Francophile Friday: Macarons of Brisbane

Bonjour! It's Francophile Friday and this afternoon, I'll be eating macarons for afternoon tea. Here in Brisbane? Mais oui, that is correct! I'm so happy, so happy, happy, happy! Yes, I'm doing my happy dance because I discovered there's a French couple creating macarons almost on my doorstep! Yes - the genuine ones like those of Ladurée and Pierre Hermé in Paris - a delicate, crisp shell that yields to a chewy yet tender alchemy of almond meal, egg whites and whatever else makes it so bewitching.

Thierry and Sylvie Serplet moved to Brisbane with their children 18 months ago for the lifestyle, and decided to set up a bakery. They sell directly from their Twist'n'Roll premises in Rocklea, a tiny 20 minutes drive from my place. They also sell online, at the markets on weekends, and through several of the most chic and upmarket delis and pâtisseries around town. {You can find out where on their website.} They bake other niceties too, but frankly, I haven't torn my eyes off the macarons long enough to look at anything else. I've only met Thierry, who is shy, kind and ever so helpful - and looked quite chuffed when I asked him to add a "framboise" {raspberry} macaron to my selection. You can tell from this lovely bit of local press here that his wife Sylvie is a honey too.

This afternoon, I may even read a few pages from my French copy of Agatha Christie's 'The Mysterious Affair at Styles' while I munch on my violet macaron. Actually, it's lavande - lavender - with cream filling. I'm still deciding on my favourite. I figure it will take a lot of macarons to make such a decision...


  1. Some people become poets when talking about beaches, whereas some are moved by French patisserie and macarons !!!!
    Lucky you ! Only 20 minutes drive, it takes much more than that to get to Ladurée and I live only 50 kms south of Paris !!
    I am glad that some French persons are still adventurous enough to leave all they know and go to the other side of the word to start a new life !

  2. Oh yes, they're so delicious, and you've depicted them beautifully.

  3. Did I read correctly: there is a new flavor every month? What a pleasant task you have set for yourself.
    Not only are the Serplet's a lovely couple, but they should work for the Australian Tourism Board! Their story is inspiring. I wish them continued success.
    What I wouldn't give to have my own violet macaron to munch on (violet, lavande, same difference! LOL), but since I don't I will instead feast my eyes on your painting, and try not to drool.

  4. Even if I'd never had a macaron, I would crave one after seeing your drawing! You should offer this to the enterprising Thierry and Sylvie in exchange for unlimited lavender macarons. I bet they'd take the deal. And just in case you wind up with more than you can eat, I believe you know my address!
    Yikes—my word verification is lavandi.

  5. Two thoughts: One, OMG macaroons. Heaven on earth. I love them. Two: Just read Agatha Christie's biography. I little boring and long winded, surprisingly.

  6. Marylène ~ and I could park right outside their door. ;) They are incredibly brave, especially making such a move with littlies in tow. I love their faith in life.

    Mise ~ thanks - glad you enjoyed!

    Cafe Observer ~ hi! I think perhaps a large box of the small ones for you.

    Cali ~ it's tough, but I'm up to the task. And drooling over violet or lavande macarons in the privacy of one's home is quite ok, I'm sure. :)

    Alexa ~ thank you! I boldly put up my hand to illustrate boxes for them if they go down that path someday. A barter programme sounds ideal!

    Margaret ~ Hmm, Hercule Poirot may have enjoyed reading it.

  7. Mmmmm, macarons! Your drawing is fabulous; really captures the beauty that is a French macaron. Now I'm all excited to try a lavender one!

  8. Shell, why are the Serplets on your doorstep? Why haven't you invited them in and given them a room already?

  9. Thanks, Katie! The lavender was a real surprise ~ sweetly herbaceous and very tasty.

    PCN ~ That could be a great way to test the theory: is it really possible to have too much of a good thing?

  10. Ok, Shelly, if u ever beecome a Pasadena tourist, then I will personally take you to the best French Macs in town. Heck, some of the best FM's outside of France.

  11. altadenahiker ~ sounds like Cafe Observer can help solve that, though maybe not quite on your doorstep. :)

    Cafe Observer ~ I'd be honoured to take you up on your kind offer if I'm ever in town!

  12. Ah, such a pretty drawing of a delightful discovery ...

  13. Thanks, MmeB ~ a delightful discovery, to be sure.

  14. I LOVE macarons! & their website looks delightful as does your drawing, love your colors!

  15. Shell, the Hiker is not quite on my doorstep. About 10min too far 4 her.

  16. Thanks, Lily!

    Cafe ~ LOL, I guess you'll have to eat her share in that case.

  17. Hello lil Smarty!

    Hope your enjoying downunder. I heard you have a wonderful winter/spring weather, whereas me summer have 17 deg. Grrr...

    Hmmm... enjoying everything you done, remember that, therefore am coming back as often as I can.

    Cheers, girl!

  18. Thanks, Chie, that's lovely! Yes, the weather has turned upside down, like us! I hope your summer warms up for you soon. x


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