Vintage New Farm

If hubby and I were going out for dinner tonight, we'd consider popping over to New Farm ~ home of some of the best café dining in Brisbane ~ and just going where our noses lead us.

This precinct still exists, but the vintage of this painting {lucky I cellared it well} means that Indigo restaurant has long gone and its former location has undergone several transformations, both in name and culinary persuasions. Currently, it's called Dell'Ugo New Farm, and no bottle of Chianti for guessing it's an Italian restaurant. Speaking of which, a little home-made fettucine with alfredo sauce, heavy on the mushrooms, would go down quite nicely right about now. We would opt for an Australian McLaren Vale Shiraz Grenache over an Italian red to take the edge off the cream, more than likely. I'd best be off and help hubby tie on his apron.


  1. You must help hubby untie his apron. Or do you prefer to wrap and unwrap your gifts? ;)

    P.S. Miss Mild Manners is still on vaca, right?

  2. Great minds think alike, from cali!

    PS: I received a charming postcard from Miss Mild Manners and she is due back any time now from her extended European rail holiday. I shall pass on your warm regards to her!

  3. Extended holiday? I wonder if a man is involved?

  4. There was a distinctly 'giggly' tone to her postcard, so I'm becoming suspicious, from cali.


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