Francophile Friday : Le Consulat Café Montmartre Paris


Le Consulat Montmartre Paris Cafe illustration © Shell Sherree all rights reserved

Ahh, Montmartre.  Quaint and charming, it's easy to imagine you've time travelled to the 1800s when you're wandering there.  

And Le Consulat café is a perfect way to imagine you're an artist, poet or philosopher enjoying a glass (nay, bottle!) of cheeky red wine and debating all night until the dawn whispers "Bonjour!" over the Basilica of Sacré-Coeur nearby.  

Le Consulat restaurant is just a hearty cobblestone's throw from Place du Tertre and a plethora of Montmartre cafes and attractions, including the very pretty pink La Maison Rose (illustrated here), the Musée de Montmartre and Paris vineyard Vigne du Clos Montmartre.  So even if you indulge in several courses of their hearty fare, you'll have ample opportunity to stroll it off before you hop on the Metro again.  And on that note ...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!  (Order this artwork as a beautiful fine art print here)

Le Consulat, 18 rue Norvin, 95018, Paris


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