Venerdi in Venice: A Watched Pigeon Never Falls

I've finally exhausted my archives of unframed Venice drawings painted way back in the afterglow of my trip. {Way back.} Sorry this post is a little late, but I became lost for a while when I started flipping through my photo album looking for inspiration for today's offering. Many of my Venice photos have gelati coloured buildings but this one was muted stone with charismatically worn shutters whose paint was flaking. I looked on the reverse of the photo and had indeed written myself a clue about this one. You can see where my head goes. No mention of something useful like the street location. More like, "Ooh, a kitty!"

And I seemed rather callous about the pigeons at the time but I'm sure I was only kidding ~ unless this pic was taken straight after my mildly Hitchcockian experience in Piazza San Marco... in which case, I most certainly was not kidding. Here, kitty, kitty... Happy Venerdi in Venice!


  1. I love windows with flowers like in your painting! My mom plants cactus and aelovera at my bedroom windows just like beautiful when the morning sun came up and shining the plants when u wake up in the morning...

    thanx for leaving 'love notes' at my blog...

    But still i have no idea in giving my character's name..huhuh

  2. I love your architectural drawings, Shell—and the ones of Venice are especially charming! If you ever run out of snaps for inspiration, let me know—I must have hundreds!

  3. What a beautiful "dining" spot for kitty, but maybe not so safe especially if kitty sees a pigeon and decides to go for it!

    Did you make the mistake of feeding the BIRDS in Piazza San Marco? I hope none of them mistook you for a self-cleaning toilet! LOL!

  4. I just saw Alexa's comment. Yay, more Venice drawings!

  5. I like seeing this little insight into your process: working with photographs, leaving yourself little notes. Artists are so cool.

  6. Same as Alexa, for Venice, your drawings and architecture !
    I just wish the kitty got the pigeon !!!
    Sorry to be that rude but I hate pigeons ! I always have and I hate them more (if possible) after living in Paris, under the roofs where pigeons used the metal gutters as tubs ! And after trying to cross Piazza San Marco close to an old Italian lady who certainly was feeding them every day !!!!

  7. Finie ~ and your window box sounds like it was planted with extra love and care.

    Thank you, Alexa! And they'd be hundreds of gorgeous ones ~ I'll gladly take you up on your most kind offer!

    Cali ~ LOL! No, fortunately I escaped pigeon-poo graffiti. I most assuredly did not feed the birds. Mary Poppins would have been very disappointed in me.

    Margaret ~ cool? Ooh, thank you! :)

    Marylène ~ hee hee! I'll bet the kitty wished the same. Speaking of a distaste for pigeons, have you read The Pigeon by Patrick Suskind? I have a feeling he wasn't overly fond of them either.

  8. Years ago when visiting the Piazza San Marco I found the pigeon poulation a bit unsettling as well.
    Your illustration is lovely Miss Shell Sherree!

  9. Thanks, Lily! Yes, 'unsettling' is a good description. :)

  10. Thanks, Unseen Rajasthan. I enjoyed the architecture over at your place today. :)

  11. Thanks for your love note, sherree...

    See my blog and u'll surprise for it!

    See ya!

  12. Oh Finie ~ another award? Thank you, thank you - you are most kind! And congratulations on your receiving it in the first place.


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