oh, how delightful! Now I want a bicycle with hearts to hang over my home. And then on days when I'm bored, I'd climb on it and try to ride up the side of the building. [My brain goes to weird places.]

    I hope Eric had a very happy birthday. This is a brilliant tribute to him, Shell.

  16. Ditto de above!
    At least we know who can accept responsibility for making some bloggers work everyday! You can't beat the wages either.

  17. Aaahhhh , when the King comes calling we all just fall all over ourselves don't we! HAAAAA See, I told you he was nice. Of course he secretly loves my DP blog best but he doesn't come right out and say so! :)
    Long live le Roi!!!

  18. PCN ~ your brain always entertains me. :)

    Cafe ~ the daily bloggers are remarkable. That's commitment!

    Virginia ~ but of course he loves yours the best. :) He is also le roi de diplomacy!

  19. I think that is a terrific birthday present, hot pink heart included. I certainly adore it!

    Thanks for giving me a new blog to stalk.

  20. Amy ~ my pleasure ~ you'll love it over at Eric's place!

  21. Parfait! What a lady you are, and what a gentleman Eric is. I'm a not-so-secret admirer of his, too. I've heard the hiker say "too much praise can be a dangerous thing," but in the case of you and Eric, we'll have to take that chance.

  22. Petrea ~ hiker is so gosh-dang profound. I'll do my best to make sure my head doesn't turn into a pumpkin. :) {There's no fear of Eric's doing that.}

  23. My goodness I have missed a lot. After reading this I had to pop over to Eric's place to wish him a very belated happy birthday.
    Gorgeous illustration as usual my dear. I'm so sorry for my absence, explanation on my last blog entry (the first in almost 2 months I'm embarrassed to admit).
    Now I have some catching up to do......

  24. Adventures ~ you've missed a lot, but you've also been missed! Lovely to see you again. Take good care and be gentle with yourself...

  25. Btw, ShSh, the following day in our country it was American Pie Saturday.

  26. Cafe ~ hee hee!! One of your favourite days, I imagine.


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