First Birthday Giveaway: the Panda or the Féery?

Funny how it happens like that ~ it occurred to me last night to take a look-see and figure out when my blog started and it's my one year blogoversary today!  Happy blogoversary to me ... happy blogoversary to me ...  happy BLOG-oversa... but wait.  How selfish!  This is all about you, my lovely readers, after all.  And it's also about my dear friend Trish, whose birthday coincidentally happens to be today.  Happy birthday, gorgeous kid.  We go back 30 years {cough} and whenever we catch up {never often enough} it feels like we're still ... whatever age we were back then.  

So, cupcakes for everybody!   And as birthdays are oft celebrated with perfume and jewellery, I'm having a birthday giveaway of the winner's choice of one of these two original Shell Sherree illustrations {regulars here may remember them}:

Panda Watch illustration, image size 3x5.5" [7x13.5cm] on 190gsm watercolour paper 

To enter, just leave a comment here on this post telling me which one you'd choose, before 9am this Friday 2nd October Brisbane time {you can convert to your time here} .  If you're a regular commenter, you'll receive an extra entry in the draw, and if you also say which of my currently listed Etsy drawings is your favourite, you'll receive an extra entry.  The winner will be chosen randomly and announced in Friday's post.

And now, on with the cupcakes.  They are healthy enough for a heart foundation tick, I promise!!

ps: A little 'thank you for your support' launch special for my lovely blog readers:  If you order one of my originals at my Etsy store by Friday 9th Oct and mention 'Brazen Hussy' in the order notes, I'll give you 15% off via a refund back to your credit card.  And if you're a regular commenter, I'll add in a couple of Shell Sherree gift cards with my compliments, as an extra Thank You!  Any questions/suggestions/requests, don't hesitate to email me.  Ta!


  1. Happy Blogoversary to you sherree...and today 29th Sept were also my little brother's 9th years old birthday and also my 23th birthday for my college friend wanhar...

    Your blog are so nice and I really adore all your paintings!

  2. I'm in for the charming parfum one
    and the Campari is definitely my favourite in the store
    and excuse my manners:
    congratulations on a year of happy blogging
    and indeed on keeping it up
    (so many fall by the wayside after a few months)
    this is a poem to mark the event
    a lousy unrhyming unscanning one

  3. Yipee happy Blog Birthday! Cupcakes are the perfect way to celebrate. As I'm new to your blog I'll let the others compete for your lovely birthday giveaway, but both drawings are lots of fun! Have a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing many many more of your delightful illustrations!

  4. Finie ~ happy birthday to your little brother and Wanhar!

    Mise ~ I wasn't expecting a birthday poem ~ thank you! And you managed to incorporate the answers as well and nonetheless.

    Katie ~ but of course you are in the draw ~ with open arms! And a wonderful day to you, too. :)

  5. Happy blogoversary Shell! I hope you had a lovely day. I do love your cupcake :)

  6. Happy blogoversary! I joined the party (fashionably) late, but I am glad I made it!

    The Cartier Panda is calling my name. LOL. The Metro painting is one of my favorites in the store.

    Hope Trish had a nice birthday.

  7. Happy B-Day & B-Anniversary to you a!!

    Although I'm not much of a cupcake eater, you can send me one of them.

  8. A very happy blog birthday to you. I'm new to your blog as well so I'm happy to stand on the sidelines and let your devoted followers vie for your drawings. I just wanted to say how lovely they are. I have a very similar drawing style so I was instantly attracted to your pictures.

  9. Happy blog birthday to you! Time well spent! How can I not prefer the Van Cleef and Arpels when I know how much the place means to you. Also, I'm with Mise. I like the Campari.

  10. MmeB ~ thank you, I did. :)

    Cali ~ yes, fashionably late - story of my life. ;) {I guessed your picks correctly but you knew I would.}

    Cafe ~ thank you ~ I'll make sure yours is chocolate-free.

    Hi, Adventures ~ welcome and thank you! All the best with your new blog ~ great Sydney photos. {PS Don't be shy ~ the giveaway's open to everyone. In you go. :) }

    Margaret ~ you and Mise are on the same wavelength...

  11. Happy happy blogoversary to you, dear Shell! Champagne all around! Gotta say—I'm a fragrance gal (mine is YSL's Paris), so I have to go with your beautiful VC&A Féerie drawing (but it's a tough choice for sure). Your art has given me so much pleasure over the past year (and hard to believe it's been a year!), and I sincerely hope you keep it up for a very long time.

  12. Congratulations Shell! So happy to have met you! your lovely talent is such a day brightener every time I visit here. & I love cupcakes and yours is especially beautiful.
    what to choose, what to choose, they are both so unique & lovely in their own way. I think it would have to be the Panda watch. & as for that extra entry
    I'd have to say your Metro sign is one of my top favorites!
    You are so sweet to do a giveaway when you are the one who should be thanked for being such a sweet blogger buddy.
    Thank you Shell!

  13. Alexa ~ thank you, and many more to come, for sure! It's fun to see who leans towards which drawing. And sorry to make you think time was passing faster than it is ~ I started this blog with writing before adding drawings, so it hasn't quite been one year of illustrations ~ still a few months short of that. :)

  14. Congratulations to you !!Your Talent is wonderful !! Simply Great..Unseen Rajasthan

  15. Lily ~ sorry, I missed your comment on the interchange. :) I'm so happy to bring cheer to your day, just as you do to mine. It's lovely knowing you!

    Unseen Rajasthan ~ thanks as always!

  16. Joyeux anniversaire! Feery Parum! Venice Balcony! I'm waiting for your gift -- I'm on the porch.

  17. Oh, Shell, sorry for being late to your birthday party! The last couple of days have been a little funky over here. Hope there are still some cupcakes left!

    Congratulahappybirthdaytions to you. I'm so excited to see how well your blog is doing and am sure it'll only get bigger and better!

    My favorite drawing from your store is the Venice balcony. And if I were lucky enough to win, I'd pick the perfume bottle. Thanks!

  18. AH ~ Merci beaucoup! Nice choices! Get off the porch! {Please :) }

    PCN ~ never too late ~ these cupcakes are the best ever: no use by date!! Thank you. And you've added a fine new word to my vocabulary.

  19. You've got a lot of comments today! Oh, Shell, happy birthday. You're one of my joys of blogging. Actually, so are many of your commenters. Isn't it wonderful to make the world smaller together? I don't need to win--every day I look at your "La Tour Eric" magnet that sits right next to my computer screen. However, I'll just happen to mention that my preference is the Van Cleef and Arpels, and OH! I didn't know you were on Etsy! Of course it's the Paris Cafe. But you guessed it.

  20. Oh, thank you, Petrea!! Having a chat with all of you and hearing what you have to say each post give me such pleasure and warm fuzzies ~ when I post, I so look forward to catching up with you all! {I had an each way bet on the Cafe and the Metro. :) }


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