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Francophile Friday Fleurish: Pencilled In

I was sitting down to paint something for you when I became sidetracked by an email from iconic French saddle shop-turned-fashion house, Hermès. First, the illustration in the email gave me a chuckle. Then I realised it was a while since I'd soaked up the whimsical drawings on their website, so with the aid of a magical cyberspace carpet ride {in the guise of a link in their email}, off I flew and fell in love with Alice Charbin's work all over again. I wanted to show it to you in case you hadn't seen it yet. Alice is the children's book illustrator who created those charming drawings ~ absolutely my cup of tea. What a dream job that would have been. From the little I could find out about her, she lives in Paris with her hubby and several children {and most probably at least one puppy and kitty}. But of course.

Anyway, her work reminded me that way back when, I worked a lot in pencil and watercolour rather than ink and watercolour. And it reminded me of how the pencil imparts a softness that I love and will use more often. I did a little pencil and watercolour doodle and decided what the heck, I'd show it to you, since my other drawing was no further advanced. {That's a teensy koala in the teacup - one of my favourite animals and way too vulnerable. You can find out more about these Australian treasures here.} I added some flowers for the sake of the Fleurish. So ~ happy Friday Fleurish/Francophile Friday to you!


  1. Thanks for this triple-F start to the weekend. Of course, I knew that was a koala. And with all due respect to Alice, you could have done that and then some (you just weren't yet on their radar). Love the softness if the pencil.

  2. cute one! but why was the koala in the cup?huhuh...

  3. Alexa ~ you made my day - thank you!

    Finie ~ for fun. :)

  4. What a lovely find! Hermes have done so well to take this whimsical approach rather than the usual heavy-handed King of the Block website. Alice Charbin's drawings are lighthearted and delicate, as are yours.

  5. Your koala in a teacup is adorable!

    It has been awhile since I've looked at the Hermes website. It is delightful, but I second what Alexa said.

  6. I never would've thought to put a baby koala in a teacup. I love your artist's eye and fertile imagination.

    Happy weekend to you, too!

  7. Shell, you and your French bling stores just always make me feel happy. Really. Thank you.

  8. One brief look and I thought "French"!! I am smiling and feel light-hearted.

  9. Thank you so much, everyone ~ if I've brightened someone's day, I can go to bed happy. Not that I'm going to bed now. It's 10am here. But you know what I mean. :)

    Mise ~ I was so surprised when I first saw it - Hermès went up infinitely in my estimation with their choice to do this. You've described it beautifully!

    Cali ~ the real thing is so adorable, it's easy to draw it that way. :)

    PCN ~ some people I know perhaps think my imagination's a tad too fertile. ;)

    Margaret ~ when you're happy, I'm happy. Thank you!

    Shanna ~ Hi! Glad you're smiling. :) Thanks for popping by. {I love the minimal fluidity of your Kinetic Studies.}

  10. I definitely want to see that scandalous picture you have hanging in the bathroom.

  11. Hiker ~ I'll see what I can arrange, though I'll have to include the modesty gown. :)


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