Francophile Friday : Wisteria Wander in Brittany


French Country Pretty Wisteria illustration © Shell Sherree all rights reserved
French Country Pretty Wisteria illustration © Shell Sherree all rights reserved

Among my many armchair travels over the time, both in Blogland and on Instagram, I've become friends with lovely people with shared passions.  Unsurprisingly, most of them love animals and all things French.  

And as the world feels both enormous and strangely small when you're online, it can be extra special when you find those friends closer to home.  Such is the case with the lovely Annette at A French Collection, a French lifestyle blog written by a fellow Australian who divvies up her time between there and here. 

Annette is an entertaining and highly informed writer who takes you into the heart of French life rather than skimming on the surface of the touristy attractions, and her photography is luscious and beautiful!  I highly recommend popping over and subscribing.  Caution: you'll find yourself wanting to book a flight to France with great regularity!

Today's illustration takes its inspiration directly from her charming wisteria-woven wanders in Brittany (scroll her Instagram feed and you'll find them).  The cute cat and bird are included with a piece of poetic license (or two!)  And on that note ...

Happy Francophile Friday to you!  (You can order fine art prints of this artwork Here.)



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  1. Hello, lovely. What a delicious post illustration for this sun-kissed autumn day. xxx


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