The Tall and the Short of It

Scratching your head? I hereby fit this into the 'gorgeous' category since it's clearly nothing to do with 'home'. It's a little something for blogpals Tall Gary and Alexa: being vertically challenged in both directions can be kind of fun.

Alexa, I hope you don't mind me dressing you in a leopard print trench with black cigar pants and ballet flats. I thought a Parisian vibe might be un peu jolie! In case you're wondering, that's Jacques's puppy you're taking on a walk. A little bonding time with you and she'll be a new dog. {I took the liberty of giving myself an Hermès Kelly bag, since this is a dream sequence ...}

Hope you like those dancing brogues, TG!


  1. Oh my. That is so super cool, Shell. Brings tears of joy to my eyes (sorry to make you use those umbrellas).

    It makes me feel like I now MUST take lessons from this guy. Gotta put those spiffy brogues to good use, now, don't I?

    I hope you enjoy yourself with your Hermes Kelly bag.

  2. TG, you're too modest. I'm guessing you can show him a thing or two about cutting the rug, even wearing knee pads!

    {Love the Grace and Frank clip, by the way. Talk about style...}

  3. Shell -- you were right—I totally missed the link to this. And I love it! I think the three of us should take this show on the road. First stop Paris?
    Seriously, I'm truly honored (and I'll be glad to walk the pooch between or during performances).

  4. You're both very welcome!

    What a sensational idea, Alexa. Paris sounds like the perfect place to open. {And tax deductible. Hmmm...} Eat your heart out, Moulin Rouge.

  5. I might just dress like Alexa myself. I can't wear heels anymore and I have a reversible coat with leopard print on it! I often wear black pants with ballet flats too. Have you been peeking in my wardrobe?

  6. Oooh, isn't that fun, MmeBenaut! I promise I haven't been ~ how very chic you would look in them!


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