Pandering to Watch Obsessions

If I had enough moolah to invest in this Panda timepiece from Cartier's Le Cirque Animalier collection ~ as gorgeous as it is ~ I'd spend it on saving real Pandas. I suspect it would convert to a lot of bamboo. But I'm happy to still appreciate its beauty from afar. Cartier created this special limited edition collection in 2008 {from what I can discover}, with only 50 individually numbered pieces made in each of the three designs, the Tiger and Elephant being the others.

The Panda watch incorporates a few touches of black and white enamel with its 817 brilliant diamonds, 2 emeralds and 104 black sapphires. {Did I say a LOT of bamboo?}


  1. While I am appalled by this display of conspicuous consumption
    I really want to see that tiger watch!
    Don't hate me because I love beautiful things - or am a bit shallow! ;)

  2. From cali, I love beautiful things, too. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is in God's handwriting." He may not have had manmade fripperies in mind when he wrote it, but I feel it still applies! I live in hope that those with the money for such things would also be giving abundantly to charities. Hopefully you can see the tiger version here.

  3. OMG, but that is lovely. I am satisfied and seeing it is more than enough. Owning it would make me feel too guilty. Thank God I can not afford such fripperies!
    Thanks for the link. I kept forgetting to Google it along with all the other things I keep forgetting to do!

  4. from cali, It was a pleasure to find the link for you - I was happy to have another excuse to look at the originals!

  5. Mmmm....Cartier (drool!). The day I own a real Cartier is the day I know I can die a happy girl! I have one purchased in the back alleys of Hong Kong that is a convincing fake, but it's just not the same!

  6. Drooling with you, Anne. I hope ours are waterproof.


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