Lady Bug Me

It's been too long since I've seen a ladybird {aka ladybug depending on your geography}. Long overdue. I love the cheerful, freckled beauty and helpfulness of a real one but if I found this version on my doorstep, I couldn't bring it inside out of the weather fast enough!

Lanvin's "LadyBug" enamel choker won't rid your plants of pests but some things simply exist to be beautiful {and symbolic of a whole lotta love}. This is one such spectacular example. The velvet band is laden with crystals and has a bespoke edginess courtesy of transparent black gauze peeping from behind the velvet. I was hoping their website would have some pretty animation to show it off but no, so my illustration will have to bring it to life for you. I hope a sweet ladybird of one kind or another visits you soon.

PS: Dear Finie has passed on this lovely award to me.

Thank you, Finie, and congratulations on receiving it yourself for your gentle and dreamy blog.


  1. I love LadyBug very much... Its the most cute creature I ever met...

    I have few lady bug pictures in my collection...would u like some??

  2. A lady bug is the only bug I allow to crawl up my arm.

  3. I clicked on the Lanvin link to see the necklace and couldn't find it. At first the site irritated me--damn! They won't just let me click on what I want. They just trot out the stuff and show me what they want me to see. Then I thought, well, that's kind of charming--like one of those old fashioned couture shops where you sit and have a glass of champagne while they show you the collection. (I never did that. Wealthy ladies in movies did that.)

    I'm not much of a fashion bug. You're a fashion bug, aren't you, Shell?

  4. How do you find these finds? Petrea is right: you are a fashion bug.

    Your painting has me curious to see the "real" one. Too bad I couldn't find it. Off to Google!

  5. Well, I never found the necklace either. But their things are like candy, aren't they? I saw shoes I wanted to eat.

  6. Finie ~ they are cute little things, aren't they! That's a lovely offer - maybe you could put them up on a blog post at your place and I can admire them there.

    altadenahiker ~ me too! Oh, I can cope with tiny little money spiders as well, though I relocate them lickety-split.

    Petrea ~ oh, how glam. I wish I'd thought of that. I stopped at the 'irritated' stage! Now I have a new appreciation of old-fashioned websites.

    Petrea and Cali ~ I'm a fashion bug in-so-far-as I appreciate beauty and creativity. For my own dress, it's usually classic with a twist and a double shot of black - a great mix for someone like me who's always on the verge of running late and dressing while stumbling downstairs. :)

    Cali ~ InStyle Mag, Australian edition {hard copy}. And I couldn't find it online - please let me know if you do. :)

    Margaret ~ oh my, time for a sweets break.

  7. That is gorgeous, Shell. You always introduce me to things I never knew I desired.

  8. PCN ~ thank you! {I hope that's a good thing. :) }

  9. The shoes were a bit hard on the teeth, so I went for my secret chocolate stash.

  10. Here is something I found. Scroll to see the ladybug

    Yours looks better.

  11. Margaret ~ you really are a wise woman.

    Cali ~ hey, well scouted - thanks for that! A different species of the choker.

  12. I'm sure you could pull off this amazing piece of jewelry, and I think your hub should start putting some bucks aside for the bling! Here, we call them ladybugs and as a kid I used to sing this little song:
    "Ladybug, ladybug, fly away home.
    Your house is on fire and your children are burning."
    Shades of the brothers Grimm! Why do kids like these gruesome things?

  13. LOL, Alexa! I was always worried about that poor mother ladybird/bug and her offspring. PS: Shall pass your excellent suggestion on to the hub.


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