Ahoy, Me Hearties, Ahoy Me Hearties...

To give you fair warning so you can prepare yourself in time, this little fellow's here to remind you about International Talk Like a Pirate Day, invented by Cap'n Slappy and Ol' Chumbucket and hitting the poop deck on 19th September every year.

Yes, you'll find all the hard-hitting news stories here.

What started as a bit of a lark spread like wildfire ~ who doesn't enjoy talking like a pirate, I ask you ~ and if this harmless bit of fun also helps some charities to find cures for scurvy bilge rats, I say, "Yo-ho-ho. Arrrrrrrrgh."

To quote Wikipedia {as I am so fond of doing}, "Lionel Barrymore is the first believed to have used the "arrrgh" in the first film of Treasure Island from 1934 in an iconic version of Billy Bones. In fact, many believe Barrymore created the first archetype of pirate speak." But wait. Further down the same page I found this: "The archetypal pirate grunt "Arrr!" (alternatively "Rrrr!" or "Yarrr!") first appeared in the classic 1950 Disney film Treasure Island..." Who's been drinking a bottle of rum then...

PS: For the animal lovers who may be fretting, never fear. Rainbow-Lorikeet Pete's hooked tootsies are all intact and he's safely nuzzling nectar from our trees with his hundred closest hearties. Arrrgh.


  1. Ahoy, Shell! This is great. In fact, I've been celebrating this day for years, with too few friends who appreciate it as much as I do—'til now, that is.
    Would you believe my word verification is "aargh"?
    Nah, but that would have been cool, no?

  2. Alexa ~ somehow I just KNEW you'd be up for it! 'aargh' would have been very cool as WV. I wonder if anyone else will score it.

  3. FB has an application for pirate speak - it is hysterical, but too confusing for me!

    Lorikeet Pete must be the Beau Brummel of bird pirates. He is stylin'!

    Chips Ahoy!

  4. Sherree, i love ur previous Love Note on my blog... Thanx again.

    Actually I am an animal lover. I love cat, especially. But i just can't stop eating lamb...

    see my latest post on http://finieramos.blogspot.com/2009/09/finie-had-little-lamb.html

  5. Cali ~ Me-thinks Lorikeet Pete is a ladies bird. And Chips Ahoy should definitely be part of the official pirate language! Anyone disagrees, they'll be walking the plank, me maties.

    Finie ~ I love animals but shame on me, I still eat meat. Heading over your way...

  6. My goodness, to think I've overlooked this important event in the past. Excuse me while I dash off and get into costume.

  7. Love the whole idea of talk like a pirate day. And that Lionel Barrymore! Always the trend setter. As for the Lorikeet, so glad it was not injured in the making of your art.

  8. I'm pirate-vocabulary challenged. All I can think of is "Avast" and "Davy Jones Locker."

    I must say, that is the daintiest pirate's bird I've ever seen. Quite the dandy.

  9. Mise ~ I'm glad I've enlightened you as to this very significant occasion. :)

    Margaret ~ happily, Lorikeet Pete lives to swash buckles another day.

    hiker ~ here's one for the Serena types: I'll stove in your old block house like a rum puncheon. PS: Lorikeet Pete would look fetching on Orlando Bloom's shoulder.

  10. Talk-Like-A-Pirate day always makes the news here in Hollywood, so you can see how very, very important it is worldwide. I adore your parrot picture.

  11. Thanks, Petrea! :) I'd seriously never heard of it until a few months ago, so I be lookin' forward to me first one, arrrrggghhh!

  12. I've never heard of this! What fun.
    I wish I knew more pirate speak...

  13. Hello, Brian ~ 'cute' I like. Thank you. :)

    Lily ~ You'll be fine - if in doubt, just "Aarrrrrrrrgh!"

  14. Ah Shell, have taken a quick peek at your blog and, as always, it is a joy to visit. Tis the busy end of the day for me but I wanted to thank you for your sweet comments about Zach :)

  15. Thanks, Unseen Rajasthan. :)

    Cafe ~ aye, ye've named ye booty and it be fine.

    MmeB ~ a pleasure! He's a honey - but of course, he would be.

  16. Shell, your drawing of Katie and Dive on the pinnie d'amour is about the most delightful thing I've ever seen. For those of you who haven't seen it, Katie models here.

  17. Shell,
    Thank you for reminding blogville about the international "Talk Like a Pirate Day". We are practioners. My daughter is upset that it does not fall on a school day this year. We are visiting a college however. Their nickname is the Marauders. Daughter said she would only consider it if she heard piratespeak! (BTW I came by way of Katie and Dive). I love the pinnie!

  18. Ahoy and welcome, neetzy! I wish I'd known about it sooner - all those piratespeak opportunities gone beggin'. Arrrrgh. {Thanks for popping over from Katie and Dive's! Glad you love the pinnie ~ it be bonnie.}


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