Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's 10:07 O'Croc - Ferragamo Time

While in Italy, let's wander to Florence, home of Ferragamo. We perhaps won't walk there in a pair of Ferragamo shoes, even though he was so concerned with making his creations comfortable to wear, he studied anatomy at the University of Southern California.

Let's take our time. After all, we have this perfectly lovely Ferragamo VARA watch, with its white mother of pearl dial and sensually curved stainless steel crown. And if you'd like a change from the gorgeous orange croc strap, it comes with two more interchangeable ones to suit your whim {or trench coat}: dark grey metallized lizard, and violet gros-grain {yes - Violet! - and no lizards or crocs were harmed for this one, so it's even better}.


  1. I don't want to look at let alone wear anything made from lizards or crocs! I'll take the violet gros-grain, thank you!

  2. He studied anatomy it USC? Really?

  3. from cali ~ I don't think Steve Irwin would have approved either. ;)

    Margaret ~ oh, you have me worried now! My fact checking usually stops at Wikipedia, not the trustiest of sources. But I've just researched further and it looks like it's derived from an official bio of sorts, as they all read pretty much the same. It appears the answer is Yes, he really did!

  4. Oh, yes—lets! I've never met Salvatore (or owned anything made by him) but I did meet his (gorgeous) son Massimo on a couple of occasions. One of my best travel memories is visiting the Ferragamo store in Florence and having the sales staff act like they seriously thought I might buy that 2,500 euro leather jacket I was trying on! (And it fit me like a glove, too—sigh.)
    Love your title for this post, btw.

  5. Alexa ~ speaking of rock star cats as we were last post, your own life sounds rather rock star-like at times, albeit stopping short of taking home the Ferragamo leather jacket - sigh.

  6. I'll switch off--the grey and the lavender. I like orange flavor but the color doesn't look so great on me.

    Ah, Italy! I'm pining for travel right now. I may have to satisfy myself today with a different grocery store than my usual.

  7. I likey... :D

    Great illustration as ever, Shell.

  8. Taking home the leather jacket? I was hoping Alexa would take home Massimo.

    Love your clever title, too, Shell.

  9. I like how you added the You might like these stories links.

    I am so ashamed to say I finally "got" BeGuinness Luck, which I apparently don't have, but if at first you don't succeed, cry, cry again. Or is that try? :D

  10. Petrea ~ Grey and violet would be my most likely as well, though mum loves orange so I could share it with her!

    Lynn ~ {thanks!} I thought there was a strong chance you would. ;)

    PCN ~ I wonder if Alexa was thinking that surreptitiously to herself...

  11. from cali ~ excellent! I'm glad you like them. I figured it's a nice serendipitous way to look at the archives. {'Cry and cry again' ~ LOL! or should I say COL?}

  12. Petrea—you and me both!
    from cali—LOL!
    PCN—if the beautiful and talented Massimo and I hadn't both been married at the time —
    (just kidding—I'm old enough to be his . . . big sister)!

  13. Now how did I miss Ferragamo while I was in Florence? I did buy a black handbag made from "lamb" hide. It is very soft to the touch. I do love animals but once they're dead, I don't mind a bit of recycling, so to speak. As for the crocs, I think there are enough of them to spare a bit of their hide for the odd watch band. Does that make me awful? I confess that I have a beautiful fur jacket too, bought in the early 1980's. I do wish I could wear it more often, it is the warmest thing I own.

  14. MmeB ~ If only all such things came from animals who died of natural causes, wouldn't that be gentle. You're not awful, MmeB - we all have our own ways of looking at these things. Mine's illogical. By keeping myself in denial, I eat meat and can cope with leather - but not fur. I've yet to take that step to being a synthetic-shod vegetarian, though I really admire those who are.


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