I'm so Frilled ...

Et Voilà ~ as promised last time, I've combined colour with frills. But what is it, you scratch your head pondering? Something to put on your car dashboard? No...

It's me, doing a Happy Dance! I won an awesome prize at PopCultureNerd's intelligent and insightful entertainment blog. Yay!! Though she hinted she'd quite enjoy a YouTube video of me doing a happy dance, I opted for a drawing instead. {It seemed appropriate, given my name was drawn from a hat.} Actually, the pink skirt was a late inclusion. I was originally dressed à la Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face but my assurance that I'd provide something colourful and frilly this post called for a little artistic license!

PopCultureNerd is currently on a road trip so wherever you are, petal, I hope this gives you a chuckle!


  1. I was looking forward to this too—and it's obviously the perfect outfit to wear when doing a happy dance! (Nothing against Audrey, God forbid, but hers was more of a "moody" dance.) So congrats on the awesome prize, and I wouldn't mind seeing this on YouTube either (just think about it).

  2. Lucky you! Hope you won something good.

    WV: bughorg. (Doesn't sound like a good prize)

  3. Congratulations, Shell. Winning something always deserves a happy dance. Were you dancing to "You're My Frill" by any chance? ;)

  4. Alexa ~ hahaha - unless I figure out a way to animate my illustration, that is so not happening. :)

    Margaret ~ I'm glad to say a bughorg was the consolation prize. I won a signed galley of Kathryn Casey's new novel, Blood Lines, especially inscribed to moi!

    from cali ~ I confess, I was dancing to this version of Funny Face. :) Now, I have to admit, laryngitis is dulling my wits {and thrilling my hubby} ... can you give me a hint about "You're My Frill"?

  5. Ah, got it, Cali! Perhaps you mean this and thrills also gave her the frills!

  6. {I have nothing on President Linkin, aka Tall Gary, but happy to help in some small way. :) }

  7. Shell! That's you? Doing a happy dance :)
    I'm doing one too because your parcel arrived and it's gorgeous. Thank you sweetheart.

  8. Oh my gosh, I LOVE it! I'm sitting here with a face-splitting grin. Thank you so much for remembering my request.

    BTW, you would've looked brilliant in the Audrey/Funny Face outfit, too.

    Keep dancing, Shell!

  9. MmeBenaut ~ Oh, I'm glad to hear it! Enjoy!

    PCN ~ Hee hee, you're welcome! Thanks again for the lovely prize. And happy motoring.


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