Fashionable Francophile Friday : In a Fainting Fashion

Paris fashion illustration, In a Fainting Fashion, ink and watercolour  © Shell-Sherree
Paris fashion illustration, In a Fainting Fashion, ink and watercolour  © Shell-Sherree

When the simple glory of flowers becomes overwhelming in its beauty ... keep the smelling salts handy !

This was one of my earliest forays into fashion illustrating.  I still have a soft spot for it, while resisting the compulsion to add a kitty somewhere.  Oh, how I'd love that outfit to show up in my wardrobe ~ though my black phase has passed and it would be transmuted into a rich, deep purply-bluey-purple-blue.  With gold.  Ba-da bling, ba-da bloom, baby !

So come, let us gather our skirts instead of our thoughts.  They can run barefoot and free for now.  And on that note ...

Happy Francophile Friday to you !


  1. It's a lovely grey, my favorite color to wear. And it looks great with those flowers!

    1. I always think of you when I have a squiz at my Grey board on Pinterest, dear Petrea !! It suits you so beautifully. Happy weekend to you, J and Wilma ! x0x


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